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  1. Really wierd Internet Loss

    No, It's because my ISP is a lazy load of bastards, Last time I needed a line test it took 5 says.
  2. Really wierd Internet Loss

    No, not yet, they say it wall take 5 days... I'm sure there's something wrong with the line, It takes the routers about 3 attmpts to Negotiate.
  3. Really wierd Internet Loss

    It's a little bit more difficult than you seem to think
  4. I'm on an ADSL connection with Orange Broadband, The internet was working this morning for about 2 hours, Then the router disconnected and reconnected a few minutes later. I noticed that DSL Downstream and Upstream rate had gone from 2900 and 480 to 4900 and 605, I am now unable to connect to Most websites. I can ping them But cannot send/receive more than 1464 bytes. I know normally any network packet larger than 1464 (+28) Is fragmented, but I can only receive 1 Fragment, so any site larger than 1464 bytes does not load. I've contacted my ISP, All they can tell me to do is clear cookies and reset the router along with a load of other useless crap in an incomprehensible English accent. I have tried several Spare Modem-Routers, Each has a different Result; My Linksys gives me 4900 downstream but A colossal ping of around 600ms to every site, Web Access Netgear router gives me 1600 downstream but a small ping, Webpages take ages to load Dlink router had Low ping and High downstream rate, No web access. Livebox (From ISP, Manufactured by Inventel) Downstream 4900, Low ping, Web access for about 5 minutes, Then it crashes and has to be restarted. By web access, I mean anything that uses TCP. UDP services, like Xbox Live, work fine. Several months ago I was having Connection issues caused by faulty phone line in my house, but that has been replaced. Every PC I have in my house is suffering with the same problem, so it is not an individual TCP/IP problem. I have checked to make sure things like MTU, VPI, VCI etc are all correct and those supplied by my ISP. Model numbers, Just in case: DLink: DSL-2740B, Firmware Version: 2.51 Hardware Version: C2 Netgear: DG834GT Linksys: WAG354G
  5. Already done, I've seen forced shutdown's corrupting partition tables (Or maybe the other way round, not sure), There's no chance of a virus anyway, mainly because I'm the only one with install rights and my family aren't stupid enough to download anything dodgy. Besides, what use would a virus that disables the internet be? EDIT: Just so you know, I installed "Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3" the day before, I remember EA getting a bit of stick because people thought they were finding RootKits after installing Spore.
  6. So, The "Family Computer" restarted while my brother was playing a game, Upon rebooting it yeilded an error along the lines of Corrupt Registry... \System32\config\SYSTEM So I whacked in the Installation CD and chose "Recover"Took a few mins, Restarted, Problem Solved ... erm No ... After a while, I noticed the Network Connection icon was a little red "X". Checked Cables, Fine. Went into Network Sharing Centre, "The dependency or group failed to start". So I services, the "Network Store Interface Service" was not running (it was set to automatic) all that depend on it were also not running, whenever I try to start them I get "Error: 1068 The dependency service or group failed to start." So I try to start the NSIS and I get "Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion." The same goes for the COM+ Event System and its' dependencies. I've checked the Event Log and it Just lists the aforementioned errors at startup but with no additional information. I do not have any restore points (Too Tight on disk space) I've tried using a backup of the SYSTEM hive with no effect. System File Checker reports no problematic files. ipconfig reports my network adapter(s) with Link-Local IP addresses (Not surprising as DHCP Client won't start.) This is on a 64bit Version of Windows Vista Home Premium.
  7. ASUS EN7600GS TV Output not working.

    its an Svideo female plug on my GFX Card and I have an svideo - composite adapter so I can link it up to the scart on my TV, I've tried restarting after I've connected but it doesn't make a difference
  8. I got an ASUS EN7600GS Graphics Card a while ago after my ATi one got fried and just now i have tried to use the video output but it worn't detect my TV in Vista or XP using the nVidia control panel, or the Built in windows display manager is there anything i have to do like set jumpers, or is my card broken?
  9. Convert a Simple Partition to a Spanned one

    lol, why didn't i think of that?
  10. Hi, Is there any tool that can convert a Simple Partition to a Spanned partition? because i have 2 HDD's, an 80GB and a 160GB i have installed windows on the 80GB one but i am running out of space and need to utilize the 160GB one and i would prefer it if i could have it as a Spanned partition. i have converted my disks to Dynamic, i've tried to "Extend" the partition but it gives me a message saying "The Selected Volume os a boot disk blah blah bla..."
  11. Load Custom NTUSER.DAT

    well i've already been excluded once, bceuase of my previous method i wasn't excluded because of what they did just the filename... LOL, but i have learned my lesson, no i put my files on a Memory Stick YAY
  12. Load Custom NTUSER.DAT

    you are right about the policies, i am a school boy the school network have put ceratin policies, the only one i don't want it the one thats stopping me from right clicking! i found a way around it, but now they have fixed it
  13. Load Custom NTUSER.DAT

    well what i want to do is make explorer load a different NTUSER.DAT but i've trues unloading the hive in REGEDIT and it doesn't work
  14. well, i had a go at one: (yes i am aware i posted this in the other thread, just put it here because it is most viewed) VISTABB.zip
  15. Load Custom NTUSER.DAT

    if this isn't possible, how do i stop the explorer policies from loding