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  1. Hi ! Just tested HFSLIP Fi!NAL 1.0.1 Wonderfull as usual, Somebody did test IE7 slipstreaming w/ HFSLIP Final ? If i can test something particular to help the project, let me know
  2. KB90048-V2 must have an Genuine copy to d/L this, no direct link.. KB905474 unknown from MS donwload center
  3. Yes .... http://msfn.org/comments.php?shownews=16881 just downloaded atm
  4. I'm aware that this WGA is causing many problems on legit OS, so i just gave some infos, if it's forbiden, i can just remove my post, this fix usage is possible in hfslip, so i gave a link to the fix
  5. some infos about wga **removed**
  6. KB904942 & KB911565 not integrated... kb911565.cat is in SVCPACK Wmp.dll is version
  7. I'm now testing the latest test build thank you all
  8. Hello testing the latestet build with the april hf, i'm having the following issues : KB912812 KB911565 KB904942 not installed, here's my WU.txt and hflslip.log. tested on a Corp Gold->SP2, fully working with the latest official build (06/01/06) and the march HF. (anyway, any news for the april DX9 updates ?) HFSLIP.zip
  9. Just for info : this HF instals witout issues on XP PRO, HOME and CORP SP2 FRENCH
  10. HFSLIP_60328c.CMD with XP CORP, PRO HOME compression A & F ok used ISOinfo w/ mksiofs ok I don't use the HFexpert folder. files in FIX, HF, HFKSPV, HFCAbs
  11. the difference is only for the first login with a new account created via the minisetup (after rescell). the pnf file is installed in %windir%\inf with wmp10.inf, on a "real" MP10 install, i suppose it contains installation, or configuration infos. here's my sfx WMP10INF.exe
  12. Found a workaround for my sysprep issue: After resealing a fresh install, done with HFSLIP_60317.CMD: MP10 and WindowsMedia10-KB911565-x86-FRA.exe in the HF folder. no more advanced inf install errors, windows was looking for WMP10.inf in the %windir%\inf folder, and those file were not present. i just created a SFX with WMP10.inf and WMP10.PNF placing thoses 2 files in the %windir%\inf. no more errors
  13. same errors too without wmfdist95
  14. Still the same Advanced INF install Errors a T-13. trying without wmfdist95
  15. Testing 60322a-wmp now: mp10setup.exe, wmfdist95.exe (From KB891122), and WindowsMedia10-KB911565-x86-FRA.exe in the HF folder.
  16. There used to be problems with putting MP10Setup.exe in HFSVPK_SW, but I had tommyp fix all of them. What exactly did the error message say (sorry, but I can't read French )? "" not validated by m$ ant therfore wouldn't be installed. this appears numerouse times, as well as Advanced INF errors. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=69809# 1) Info for WMP test build Place in HF folder: MPSetup.exe or MP10Setup.exe wmfdist.exe or wmfdist95.exe KB911565 Either CLASSIC.WM_ or CLASSIC.WMZ need to be in your SOURCE folder if you want to have it. This is normally the case for Windows XP but not for Windows 2000. Known current limitations: - KB911565 won't be processed separately (WMP9 or 10 must be in HF) - KB911565 won't be processed at all on Windows Server 2003 To do: - fix the limitations (LOL) - slipstream WMP6 codecs Why do you have this is your HF folder if you are not installing Media Center Edition? Wooops...
  17. Testing now HFSLIP_60321b-wmp.CMD with: wmfdist95.exe (From KB891122), and WindowsMedia10-KB911565-x86-FRA.exe in the HF folder. mp10setup.exe in HFSVPK_SW
  18. testing with HFSLIP_60317.CMD mp10setup.exe in HFSVPK_SW error at the end of the install WMP10 launches WU.txt ERROR_REPORT.TXT
  19. Errors at T-13 Advanced INF Install Cannot read or write a file (nothing more specified..) HFSLIP let a MPDIR1.TXT file on the root folder (the one containing SOURCE, HGF, FIX etc..) here's my ERROR_REPORT.TXT the hfnetchk log is comming (if the install ends...) Edit: After the end of the install: KB911565 is missing. ERROR_REPORT.TXT WU.txt MPDIR1.TXT
  20. Testing the HFSLIP_60321b-wmp.CMD with: mp10setup.exe, wmfdist95.exe (From KB891122), and WindowsMedia10-KB911565-x86-FRA.exe in the HF folder. CLASSIC.WM_ is in my source folder From a CORP Gold -> SP2.
  21. I'll try both the latest test build, and the integrate method thanks
  22. It's exactly what I mean, sorry for the english... i just want to understand why windows is asking for this file just after a reseal. maybe it's because of the slipstream of WMP10, and sysprep not compatible with WMP10. Tomorrow, i'll try to integrate it instead of slipstreaming. but slipstreaming os better If i can help (if someone is interessted in this "issue") Thanks anyway for this wonderful piece of batch

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