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  1. nLite + WINNT.SIF settings

    Thanks for clarifying. I wish the option existing since I hate having to take a manual step when the program does everything else so nicely automatically.
  2. nLite + WINNT.SIF settings

    I've combed through the nLite options and this forum and can't figure out the following: What settings will get nLite (1.4beta) to generate the following lines in my WINNT.SIF? [Data] Autopartition=1 [Unattended] Repartition=Yes Is manually adding this the only option? Also...slightly off topic...is there a list somewhere of all of the "Last Session.ini" commands and their meanings? Thanks
  3. Sorry if this was covered, I did search for the answer so my apologies if I missed it. Is there a way to used the "TWEAKED" version with nLite calling the slipstreamer? Can I set some registry or ini value somewhere so that any time the slipstream is run, it uses the tweaked version? nLite seems to use the vanilla version and I can't figure out how to get the tweaked without separately running the slipstreamer outside of nLite. Thanks.
  4. WXPVOL_EN actually is the name of the folder. It's the root folder I use to make my ISO so I have it match the ISO volume name. The full path is: C:\WXPVOL_EN\WPI\Install I was testing from this directory since I can't modify the file on the CD-ROM. I did try using the "C:\WXPVOL_EN\WPI\Install\dotnet.exe" (no %VARIABLES%) to no avail. I guess my bigger question is, even if my path/filename is wrong, shouldn't it create a C:\WPI_Log.txt file and show the error in the file? I'm really baffled as to what I have done wrong. Is there any debugging I can enable or some strategic place I can put a printf? Thanks for your help. proximous
  5. I sporadically have problems where some of my checked items never install. Usually, 36 of 37 items will install. Most of the times, the missing application does not appear in the log file under "List of programs to be installed". Sometimes it appears in the list, lists as a success (return code 0) further down, but definitely did not run. Random experimentation has given me repeatable results where the application will install depending on which other subset of applications I choose to install at the same time. I tried to create the minimum configuration that would exhibit the problem, and it was oddly easy. I downloaded a fresh copy of 5.6, extracted it, and created the following config file: //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // Reference ... prog[0] won't be used. It's just an example. // Look in program.js to see explanation of these properties. //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // pn=0; // start value for prog numbering // prog[pn]=['ProgramName']; // ordr[pn]=[0]; // desc[pn]=['Description']; // uid[pn]=['APP1']; // dflt[pn]=['no']; // cat[pn]=['Application Category']; // forc[pn]=['false']; // configs[pn]=['List of configs to be auto checked. Comma seperated']; // deps[pn]=[]; // excl[pn]=[]; // cond[pn]=['Javascript Conditional Statement']; // gcond[pn]=['Javascript Conditional Statement to gray item']; // regb[pn]=['Registry Key Path']; // cmd1[pn]=['CommandLine 1']; // cmd2[pn]=['CommandLine 2']; // cmd3[pn]=['CommandLine 3']; // cmd4[pn]=['CommandLine 4']; // cmd5[pn]=['CommandLine 5']; // cmd6[pn]=['CommandLine 6']; // rega[pn]=['Registry Key Path']; // picf[pn]=['Picture File']; // picw[pn]=['Width']; // pich[pn]=['Height']; // textl[pn]=['Text Location']; // pn++; //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // Your programs here ... //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- pn=1; prog[pn]=['dotnet']; uid[pn]=['DOTNET']; dflt[pn]=['yes']; cat[pn]=['Applications']; forc[pn]=['no']; cmd1[pn]=['"%CDROM%\\WXPVOL_EN\\WPI\\Install\\dotnet.exe"']; pn++; //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // End of program definitions ... //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I run WPI.hta, the box for 'dotnet' is checked, I click Begin Install, and WPI just exits. C:\WPI_Log.txt is NOT created, so I don't know how to debug. Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong or how to debug this problem? Thanks. Proximous