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  1. I haven't seen a problem with missing buttons. Can you post a screenshot so I can try to reproduce it? Found it. I used emergedesktop as shell. With explorer as shell the window buttons and programicon is shown with maximized windows. But with explorer as shell there is always cpu at 100%, although i deactivated all other programs incl antivirus! Perhaps it is because of my old computer (Pentium III, 512mb and IBM grafics onboard with Windows 2000) I thought I could replace truetransparency with smoothtext to skin also buttons etc. Screenshot: Emergedesktop with Rainmeter/Rainlendar/Truetran
  2. Hello Wildbill, First I must say that your skinning engine is getting much better. There are still problems with maximized windows. The Close/minimize/maximize buttons are missing. If I deactivate skinning of window captions and try to maximize window, only a part of the window is shown.
  3. Hello RetroOS, thank you very much for your prompt answer. I installed both (71.84 driver and DirectX 9) from your links, but nothing changed 1 hour later ) I installed KernelEx Rc1 4.0, set ShellIconBPP to 32 and set Uberskin Theme RedVista and suddenly:
  4. Hello RetroOS, tried your fix for 32bit icons but it doesn't help. My system: Pentium II MMX 350 MHz NVIDEA RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro 32MB Resolution 1680x1050 with fresh install of DirectX 8.1b (tried also 9.0c, but it gives an error "File missing" with dxsetup) Windows 98 (4.10 Build 2222) with RP9 I've made all display tests and changed then Icon sets with RPCONFIG several times
  5. Hello WildBill, i use the same version 2009.2 of freecommander. However i made a fresh clean install of freecommander and voila, also the right window is smoothed. Thank you for all of your efforts
  6. Here's is another screenshot with smoothtext 0.7.5 and freeCommander. The fonts in the right window are clearly not smoothed. But if i'm the only one, i can live with that
  7. found another bug in freeCommander. Only the font in the left window is smoothed.
  8. Thanks WildBill Bug in FreeCommander is gone
  9. Hello WildBill, there is still a problem with menu painting. See screenshot from FreeCommander (Windows 2000 Prof. SP4). Some menu entries are painted several times!
  10. Hello WildBill, Thank you for your new version. I tested SpeedCommander with 0.4.9 and the problem with the copy-dialogbox is gone. But I found another error. It's always the same with 0.4.6 - 0.4.9! Without Smoothtext: With Smoothtext 0.4.9: It's the optionsdialog menu: extras => options
  11. Hello WildBill, although SmoothText is getting better and better, here is an error I found. It's a dialog box in SpeedCommander 10.54 (Delete a file). 0.4.6 OK 0.4.7 NOT OK by the way: Happy New Year
  12. Hello Damian, there are 2 little spelling errors in Chris code: 101 DIALOGEX 32, 10, 435, 249 STYLE DS_FIXEDSYS | DS_MODALFRAME | WS_POPUP | WS_VISIBLE | WS_CAPTION EXSTYLE WS_EX_TRANSPARENT CAPTION "Algemein" LANGUAGE LANG_GERMAN, SUBLANG_GERMAN FONT 8, "MS Shell Dlg" { CONTROL "Windows version:", 10, BUTTON, BS_GROUPBOX | WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | WS_GROUP, 139, 8, 294, 66 ... it must read: CAPTION "Allgemein" and CONTROL "Windows Version:", 10, BUTTON, BS_GROUPBOX | WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | WS_GROUP, 139, 8, 294, 66
  13. Hello Wildbill, I discovered a glitch for Word 2000 with Smoothtext 0.2.1. See attachments!
  14. Hi Damian, yes I use Windows 2000 Professional with SP4 (as you can see in the second screenshot of my last post). And yes I choose the option to change the boot logo, but it wasn't patched. Here is a screenshot of the original german sysdm.cpl file with reshacker: As you can see there is only one language (1031) for dialog 101. In the patched file where 4 laguages. Here is the log-file: 13 Jul 2007, 10:41:14] [FileNames] Exe=Backup\sysdm.cpl SaveAs=NewFiles\sysdm.cpl Log=Logs\sysdm.cpl-multi.log [Commands] -addoverwrite "Resources\sysdm.cpl\1.bmp", BITMAP, 1, Modified: BITMAP,1,1031 -addov
  15. Hello Damian, here are some other things I found: The registry entry to change MS Shell Dialog fonts are wrong! It's not: segoebk but "Segoe UI". You must use the name displayed in the font preview. See picture below. So the registry entries must read: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes\MS Shell Dlg = Segoe UI HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes\MS Shell Dlg2 = Segoe UI If this values were applied the system.cpl looks like this: As you see the font is now Segoe UI. But now you can see why the dimension
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