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  1. @MtK did you find a solution about this first log-on, because I've tried the one gived by @vic_vertebrae, but didn't work for me. If you find a way to do this, please tell me how. Thanks in addvance. Becko
  2. How about puting "Startup Control Panel" into SP 2.0? It's a very nice tool better than msconfig. It's free, and you can find it here
  3. Hi everybody, I want to make an unattended win98SE and I want to install some applications. First I have problem with skipping EULA, but find that the problem is in my CD. It was OEM not retail. (Solved) But now I want to add some additional apps, but how? I found a way of doing that, but after 2 days experiments I'm gona freak out. Here is the guide I've been folowing: http://www.onecomputerguy.com/install/install.htm#copying But every time I try to understand when I'm wrong - I start to thing that I'm stupid. If someone alredy made an copying of files, and instaling them silently - please help. Or someone who can make an simple example with directory tree, because I've try to put Install dir inside win98 dir, and outside, but the result was the same - some errors. Especialy I can't understand this: [SourceDisksNames] 33,"MyFilesSource",MyFiles,0 When I try with this way, the setup told me to insert CD Labeled "MyFilesSource"?! Sorry, but I never thing that this will be so dificult. Maybe the unattended XP encourage me to do this, but in the office I've work there is so many old computers, and my boss don't want to have other OS than win98. Please help. Thanks in advance. P.S. Excuse my English. Becko
  4. @fugg it's not working even with -y switch. But it's 5 AM and maybe some sleep well help. I'll try it in the morning.
  5. @fugg I've just tried your 7-zip repack, but it doesen't made sillent installation. Is this problem is just mine?
  6. I'm sorry gosh that I post this here. :-( I've continued it here. If you can help me I'll be very appreciate. GenoCide: Thank's about showing of Quck Launch.
  7. Hi, I've this tread 2 times, but didn't find how to Show Quick Launch. I have search the whole forum and google too, but there is no information about this. I monitor for the registry changes but can't find anything. :-( Is there anyone who knows how to do that? Is it record somewhere in the registry or in some file? The other question is how to remove default Favorites and replace them with mine for all users? I've tried to remove them with batch file, but when I create new user the default favorites are aplied. I put my Favorites in All Users, but they didn't appear in IE. What's wrong in my actions? And the last one - I try to remove the *.scr in %systemroot%\system32 with batch file as it shown in Prepare.cmd here: cmdow @ /HID DEL "%systemroot%\*.bmp" DEL "%systemroot%\Web\Wallpaper\*.jpg" DEL "%systemroot%\system32\dllcache\*.scr" DEL "%systemroot%\system32\*.scr" DEL "%AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Windows Update.lnk" DEL "%AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Set Program Access and Defaults.lnk" DEL "%AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Windows Catalog.lnk" but it's not working. When I log-in they are there and refuse to be removed. Even I delete them - they appear again. I realise what GreanMachine explained, that all setings are in hivedef.inf, but when I explore this find just this entries about screensaver: HKCU,"Control Panel\Desktop","ScreenSaverIsSecure",0x00000002,"0" HKCU,"Control Panel\Desktop","ScreenSaveTimeOut",0x00000000,"600" HKCU,"Control Panel\Desktop","ScreenSaveActive",0x00000002,"1" HKCU,"Control Panel\Desktop","SCRNSAVE.EXE",0x00000002,"%SystemRoot%\System32\logon.scr" Here I can change the default screensaver to my own, but how to delete other? I found the section with screensavers, but ... HKCU,"Control Panel\Screen Saver.3DFlyingObj",,0x00000012 HKCU,"Control Panel\Screen Saver.3DPipes",,0x00000012 HKCU,"Control Panel\Screen Saver.Bezier",,0x00000012 HKCU,"Control Panel\Screen Saver.Marquee","BackgroundColor",0x00000002,"0 0 128" HKCU,"Control Panel\Screen Saver.Marquee","CharSet",0x00000002,"0" HKCU,"Control Panel\Screen Saver.Marquee","Font",0x00000000,"%SCREEN_SAVER_MARQUEE_FONT%" HKCU,"Control Panel\Screen Saver.Marquee","Mode",0x00000002,"1" HKCU,"Control Panel\Screen Saver.Marquee","Size",0x00000002,"24" HKCU,"Control Panel\Screen Saver.Marquee","Speed",0x00000002,"14" HKCU,"Control Panel\Screen Saver.Marquee","Text",0x00000002,"%SCREEN_SAVER_MARQUEE_TEXT%" HKCU,"Control Panel\Screen Saver.Marquee","TextColor",0x00000002,"255 0 255" HKCU,"Control Panel\Screen Saver.Mystify","Active1",0x00000002,"1" HKCU,"Control Panel\Screen Saver.Mystify","Active2",0x00000002,"1" HKCU,"Control Panel\Screen Saver.Mystify","Clear Screen",0x00000002,"1" HKCU,"Control Panel\Screen Saver.Mystify","EndColor1",0x00000002,"255 255 255" HKCU,"Control Panel\Screen Saver.Mystify","EndColor2",0x00000002,"255 255 255" HKCU,"Control Panel\Screen Saver.Mystify","Lines1",0x00000002,"7" HKCU,"Control Panel\Screen Saver.Mystify","Lines2",0x00000002,"12" HKCU,"Control Panel\Screen Saver.Mystify","StartColor1",0x00000002,"0 0 0" HKCU,"Control Panel\Screen Saver.Mystify","StartColor2",0x00000002,"0 0 0" HKCU,"Control Panel\Screen Saver.Mystify","WalkRandom1",0x00000002,"1" HKCU,"Control Panel\Screen Saver.Mystify","WalkRandom2",0x00000002,"1" HKCU,"Control Panel\Screen Saver.Stars","Density",0x00000002,"50" HKCU,"Control Panel\Screen Saver.Stars","WarpSpeed",0x00000002,"10" ... here is only 6 of 10? Where is the other? There is so many things that I don't understand, but for now this is enought. Thanks in advance and excluse my English.
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