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  1. WinntbbuED

    haha lol that could work also. but with a large collection you can just have the compressed ones. now since it cannot extract you have to keep the original unpacked one which in total over a large collection of files is quite larger then packed.
  2. WinntbbuED

    The program works fine only when I try to open packed .DL_ files it gives an error. It cannot expand them. However if I use windows its own expand.exe they can be upacked just fine. Anyone else experienced this? And how to resolve?
  3. WinntbbuED

    Anyone who can tell me how I can open/edit/make billboard setups with this program?
  4. WinntbbuED

    This looks like an excellent program!!! only I can't use it I installed it along with VB6 runtime (SP6 something) and also MODIFYPE.EXE in System32 in case it was needed. Only thing is that when I open a random WINNTBBU.DL_ from the other topic where every posts them it can't open. I get an error window with title "Loading aborted" and the message "Expanding the File ... has failed. Can't continue!". So I tried opening the original file from the CD and this one does open. Only when I edit it and attempt to save it, it won't save. It doesn't give an error only when I look at the location where it was supposed to be saved there will be no file what so ever. What is wrong? Can anyone help? Tried this on 2 machines, Win XP SP2 and Windows 2003 SP1.