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  1. Has anyone got AutoCAD 2005 to install on SE? I'm not using the latest KernelEx I confess and problem seems to be that acad.msi is not part of MSI shim database. Is is possible for it to be added or is there a version that supports it?
  2. Youtube videos stopped working for me a few weeks. I'm using FF 3.6.28, Flash Player 10.2.159 and Flashblock 1.5.17. What annoys me is that the videos that I'm interested (old songs) would work fine except I can no longer click on the Flashblock 'f' to get them started. I've tried Vlc and that crashed. Is there any solution?
  3. I've just upgraded from FF to 3.6.28 (using KernelEx 4.5.2). If I click on a link in Outlook Express or double-click on an HTML file and FF is not running, FF 3.6.28 starts up and displays the link or file correctly. However, if FF 3.6.28 is already running nothing happens. Is there a solution?
  4. http://www.brothersoft.com/tera-term-pro-10856.html or http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA002416/teraterm.html Tera Term Pro 2.3 is old, from 1998, but works very well. Unlike Hyperterminal, it uses an .ini file so defaults can be changed, e.g. ; Port type (serial/tcpip) Port=serial ; Binary flag for Send File and Log (on/off) TransBin=on ; Default directory for file transfers FileDir=X:\Files
  5. I've found what I was looking for: Tera Term Pro 2.3 It has binary option for sending files and is much better than HyperTerminal. Clickable link added
  6. Thanks for the links, but they won't work for me. The old computer is a Z80 machine running CP/M. All I need is a prog to read a file and output all the bytes to COM1, without adding or deleting any. I'm really annoyed with HyperTerminal. Maybe I should look for an alternative, but I don't need stuff like Telnet or dial-up connections as the two machines are only three feet apart.
  7. I'm trying to send files to an old computer through a serial link connected to COM1 on my Win98SE PC. It should be dead easy, no? Well, I'm having a lot of trouble. The physical link works perfectly and the old computer is receiving all the bytes it is being sent without any errors. The problem is that the apps I've tried either add extra bytes or delete bytes. I want to send binary files so it is vital that the file is sent exactly as it is, with no extras and nothing missing. Things I have tried so far: 1. Adding Generic / Text Only printer on COM1: Printing files to this printer results in lots of unwanted bytes added to the data stream. Is there any way to tell the printer driver to send the raw data and nothing else? Choosing RAW in Spool Settings does not help. 2. HyperTerminal For Transfer -> Send Text File, HT does not send CR+LF properly. The LF is stripped and only CR is sent. A LF without a preceding CR is sent fine. If I do File -> Properties -> Settings -> ASCII Setup, then select Send line ends with line feeds, CR+LF are sent properly. However, this creates a new problem: CR with no LF are converted by HT into CR+LF, which is all right for text files but useless for binary files. 3. Redirecting file output in DOS The COM1 device does not work in DOS7 nor DOS6.22, so I need a Win98 solution. I wrote a tiny little program about 60 bytes long on the old computer to receive all the serial bytes. Everything works fine at that end. I can't believe it is so difficult at the PC end. Is there some free utility that will do the job? Thanks for any help.
  8. Hello larryb123456, my PC is a Pentium III 800Mhz, so the trouble I had (now solved as I described here) is not the same as yours.
  9. Flash Player works with KernelEx 4.5 Beta on FF see this thread http://www.msfn.org/...elex-45-beta-2/ It functions better than Flash 9 does without KernelEx. Where did you download Flash Player for FF Any special instructions about installing it?
  10. Usbstor.inf sorted! Here it is: usbstor110d.7z All relevant entries listed in VID order. Not mandatory, but logical. How often is the Native USB file in post 1 updated? If latest usbstor.inf were included, other poor souls with Win98 and Yoo Move players would have to install NUSB only. Thanks! idVendor = VID idProduct = PID
  11. Way to go, diskless! You rock! Here's the updated usbstor.inf, for those who wish to test it. Thanks for that, dencorso. Strictly speaking, all the Yoo entries should be placed between the Imation and SanDisk entries, to preserve the VID order. I forgot to say a huge thank you earlier to maximus-decim for creating the Native USB Drivers in the first place. Is there any free USB analyser software that works with Win98SE?
  12. I have managed to get the Yoo Move 1802TS MP3 Player working with Win98SE. The required additions to USBSTOR.INF are shown at the end of this message. Perhaps they could be added to the download file? Not knowing much about it, I assumed USBSTOR_BULK is correct for following Interface Descriptor: bLength, 0x9 bInterfaceNumber, 0x0 bAlternateSetting, 0x0 bNumEndpoints, 0x2 bInterfaceClass, 0x8 (Mass Storage) bInterfaceSubClass, 0x6 (SCSI Transparent Command Set) bInterfaceProtocol, 0x50 (Bulk-Only Transport) iInterface, 0x0 ======================================= ;Additions to USBSTOR.INF for Yoo Move MP3 Player ;Works successfully for Yoo Move 1802TS ;Might work for other Yoo Move devices ;Usage: ;1. Install Maximus-Decim Native USB Drivers first ;2. Modify %windir%\INF\USBSTOR.INF file as below ;3. Connect USB cable from PC to Yoo Move device ;4. Two new Removable Disk drives now ready to use ;Add Yoo entry to [Manufacturer] section %Yoo.Mfg%=Yoo ;Add new Yoo section and entry [Yoo] %USB\VID_071B&PID_1187.DeviceDesc%=USBSTOR_BULK,USB\VID_071B&PID_1187 ;Add Yoo entries to [strings] section Yoo.Mfg = "Yoo Digital" USB\VID_071B&PID_1187.DeviceDesc = "Yoo Move" =======================================
  13. I installed nusb33e (see above) because I've just bought a Yoo Move 1802TS MP3 player. The manual says a driver is needed for Win98SE, but unfortunately the necessary driver is not included on the install CD. The retailer said contact manufacturer, which I did but without reply. The Yoo Digital website says the device does not support Win98SE whereas it states clearly on the box that it does. Rest of message deleted. Please see next post.
  14. Backup before installation of nusb33e I needed to install nusb33e, but before I did so I backed up the files that I thought would be overwritten using Scanreg. For more details, please see below. Procedure could be modified quite easily for other backups. Comments welcome. Should I have added more files to Files section? Or removed some which do not get overwritten? ======================================= ; Scanreg.ini for making system backups ; Modified for backup before installing nusb33e ; ; Using scanreg to backup saves all files overwritten by nusb33e ; to one uncompressed cab file, as scanreg cannot do compression ; ; How to backup Windows files before installing nusb33e ; ----------------------------------------------------- ; 1. Create BackupDirectory (see below) ; 2. Create backup of %windir%/scanreg.ini ; 3. Save this file as %windir%/scanreg.ini ; 4. Shutdown Windows, rebooting to DOS prompt ; 5. Enter "scanreg /backup" without "" ; 6. Check contents of rb000.cab in backup directory ; 7. Restore original %windir%/scanreg.ini ; 8. Run Windows ; 9. Install nusb33e as instructed ; ; How to restore Windows files if nusb33e did not work ; ---------------------------------------------------- ; 1. Create backup of %windir%/scanreg.ini ; 2. Save this file as %windir%/scanreg.ini ; 3. Shutdown Windows, rebooting to DOS prompt ; 4. Enter "scanreg /restore" without "" ; 5. Restore original %windir%/scanreg.ini ; 6. Run Windows ; ; If any entries below are missing, default values are used ; More info about scanreg.ini settings at ; http://support.microsoft.com/kb/183603 ; Backup ; If 1, following files are backed up ; %windir%\system.dat ; %windir%\system.ini ; %windir%\user.dat ; %windir%\win.ini ; If 0, files above are not backed up ; Default value is 1 Backup=1 ; Optimize ; If 1, registry is optimized if more than 500KB of free space ; If 0, registry optimization is skipped ; Default value is 1 Optimize=0 ; MaxBackupCopies ; If 1, only one backup file with name rb000.cab ; Default value is 5 MaxBackupCopies=1 ; BackupDirectory ; Must specify full path (e.g. c:\backup) and not a root directory ; Create directory first if it does not exist ; Default value is %windir%\sysbckup BackupDirectory=C:\NUSB33.BAK ; Files ; Additional files to backup in cab file ; Syntax: Files=[dir code],file1,file2,... ; dir codes and corresponding directories are listed below ; 10, %windir% (e.g. c:\windows) ; 11, %windir%\system (e.g. c:\windows\system) ; 30, boot dir (e.g. c:\) ; 31, boot host dir (e.g. c:\) ; ; Filenames in same dir can be on same line, comma-separated ; Wildcard characters are not allowed ; Environment variables are not allowed ; ; Files to backup before installing nusb33e ; For clarity dir code 10 is used for all windows files ; and each file to backup is listed on a separate line ; ; If specified file does not actually exist, ; then a zero-byte file is created in cab file ; Files=10,EXPLORER.EXE Files=10,QFECHECK.EXE Files=10,HELP\QFECHECK.HLP Files=10,INF\1394.INF Files=10,SYSTEM\ADVPACK.DLL Files=10,SYSTEM\SYSTRAY.EXE Files=10,SYSTEM\USER.EXE Files=10,SYSTEM\USER32.DLL Files=10,SYSTEM\W95INF16.DLL Files=10,SYSTEM\W95INF32.DLL Files=10,SYSTEM\IOSUBSYS\CDVSD.VXD Files=10,SYSTEM\IOSUBSYS\DISKTSD.VXD Files=10,SYSTEM\VMM32\IOS.VXD Files=10,SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\USBEHCI.SYS Files=10,SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\USBPORT.SYS Files=10,SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\USBHUB20.SYS =======================================
  15. Black bars disappeared when I turned off Captions & Subtitles.

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