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  1. After creating an unattended cd with hfslip. not a single error during install but after a rescell with sysprep. I reboot the computer to check everything. every step is ok but at the end of the minisetup, when the computer logs on the desktop, i got an error message saying : "impossible to find c:\windows\inf\wmp10.inf" the only present file is wmp.inf. WMP10 runs Ok the wmp.inf come from the HFSLIP install the wmp10.inf from a computer with a standard WMP10 install wmp.inf WMP10.inf
  2. not a bad idea was batching to reduce my source to 3 HFLIP folders simply by renaming/replacing some files. Thx, rude monday morning
  3. Hello, i'm currently working on 6 HFSLIP folders (XP Corp, XP PRO OEM, and XP HOME OEM) each one with 2 versions, one fully unattended, and the other just providing default install parameters. I wanted to know if someone has got a good way to work on thoses almost same version without messing with updates, and so... it's very when you have to completly rebuild a cd just because you missed a file...
  4. Sure here it is DataStore.exe
  5. Finally got rid of the "famous" Microsoft Update issue : Following this info I simply backed up the dataStore.ebd file like BoardBabe said, and created a sfx, placed it in the HFSVPK folder and tada that's it.
  6. Not a single problem with the latest test build HFSLIP_60316d.CMD neither concerning the legitcheck fix nor any hotfix.
  7. Successfully passed the 2 "activation steps" and got rid of the 0x800... error message. I backed up a DataStore.edb like BoardBabe said. and I created a SFX file for it, launched via SVCPACK.inf. I'm using the wonderfull HFSLIP so this SFX is integrated during the Slipstreming process. I've got now a Fully automated slipstreamed XP Pro SP2 with MU Thanks
  8. When using HFSLIP_60310.CMD HFSLIP_60314b.CMD HFSLIP_60315c.CMD I had no issues with KB912945 re building an iso w/ the latest test build (60316d). 'giving you results soon
  9. This one is done with te original dll name in the FIX folder Using : HFSLIP_60315c.CMD HFSLIPWU.INF
  10. Sure do you want it with witch configuration for the fix ? original name ? WGA1.DLL ? compressed WGA1.DL_ ? Another one ?
  11. Still having issues with the WGA "FIX" legitcontrol.dll in FIX folder or renamed to WGA1.DLL doesn't work. juste created a sfx for it and everything rules
  12. I install files all via cd i've got (as i said before) the latest wga file 1.5.512.0. Just found an exe for the KB892130 1.5.512.0 , gonna try putting it in the hf folder. -> doesn't work...
  13. renaming tio wga1.dl_ causes a copy error. compressing it w/ ms compresse solves it, but, windows update still asks me to install the wga ...
  14. Thx for the advice for the legit (i just rename, not recompress the dll to wga1.dl using mscompress ?) gonna try it now for muweb... m$
  15. EmRoD

    Feature Request

    i'm actually using HFslip to build a 6 in one cd with XP Home, pro and corp, and it's very space consuming. The idea of having a simplier way to create multi boot cds is great. Currently I have the 3 OS "hfslipped" and 3 version unnatended. It costs alot a disk space and causes me trouble to maintain this base up to date.
  16. Hello no issues here with XP Pro SP2 Corp and HFSLIP_60310. all fixes integrated. the only fix that doesn't work is the legitXXXX.dll tha goes in the FIX folder. MS update says it's not installed... (i've got the latest legit cab given by Super-Magician, and the good fix). the other thing i'm wondering, is the installation of Muweb.cab, the activeX is present, but, the windows update link on IE doesn't redirect to microsoft update, but still to windows update, and ther i've got to click on the link to use MSupdate, then click 3 button to validate, and then it's ok... s***ty thing... if someone can help
  17. For those interessted in the "thing" i've found a wga solution (the one to be place in the fix folder) here : http://digg.com/software/Windows_Genuine_A...n_t_be_disabled edited by FDV: keepin' ya safe, EmRoD. replaced a certain word that the MSFN mods wouldn't have liked
  18. thanks for the advice, but i just saw on the latest version MU is supported. gonna try this right now thanks
  19. Hello can someone help me, I want to slipstream Microsoft Update (muweb.dll) i've found a "hack" just copy the dll to the system32 folder and regsvr32 it but i wanted toi know if it can be slipstreamed with hfsilp. i use my cd made with hfslip it at work (oem pre install) but this muweb thing makes me crazy...
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