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  1. turn off the "wait for dial tone" in the modem configuration. i used to have the same problem.
  2. vasilis

    XP drivers

    version 6 of both nero and roxio are equally good.
  3. seems that i am out of luck... according to the requirements k6-2 is not supported. how did you manage to install "vmware" in a k6-2 ? [nekkid] mine is 350mhz, 320mb ram and winxp. i think i will give it a try when i buy a new system.
  4. i have an old amd k6-2. when i am trying to install either "virtual pc" or "vmware workstation" it says that it cannot find a pentium II cpu. is there a way to install either of them in this system? a way to fool the installer that i have another cpu? or perhaps another program similar to "virtualpc" or "vmware workstation"? vasilis
  5. ok. i found the solution to the problem. according to microsoft, the solution is to rename the folder "catroot2" in something else and then install the sp1a. it worked! vasilis
  6. hi to all in the forum. i have problem installing sp1... after verifying and decompressing the files, a meesage pops saying: "Setup could not verify the integrity of the update.inf. Make sure the Cryptographic servive is running on this computer." I checked in "Services" and the above one is already running. i stoped and restarted it, but nothing. the message pops again. i thought that it could be a bad download of sp1. so i tried one from a magazine's cd. the same. i am logged of course as administrator. i am thinking of re-installing xp as my last option. furthermore i dont think that it has
  7. thats a good idea. thanks. but i would prefer a solution without re-installing xp. if any.
  8. i know that there have been a lot of topics concering the installation of sp1. i would appreciate if anyone could help for the solution of the following problem. during the installation, a msg box appears saying, "Failed to Install Catalog Files". then the installation finishes. my first thought, was a corrupt download. but in the verification process, no errors appeared. i must say at this point that i have changed the key with a one that i believe is valid. the pid goes like that: xxxx-646-xxxxxx-xxxx any solutions? thanks.
  9. ok. i think i confused you a bit... in my post i was refering to "windows messenger". i didnt know that msn messenger was something different.sorry. i have already unchecked the "Automatically log onto Windows Messenger" in outlook express. what i want is, the windows messenger not to begin (do not confuse with "login") when i execute the outlook express. thanks.
  10. I suppose this works on Outlook. I use Outlook Express. i searched for something similar but i didnt find anything. anyway, i think i might leave it as it is for now. thanks for all the responses.
  11. i am not sure if this is the correct place to post this... i installed one the beta version (5.x) of messenger (not a fan though... just to see if there is anything new) the problem is now i have both 4.x and 5.x version installed. when i start outlook, the 4.x version starts with it. is there a way to start the 5.x version when the outlook begins? i tried to delete the 4.x one, but then the 5.x refused to start. when i restored the 4.x, the 5.x was working again. (i hope i am not confusing you with alll the 4/5.x stuff). and another one (which by the way i had asked before but i didnt get an
  12. vasilis

    SP1 info

    thanks for the info.
  13. vasilis

    SP1 info

    i am a bit confused... till now i thought that we have winxp "professional" and "home" edition. the "corporate" edition i keep reading in various sites is something different?
  14. vasilis


    is there a way to find out (without the use of a third party program) what applications have been run in a system running winxp pro? for example, through the administrative tools, you can see which and when a service have started, stopped or crashed. can i do something similar with the programs?
  15. system restore sucks. personally, i disable it, in any system that supports it. one solution would be to disable it. then you can get rid of the virus. if you have an antivirus it should detect it. if not, then delete the folder. by the way. there is program around the net that searches for the specific virus, and deletes it. it is similar the one for the "klez" virus, you should probably find it somewhere in the symantec site.
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