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  1. i fixed the problem my way It was a configuration fault by ULTRAMON cause i am using 3 Desktops And this Software was unable to show the transparency.. but i fixed it now Thanks for ya help.. this was a f***ing fault!
  2. LOL i am no noob.. i know how to open a *.RAR BUT -> I added your files to the Sample Styles.. they appear there in the list but they DO NOT appear in the WSS where i can change the styles.. but all time i want to change the style, he asks me if i want to close the sidebar.. blabla i click ya i want to close the sidebar, then the sidebar RESTARTS and WSS tells me, that the Style has been changed. BUT -> i can't see a change! U want to get a Screenshot of that? fast reply please rick.. i love u for your help! EDIT: -> Ok.. i found out, that i can apply the styles manually, but they aren't displayed in the WSS.. but when i rightclick one of your styles and then click apply to windows sidebar -> the message appears that the style has eben applied.. the sidebar loads, but the style has NOT changed Still everything is black!
  3. Ok Rick.. i thought i already got the Dotnet 3.0 but therefore i UNINSTALLED it.. then i installed the Dotnet from YOUR LINK.. and it was the same like i had before! I downloaded the skins.. but i don't know what to do with them -> i couldn't find a place where to put them? Somewhere @ the WSS? Or programs/windows sidebar? Please tell me.. cause this BLACK BG sucks HARD!
  4. Hey guys.. I installed all of the named tools like -> WMP11, IE7, WLAN API, dotNET 3.0, VAIOXP and the Sidebar itself.. The Sidebar works perfectly, i can add Gadgets and so on everything allright! But i have a little last Problem -> my Sidebarbackground is totally BLACK! And i can't change it! I downloaded the WSS.. SidebarStyler 2.0 which you should all know, but i can't change anything with it! I ask you guys if you can help me or tell me what i did wrong! I hate the BLACK bg.. this sucks, i want a transparent bg like i had it before So far.. kindly regards
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