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  1. How to reduce Windows 8 system?

    try 7customizer & and xml creator to remove stuff its the best way
  2. xml creator for 7Customizer

    I tried many paths even the default path in the setting
  3. xml creator for 7Customizer

    thanks for fast replay i think it's a bug coz i extracted the wim with 7-zip
  4. xml creator for 7Customizer

    justibus - thanks for this great tool but i have a problem using it with -f switch it always say that it with -k switch it say that it can't find the path to the winsxs also but it work any idea why this happen and again thanks for your had work
  5. How much fat can vLite trim off?

    thanks for quick replay but i wish if you could give more details or a complete guide of how to convert windows embedded into ultimate
  6. How much fat can vLite trim off?

    i tried to do so but never succes can you explain how to? thanks
  7. GDism ELDI Java and .NET

    Looks like it will be a great tool thank you for it keep up the good work
  8. Hi all here is the changelog of the new version 1.05 from RT 7Lite main site * You can select either ISO or OS folder path directly to start customization [NEW] * You will receive new update notification on home tab [NEW] * You can able to save session settings in your own name and change to other location [NEW] * Information for all components added [NEW] * Loading image process is changed [NEW] * You can safely remove components now * Missed to apply many tweaks in previous builds [FIXED] * Theme not applied correctly in previous versions [FIXED] * You can change Media sounds [NEW] * Time zone listed in order [NEW] * You can select ISO creation directly after simply loading a image [NEW] * You can run RT Seven Lite under UAC enabled [NEW] * Not warned users if adding same updates again in Integration [FIXED] * Removed Flash components [NEW] * Other major errors during integration [FIXED] It sounds great i'm waiting to test it
  9. hi i tried to setup unattended xp from dos with the command winnt /unattend:winnt.sif bu the unattended settings didn't work i want know how to get it work from hd in dos mod thanks for help