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  1. That's what I ended up doing. Unfortunately that's behaving extremely quirky. I created a vbscript using wmi to query the asset tag of the BIOS and then I compare it to the hostname of the computer. If they don't match, I use a WMI script to rename and reboot the computer, then the script runs again on the next login. If they do match, the script deletes the shortcut from the startup folder and then fires off a script that uses netdom to join the domain as well as populating the registry with keys to make it autologon as the domain user (this is as I mentioned classroom computers). Unfortunate
  2. Hi, I'm in a real fix here trying to set up a computer lab. Configuration: I use Windows Server 2003 SP2 and Windows Deployment Services, but this issue would be similar with other imaging tools I imagine. Both capturing and deploying works fine, no problem there. 5 classrooms, 40 computers, all Windows XP SP2 with Volume Licence. Situation: I need to be able to change the computers name to a value that is specified in the computers "assettag" in the BIOS. I can currently accomplish this using either a vbs script or wsname and both work (see attachment). I can also script a join to a domain
  3. Programs that can read Virtual PC disks can access it. Search for programs that can access content of VHD files (Virtual PC Hard drive files). or in worst case scenario: Download Virtual PC (VPC 20007 is released now and runs in XP/Vista) for free and make a new virtual PC. Install an OS on it (at worst just use the XP CD and delay activation or the Vista DVD without entering a product key to get the 30 day trial). Then mount the VHD from the backup as an additional disk to the image. I suggest mounting a copy of the VHD or making the VHD readonly.
  4. I'm new to this forum, working with scripting and setting up unattended installations for enterprises and companies (or at least learning how to...). Love the forum and site. Great work!
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