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  1. Hi :huh:

    [h.265] Is there any hardware accelerated, 2020 updated decoder out here? that works in MPC-HC like players etc?

    I was trying play some videos recorded by iPhone which were encoded in HEVC. Somehow, Last XP LAV decoder decoder build didn't play with acceleration (resulting in very high CPU usage)

    I know, I can change compatibility options in iPhone Camera settings as last resort but,... out of curiousity and for the sake of future playbacks, just wanted to try asking this place  

  2. 8 hours ago, ED_Sln said:

    Any program made by Mozilla natively supports portable mode. To do this, create a cmd file with the string: basilisk.exe -Profile "User" or add the -Profile "User" parameter to the shortcut. The folder User will be created in the program folder. Instead of "User", you can write any word.

    Awesome! This works :thumbup

    Thanks a million :)

  3. 23 hours ago, DanR20 said:

    The way I run it in portable mode is to rename the basilisk folder firefox and also basilisk.exe to firefox exe then swap that with the App/firefox folder. You can put your profile named "Profile" in the data folder. 

    Edit: should have mentioned that this requires downloading the portable firefox version then swapping the renamed basilisk and basilisk.exe with the portable firefox version:

    https://sourceforge.net/projects/portableapps/files/Mozilla Firefox%2C Portable Ed./



    Thats disgusting, why Roytam1 wouldn't think of adding portable option in the first place :} I don't like this type of workarounds :puke: if it was up to me, i would put entire settings on cloud and load it using cloud sign-in

  4. What the HECK is the actual question(s)? :unsure:

    This Forum:

    MSFN Forum> Microsoft Software Products> Windows 95/98/98SE/ME> Windows 9x Member Projects


    Corresponds loosely to this one:

    MSFN Forum > Member Contributed Projects


    It has been moved to inside the Windows 95/98/98SE/ME as it is of limited popularity and practically used by a small number of aficionados :)-

    And normally NO, you CANNOT use 9x files on XP, but you may want to try using NT 4.00 or 2K ones, example:

    but I don't think that any "old version" will solve any of your "problems".

    At first glance, it seems to me that most of your problems derive from using Explorer, either as shell or as filemanager.

    What was the sense of double posting? :unsure:


    You know, 2K files may solve it IF 2K doesn't have these problems (link mentioned in first post) and most of these problems i see, probably comes from registry or the way explorer.exe was modified in XP to read/save settings in registry but i clearly remember reading w98 saves folder window size and reads it right from registry. If someone from around here, has already faced these, solution may exist "somewhere"

    First thread post was to directly ask for solution, this thread however asks for "XP Member projects" (given the common goal for modding/replacing OS for better usage, i thought this place may link me to such area easier, if it exists).

    @herbalist: Wasn't XP support ended already??? You go to neowin, mention "XP" anywhere and they will stampede on you... :D (even laptops, computers etc stopped preinstalling XPs). I've found GUI mod projects long back (FlayAKite OSX, Inspirat etc) surely something must be "out" there...

  5. 01. Default folder size: Just create new folder, double click and see the size. How to change this "default" size so every new folder or unopened folder open with user specified size? (I don't want to open, change size and close to save OK??)

    02. Browse window size: This is the window we see when we SAVE/OPEN files. I found "FileOpenPatcher" on Internet but it only saves height, NOT width. Does anyone know of decent patch for COMDLG32.DLL???

    03. How to disable these empty folders???: %ROOT%\System Volume Information, %PROGRA~1$\ComPlus Applications. Don't tell me what it does, because i already know and have disabled them (also services associated with them)

    04. How to save size & position of removable devices such as USB sticks?: On harddisks, open+resize+close saves folder size but this does not happen with USB sticks etc...

  6. Evidently yes.

    And however I don' t think it is part of your business.


    that bad huh? :unsure: not that i'm interested in some war or something... but one does get questions about disconnected news... i'm almost resident there and... could not have known (without your linking)

  7. hmmm, Let me get this striaght, I think i know of someone who looks like your nick, Wonko the sane? :P

    Hey, WOW!, you can apply for a Sherlock Holmes award!

    HOW the heck did you manage to deduce that? :w00t:

    Hardly the most well kept secret in the world :whistle:

    Clearly published and even set as sticky (because noone even thought to unpin it ;)):



    Obviously you missed the point, read your profile's comment page :) I was searching for the start of our meeting (which wasn't at boot land aka reboot.pro) :thumbup But why old nick here?

  8. grub4dos+firadisk approach? thanks for the tip, hope this is something what i'm looking for. I'm wondering, with today's SSD drives which has higher read speeds can surely speed this procedure of booting from RAM. At the moment, i hear most about intel SSDs being fastest and reliable of all.

    EDIT: OK, this is complicating and will require some time to digest. Anyways, I did find some commercial software link following your initial link. very nice ;)


    hmmm, Let me get this striaght, I think i know of someone who looks like your nick, Wonko the sane? :P

  9. @lama : And as for Vista/7 users, they are instead at the mercy of Redmond (never mind the XP folks, that are already being abandoned to their fate).


    Can't deny the future but the most popular OS is still XP. As long as XP drivers are available out there, its safe to assume "its do-able". Redmond dudes can have their party "in their own house" till they actually come up with something that wins user's trust (which is very unlikely as one can never know the truth behind the curtain), maybe US accredited scientists and those at military get coolest OSes made by Bill Gates personally and we're thrown OSes like dogs that have remote control for authorities and #$%^$%^ virus makers. These worm makers made Redmond shamed of it's XP BTW.

    Imagine a future where accredited degree holders get FINE OS and rest all people get treated like unTrustable future criminals ment to be caught "quickly" by authorities. Eventually I wouldn't be surprised if they started to control birth rate by suddenly throwing a H1N1 type virus on UN-qualified people or a TERMINATOR (inevitable lol :D yet the funny thing is they still try to calm people by showing movies in advance).

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