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  1. i am sooo sorry for my late in reply here wht i mean http://img526.imageshack.us/my.php?image=sddszf9.jpg i waant ready files to just replace it in the unattendand Cd or learn me how to put like that animated pictures and plz site for them thanks alot for the reply
  2. i want msgina.dll files bt animated one like vista so i can put it in my windows xp unattendand plz anyone can post some of them
  3. thanks for ur reply man bt both not work i duno why hope u knw the solution thnks again
  4. thnks frank for ur reply bt i tried /s for silent install it bt not work i duno wht the reason i will see abt that site thnks again man
  5. sorry for annoyinge man bt i need a script for silent install of getright and also pn internet secruity 2007 as i install programe using .cmd or .bat file thnks again bro
  6. thanks alot bro for ur help bt can u tell me abt pc cillin2007 internet secrity and thanks again
  7. thanks all for the help bt plz anyone knw the silent install for Getright 6.0c?? and mcafee total protection and pc cillin internt secutriy 2007?
  8. can any one tell me mcafee total protection 2007 switch for silent install and also for get right 6.0c ???
  9. thanks alooooooooot for all the replies sorry for late in reply hope tell me abt get right and it's way of registring it thnks again
  10. thnks coldfusion for ur reply i will search and if not found will tell u and thnks alot Gruik for ur help and effort i will try do it thnks again man
  11. i want silent insatll or just swtiches for 1-get right and plz the way of make it regisrted with my own serial just the WAy of making it registerd silently( TO nOT BE WAREZ) 2-DIRECTX for last update april2007 3-POWER ISo and the way of making it regisrted 4-k-lite codec mega pack
  12. thnks alot man bt i already installed framework 1,2,3 bt not work it need certain update i duno wht's it hope anyone tell me
  13. i just instaled fresh copu of win xp sp2 NO UPdate or HOTFIx and i installed nlite i just found tht error bt aftr making updates it work bt i want to knw the name of tht update or hotfix tht make it work here the pic for eror http://img176.imageshack.us/img176/3779/errorwj3.jpg
  14. ok thnks alot man for ur reply and adding to me i really appreciate ur help thnks again
  15. thnaks alot man for ur reply i really appreciate ur effort bt also using the code start winrar.exe /s whn try excute it by wpi it tell me canot find winrar.exe i guess i must put path or certail thing to tell wpi to run the progrme find the folder of the rar.cmd thnks again man
  16. wawwwwwwwo man thnks alot for all that explaintion and putting all codes here thnks agian u r great man thnks again and plz if u have solution for the next lines plz tell me fast in sumry i want to silent insatll for winrar from WPI by cmd file below wht i want thnks again
  17. thnks alot for ur reply it's really greaaaaaaaat forum thnks again and i hv little ask i canot make silent programe bt i use wpi to install programe for example i have winrar.exe and mke silent i made a small cmd file called it rar.cmd put in it start winrar.exe \s it work well if i dpl clik on the file directly bt whn i use wpi to open it it give me error and no install happen tell me canot find winrar.exe \s could u plz help me with the right cmd file to make wpi run winrar silently ?
  18. thnks alot man for ur reply bt hopd to tell me the order can i or not?
  19. thanks aloooot for the reply it helped me alot bt i hace another quetion how i can make it run in GUIrunonce according to specific order here my GUIRUNONCe [GUIRunOnce] command9="%SystemDrive%\DPsFnshr.exe" %WinDir%\INSTALL\START.CMD %WinDir%\INSTALL\ENC.EXE %WinDir%\INSTALL\D.CMD %WinDir%\INSTALL\WPI.CMD coz i guess all run at the same time ecxpt for DPSfnshr i want to make them to run in an order can i add command10="%WinDir%\INSTALL\START.CMD" command11="%WinDir%\INSTALL\ENC.EXE" and so on?
  20. i have windows os size 1.4 gb and have no dvd i put WPI in a cd and windows files in another cd include $oem$ but i want to have a FULL runonce.cmd file so i can put it to run with cmdline to request for insert of the 2nd cd which include WPI and WPI.cmd plz help soon here the CD http://img235.imageshack.us/my.php?image=54114990gx8.jpg aftr the split http://www.ninjadesigns.net/images/shot1.jpg http://www.ninjadesigns.net/images/shot2.jpg thnks for phknija for helping me bt i couldnot continue plz all wht i want just ready files to put directly for eunonce or any bat or cmd file to ask for the second cd which include wpi.cmd
  21. thnks for ur reply bt i colud do it with a batch file thnks alot
  22. hi all i have xp MUltilingual EN AR HB i want to make it silent install for ARabic to be ready to be used in WPI plz help how to do it
  23. here wht i am puting in the cd about WPI like in the image it's in the root of the cd and WPI.CMD in $oem$ -- INSTALL---WPI.cmd and here to run in GUI RUNONCE in winnt.sif [GUIRunOnce] %WinDir%\INSTALL\WPI.CMD so plz tell me with hoe to edit it with ur post above to make the multi cd
  24. thanks for ur reply man but first i have $oem$ oem for the drivers also WPI is opend in the first log of the windows from the winnt.sif GUi ruuonce and i want to make them in two cds like windows media center

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