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  1. Can I use WAIK to create an image installation? Sorry if this is a bit simple for anyone to answer. Basically I've installed my version of Vista using vLite, got all the services I want and dont want running, installed basically all the apps I will realistically use in the near future and have everything running nicely. And I dont want to loose this state! I've got the disk space on an external 400gb drive, so I thought it would be good to have an image of everything working well, so in 6-12 months, when windows begins to get to a crawl, I can just revert to an image quicker than reinstalling. I dont own any ghosting software, so wondered if creating a .wim would be the best way of doing this? I've downloaded but not installed WAIK. I only have Vista Home Premium so imaging isnt a standard feature of the OS. Is it possible? Cheers d
  2. Any chance you could re-post this tweak? Cheers

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