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  1. Hello, I was trying to create a custom image of my machine with the profiles on the d drive. Using the unattend file and the original DVD I created the image with the users on the d :\User. I then backed the image up using image X. However when it comes to restoring the image part of the process is wiping the drivers. It appears to restore with a a problem however I am unable to write to the d drive it has lost all security permission. Users in the admin group are unable to create folders in effect stopping any users profiles. Also odd the image manager tool is unable to read the image created. Before when using the profiles on the c drive it worked fine. Have I missed a point here, is their some way that imagex can backup both drives or should the permissions not be created as part of the vista install ? Has anyone got this working and could you perhaps suggest were I have gone wrong.
  2. Thanks for all your help. I might be wrong but this just seems to be a warning I still get the error however my unattend script appears to be working ok.
  3. Hello again, When I run the vaildation check on my xml file is returns a error Setting SkipMachineOOBE is deprecated in the windows image. I have tried setting this option to both false and a true it makes no difference. Has anyone else come across this problem ?
  4. Hi guys, I have been trying to produce an unattended install for a few days now and I have a few questions that I was unable to find the answers to on the Microsoft website. First question relates to the location of the unattened file MS state it looks in 7 places but gives no clue as to what they are. The problem I have is I am using an external hard drive and it does not seem to be picking up my autounattend.xml file. The other question which relates to this is about a custom image. I installed Vista business without using the unattend file installed the applications and drivers for the machine. However their is not a way to move the user profile path from c to d unless I use the unattended file (no i dont wish to heck the registry to do it). So can I create and use an unattend file with a custom image ? Business or Enterprise. My company wants to be able to chose during the install process either Business or Enterprise because I am using custom images I currently have seperate DVD's however someone believes it is possible to allow the user to choose which version simply but entering the produce key. Is this true ? Finally on the drivers issue while my custom image works fine on the desktop they now want to extend it to work on a laptop. Is their a way to include extra drivers for a laptop into my custom image or do I have to create a seperate image ? Thanks in advance for any help.

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