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  1. It's not identical with the SP3 version. Only the version is the same, content is different (PE binary code). Additionally, the msinfo32.exe is only the launcher, not the real system information - latter is the msinfo.dll, which serves as a module for the Windows Help Center Service. If you start msinfo32.exe, the small process simply quits after launching the system information. However, in WS2008 the msinfo32.exe contains the real code (see size on support site) and probably that's the reason why MS "updated" the exe accidently in xpe instead of the dll, too - and then corrected the update package on August.
  2. Hi Is there any chance to start windows 98 SE on nForce4 chipset mobo? /asus a8n sli premium/. CPU is Athlon 64 3700+, ram 1G; 512+ ram problem solved by limiting ram usage in SYSTEM.INI. I know, nf4 vs. win98 is unsupported, but sometimes I need to access the winxp particion outside winxp ). Currently I move the hdd to another system in this situation; i would like to avoid this; my previous motherboard allowed this by a working win98se; NTFS support is OK:). I have IE6SP1+all security updates and hotfixes installed; for win98 and IE, too+dx9, and most of the msdn unofficial patches, too. Win98 se starts up in safe mode; i removed the ACPI Bios from device magager->win98 could start up in normal mode, searched for new hardware without PNP->could find the 'ACPI BIOS' and it installed the hardwares with PNP 1 by 1 with no problem. But when I restarted again, win98 failed to start up, remaining the same problem. All the 'extra' hardwares were disabled in bios /sata, raid, audio, c'n'q etc/. HDD is IDE. Maybe one of the ACPI drivers have a 'bug' of handling this chipset? Or just have to disable or update some 'incompatible' m$ driver/dll? Somebody with any useful tip? Thanx

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