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  1. Yes I've done it before, it will at least overwrite WMP 9/10 and/or IE6, however I'm not entirely sure if it removes/overwrites them completely - i.e. there might still be some leftover files, so you might need to confirm this.
  2. Oh yeah so it is lol, my bad, well thats sorted then, thanks for the help.
  3. Here's a screenshot of the problem (attached)
  4. I've just installed XP with the latest RyanVM update pack, "Tweaked" WMP11, IE7 and Win Defender all slipstreamed, forgive me if this has been asked before, but after first starting WMP11 found that the top menu bar doesn't have the default WMP11 theme around it, also was wondering why the icon is now Booogy's WMP11 icon rather than the default XP version. I used nLite to slipstream everything in one go, and thought that the icon would only change if I used Booogy's own slipstream software. Is the problem with perhaps adding IE7 or is something else wrong? There were also no errors during slipstream or XP install, so not sure what else it could be. Thanks Edit: I've fixed the icon problem by reinstalling WMP11 with the normal install file, but the theme issue still remains.
  5. H-Access to the path is denied.

    I'm also getting this error, when trying to run nlite on any version of windows and trying to update with any of the latest ryanvm updates. The folder only has no non-ascii characters, so don't know whats wrong. Its specifically with SVCPACK.INF or SVCPACK.IN_ depending on the update itself, i.e. DirectX or windows updates respectively. This is using 1.3 RC2 of nlite if it helps. Any idea what could be wrong?