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  1. XP Pro X64 not seeing HDD

    I had a similar issue with Windows7 x64. Disable your floppy controller in bios. Also disable your ide controller if you don't use it. Should fix it!
  2. I think I've got it now. I haven't tried a 2nd install from the flash drive yet, so did not notice missing files. Now I understand I'll have to resynchronize the files before using it a 2nd time.
  3. I saw that note about replacing files ect in the ls folder.. but I actually didn't have to do anything. When I ran it, I didn't see any warning messages. When it finished, I tried a qemu boot, it did all 3 boots, so I stuck it in my server and installed! I did change the 2nd entry in boot.ini to partition 0/0/0/1 from 0/0/1/1 but not sure if I needed to do that. Also on 3rd reboot I switched boot devices from the flash drive to hd and booted normally from my sata hd. It's a full install and working perfectly, I can't find any missing files ect. I may try it with vista next, I imagine I'll have to modify things there. Oh and this was a new install, what would I have to synchronize if I needed to? Files on the flash drive vs files in the source?
  4. Thanks for this! Ide controller failed on my server, no way to install windows, this got xp x64 installed perfectly. Wasn't sure if it would work with x64, but no problem! Faster than from cd or dvd too, I'm going to use usb install from now on.
  5. windows xp x64 HardDrives

    To make things easy, you should plug your main hard drive into port 0 or however the first sata port on your motherboard is labelled. If you look closely beside each connector on your motherboard there should be a label like sata0, sata1 ect. Plug the other 2 drives into the 2nd and 3rd labelled ports. Now when you go into computer management you'll see disk0 is your main os drive. Now right click on each of the other 2 that say "unallocated". Click create partition and format using nfts. Don't worry about volume name ect unless you want to. Format both the new drives and wait until it shows "healthy". Now exit disk management and open my computer and there are your drives!
  6. win2k driver.cab error?

    Hi, I'm a new nlite user and have produced nice xp mods with nlite.. But I'm trying to nlite win 2000 pro and nlite keeps telling me that my driver.cab is corrupted and may cause errors ect. I let it proceed once and yes, there were errors. I am quite certain that the source cd files are intact, and have checked driver.cab completely, and there is no corruption I can detect. I have this same source installed on 3 of my workstations and no probs. Has anyone else encountered this problem?