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  1. Does anyone have experience / ideas re: solving a atapi.sys error? Suddenly for no apparent reason the BSOD is recurring a lot, showing error: : atapi.sys. BSOD is a fairly new experience for me. This overclocked rig (DFI LanParty nF4 UT Ultra-D with AMD 3200+ cpu) is getting a tad old, built in April 2005, but rock stable since then (Prime95 stable 27 hours). The lifetime-warranty OCZ RAM tests good (Memtest86+). OS = Windows XP Pro SP2, fully updated. After some Ask.com searches I read where someone else solved this by changing "Transfer Mode" in device manager from DMA to PIO. I did this, but it didn't fix the problem. Thank you.
  2. Well it's a legally licensed (to me) copy of WinXP Pro that I fully paid for several years ago. It is NOT simultaneously installed on any other machine. It's just sitting there on a CD-ROM, unused. The Dell computer it was bought with no longer exists. So I don't see what would be illegal about my exercising my economic right in my license by using it on a computer I built for my son.
  3. ciprianmp, Thank you for your helpful comments. I'm off to read the tutorial you linked.
  4. I own legal, bought & paid-for licenses to 2 copies of Windows XP Pro. One is a regular OEM version, and the other is a Dell version. Can I install one slipstream onto 2 computers (both which I built, neither a Dell), and then activate each of the 2 installations by using the 2 different Windows keys that I own? I hope to build my slipstream on the non-Dell version of Windows XP Pro, because trying to use the Dell version seems to have lots of problems and is not cooperating with the slipstreaming. Advice will be appreciated. Thank you.
  5. At bottom of the nLite Guides, Part 3 it says: When you burn the ISO onto a CD-ROM with Nero Burning Rom, do you select to make a "CD-ROM (ISO)" or do you choose to make a "CD-ROM (Boot)" ? Which one ? My CD-ROMs have not been bootable. This may be why. Thank you
  6. When burning the CD-ROM with Nero Burning ROM, do you select the option for Nero to make the disk bootable? Or not? Or does nLite already make it bootable, then also selecting Nero's option to make it bootable too would mess each other up?
  7. Suddenly some of my most important .docs & .docx are locked. "Word cannot open the document: user does not have access privleges" I am the Administrator, with full rights. It's my personal computer at home. I created the files from within my own user profile. I never applied any passwords to lock the files. It's not ALL the files, but just happen to be a few very important ones that I need right now, including my rather long list of passwords. The files also won't open with OpenOffice Writer or Windows Notepad So far I've tried these steps w/o success: 1) re-verified that MS Office Pro 2007 IS properly installed and IS properly activated (this is NOT 30 day trial sw, it's the real deal) 2) reboot 3) searched out and deleted all *.tmp, ~*.do?, and ~*.wbk files (as recommended by several places I found on the web) 4) chkdsk w/ repair options 5) done a repair install of MS Office Professional 2007 6) re-set Properties / Security making sure I do have full rights. I've done this at all levels of the tree of directories, and for the individual files. 7) re-asserted ownership of the files via Properties/Security/Advanced/Owner, at all levels of the directory tree. 8) Ran MS Office Diagnostics tool, no problems found, no updates needed, no disk problems, no ram problems, no setup problems. Any guidance on how to get my files to open again will be appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Actually I only asked on this forum as a very last resort after wasting too much time. I wouldn't post such an embarassing question on a public forum frivously. I wasted a long time looking on the MS site, and Googling, and using the Windows HELP facility, and eyeballing through Windows directories on my installation. My troube was that I couldn't figure out the name of the executable to pin to the start menu. Thank you again.
  9. Mistakenly deleted Windows Update from Start Menu. How can I restore it there? TweakUI doesn't seem to solve this problem.
  10. Yes. QUESTION: Do you know of any commands that I can run from a command line that will make a non-bootable CD start up? And reply to Kramy: I don't know, but if true, then that must be the source of my trouble. The Dell CD does have some OEM junk that I hope to remove.
  11. I have the same trouble. I've burned a pile of 5 useless coasters in 5 failed tries. Have tried: ( a ) making a bootable ISO with nLite 1.3rc2 and burning directly with nLite, ( b ) ditto, but then doing the burning with Nero Burning ROM v6.6, disk at once, ( c ) making a bootable ISO with RVM Integrator instead of nLite and then burning with Nero Burning ROM. I always make sure to select the option in nLite to make it bootable, and I always burn at the slowest allowed speed, usually 8X. Also, you can select an option inside Nero to make the CD a bootable ISO. I've tried both with and without that Nero option, because I'm not sure if Nero's option destroys the nLite boot commands already in the .iso image. The DVD is set as 1st boot device in bios, but it has never booted yet from the slipstreamed CD. Not once. Could the Dell WinXP CD be the problem? Or do you think it's a different problem? Advice appreciated. I joined this forum just to ask this question. Thank you.

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