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  1. There is a list, which Hotfixes are included in SP1. Google is your Friend
  2. full ack .. i would never credit me with messing with such things deep in the Vista-System. I would be afraid of seeing too much of Microsofts "wonderful" Programming Techniques My nerves couldn't stand that for a longer time
  3. Maybe it's not that easy like it sounds or he just had no time for this.. I think he didn't forget this thing and you just have to be patient.
  4. I just installed Vista from complete DVD to test some things. So now first I can say, the Catalyst Drivers still not work. So it's not a problem regarding vLite. Just for info, i have a Asus A7N8XE-Deluxe and a Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro Atlantis. In the past Beta Builds there were the same problems with the Beta Drivers, but there you could still install manually and Vista found the Hardware. But now it doesn't work at all... And all this with Final Vista Drivers in Vista Final ... (I know this is off-topic so i will open up another Thread in the right section to this topic and will end this point here) The second thing, just for completition is the thing about the games. Although i installed Vista completely, the games still weren't installed. Not Basic nor Premium. So again it's not a problem about vLite. You have to reinstall the games manually afterwards. Also i dont know, which parts were also not installed and i don't know if this is just a problem with my MSDNAA-Version of Vista or generally a "feature" of Vista Business or something else. Maybe this problem will repeat sometime somewhere in another thread.. For now i will have to live with that. At least, to get back to topic, in the next time i will test how it's about installing components in Windows-Features that have not been installed from your vLite-ISO. So they can securley stay removed from the ISO, knowing that you will be able to install them an other time without reinstalling the whole system or to mess with system-specific things like nuhi mentioned in the second post.
  5. Sorry my fault, removed just the Premium Games. But now im wondering why the Standard-Games weren't installed automatically .. Anyway, thats not important anymore. I can't use Vista normally because the ATI Catalyst 7.1 can't find any compatible Hardware although i have a Radeon 9800. Even when i try manually to install the Driver, the Device Manager says the Standard-VGA-Driver is the most actual driver for my Graphics Card .. lol .. Don't know if it's because i removed the Display Drivers in vLite ... I think i'll wait till the first Service Pack or something... Greets and thanks again for help
  6. uhm, ok now i'm totally dissapointed. i just installed vista in a virtual machine with my CD ISO WITHOUT games ... after install, i wennt to control panel - software and checked the windows games to reinstall them, as i said in a post above. and surprisingly vista installed the games!! But how can this be, if i removed them with vLite ?? Can somebody explain this to me ?
  7. I wanted to burn Vista on CD but some things were just too big. So now i just have to give up the games, but maybe sometime im mange to reinstall them. OK thank you for your help and go on with the good work on vLite
  8. I dont have such specific understanding in how windows manages the components, but i thought about the think that f.e. in XP it's possible to install windows-components afterwards in the Control Panel - Software - Windows Components. Unfortunately i didn't take a look in the Software Section in Vista, when i had it installed so i dont know if such option is available but couldn't it be possible, that f.e. i check the box for games in Vista and it asks me for the Original-DVD and installs it. Something like that was possible with XP. Is it also in Vista ? Greets
  9. Hello, first i want to say, that vLite is an very useful tool and it's amazing how much waste a "normal" Vista-User has to install (f.e. 1 gig for asian language support which a lot of people won't ever need) But here comes my question: If i install Vista from a vLite-modificated Version and some day i need a component which was removed by vLite. Is it possible to install it afterwards from a "Original-Full-Vista-DVD" ? I think you can never be sure if you will need something you removed from the installation. Greets, Darksen
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