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  1. I've just finished my unattended CD but I'm starting to regret the time spent gathering all updates and addons and tuning in everything finely to then discover many issues which are the result of installing and tweaking everything at once. One example which is buggering me now is that Search Results is working in a very odd way. I've done a search for "oleout.dll" file and found it right (it took 20 seconds). Then I've started another search for "oleout32.dll" and the search lasted only a fraction of a second saying that no such item existed. I've found it a bit odd that the second search took so little time. Decided to have another try finding again "oleout.dll" and Search Results didn't found it!!! (that same file was found in an earlier attempt). It seems that Search Results only works once and then gives up quickly saying there is nothing there?? Furthermore, during the first search (the only good one), I've noticed that the search keeps switching from Program Files to Windows and viceversa...this also seems rather odd; I've noticed that after a normal install (without nLite), the search goes logically from one directory to the next (it never goes back and forward). The lot sounds really odd and messy and I think it has to do with the missing Search Assistant/Indexing Services. Anyone out there can explain what's going on?
  2. Slipstreaming VIA SerialATA Drivers

    I've managed to get my Sata 8237 driver installed without changing any "sif" files. To be more precise the file in question is VIAMRAID.SYS and related INF and TXTMODE files: 1) I've created a $OEM$/$1/sata/ directory tree inside the source folder 2) copied the contents of the sata diskette (or the DRVDSK from the hypherion540 folder from Viaarena) in the sata folder (see point 1) 3) copied the VIAMRAID.SYS into the I386 directory 4) Once in nLite, when in the Drivers panel, I've selected the driver (in Txtmode) All done! found the info browsing the net and got not a clue how it works but who cares... No need to press any F6 key anymore. By the way, what are these viasraid.sy_ and viapdsk.sy_ for? The post is a couple of years old, I guess those drivers have been replaced by VIAMRAID.SYS by now. Or I am missing something? How many drivers are required by the Via8237 chipset? There are other INF files relative to VIAAGP, VIAMACH, and VIAUSB but they aren't installed even by a proper install from windows...apparently Hypherion itself choose not to install them because they aren't required or because those provided by windows are newer (e.g. agp). My knowledge is very approximate...I'd like to know a bit more. any reply appreciated.
  3. Via Sata 8237 and Nlite

    this way worked for me: 1) create a new folder tree in the Source directory (where the xp cd install are copied): $OEM$/$1/sata/ 2) place the contents of the diskette (the DRVDSK folder) inside the Sata folder 3) then copy the VIAMRAID.SYS file into the I386 folder (of the original CD copy not the one from the floppy) 4) when in nLite's Drivers section, load the same driver using the Txtmode option (just browse nLite to where the driver is). It works great...I've used this method for both 32bit and 64bit versions using the latest 5.40 version (apparently it also works for Vista). Don't ask me how it works, I havn't got a clue...but it works! Good Luck