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  1. An alternative way to install Office 2007 and its updates that we have successfully tested in the Italian community of nLite that I attend is to use the directory "Updates". All msp files in it (both extracted from SP2 and subsequent patches, in addition to the current configuration file made with setup.exe / admin) are applied during installation. In this way, you can just run the setup.exe and the installation of the program is completed, with the configuration setting according to the choices in the customization file are applied and also all the updates. This procedure has been found particularly advantageous to know which updates are replaced because of the name of the msp files: supersedes patch are replaced with new msp file with the same name. The only drawback of this method is that now, with SP2 + patches + custom files, I have a total of about 540 MB of stuff in that folder, almost as the same MB of Office . This method of deployment is much faster than the administrative installation of the provious Office 2003, althoug the installation procedure is now much longer.
  2. Just slipstream only SP3, the previous ones are needed to install it on live system. I use the disc made in this way (I also started with a rtm copy) for about three years with no problem.
  3. Well, if someone is interested, this is the link for the italian version: WindowsXP-KB905474-ITA-x86.exe
  4. In the next few day I'll repeat my test in VM with 1.7.9D without the replace folder workaround (I need a cd ready for a real install, so that was the fast way). The hotfix list I use is the almost same (I've no checked every single hotfix, but only that are related to winmedia), of course using italian hotfix. Also, I use basic DX9 cab and not the full redist, but I think that is not relevant. Pheraphs is not relevant, but I use winxp as OS, and the file in HF folder are sorted in different way that in 2000 environment: here's the sorted list that windows explorer show me. WindowsMedia6-KB925398-v2-x86-ITA.exe WindowsMedia9-KB936782-x86-ITA.exe WindowsMedia64-KB954600-x86-ITA.exe In a Win2000 environment, the file are sorted exactly as your list. Maybe is that the cause? In my next test I'll try to follow every step of the script.
  5. Yes, it's a typo, 24 august Using the replace folder with the new version of the file solve the problem, it's a simple workaround for the moment. Very strange, but if you need, I can make a lot of test: HFslip is the best way to create an update disc of Windows 2000, a must have.
  6. I need to run some other test, but I just from extracting some file I've only noticed: from kb954600 -> strmdll.dll version date 19 june 2008 from kb925398v2 -> strmdll.dll version date 24 august 2006 I'll check all other component, but that strange, the date are so different.
  7. I've just finished a test with HFslip on a italian Windows 2000 Pro. As reported, the only hotfix missing is 954600, so I've made a little trick and it worked. I've checked that both version of logagent are 9.xxx (in system32 and program files), and almost all other files of the hotfix are in the same versions of that altready present in system32. The only file different is exactly strmdll.dll, that without the 954600 is in version in the system32 forlder. The same file is provided in version in the wm41 folder of the hotfix. Manually replacing the file in system 32 with the same one extracted from the hotfix makes MU happy, and the 954600 hotfix is non listesed anymore. Maybe it's possible to implement some line on the script that force this file to be copied from the "wm41" folder. And I agree, this is the first hotfix wth this strange structure. Just my 2 cents, maybe this info are useful.
  8. Hi, the new hotfix 967715 is listed by MU for Windows 2000 (even xp or 2003, but I've only checked my 2k VM). It contain an update version of shell32.dll, so I think that replace the hotfix 921398 (not linsted when 967715 is previously installed). And many thank for keeping updated this list!
  9. For the "partition wizard", maybe the problem is located in some bitmap of the "dmdlgs.dll" resources. And I don't know how this file is used, but you can check also the bitmap in the "srrstr.dll"? Thanks.
  10. Hi, I've to report some other possibly bug, or maybe it's just a not so successful integration in my source. Using the i386 patching option, I've noticed that the bitmap in the "scheduled tasks" wizard is not displayed (using reshacker I can see that the image is replaced, but is not displayed running the apps). The resource is located in the mstask.dll. Also, I've noticed that the bitmap in the wiaacmgr.dll folder are with blue and green gradient.
  11. Hello, I want to report some cosmetic problem that I've found using this pack. 1) When I try to share a folder using the right click on it, the window that appear has a icon that is too big. It was the exclamation point balloon in the bottom (see screenshot). This part of the windows is present only if windows firewall is activated (this "bug" is reported by a friend, I use a third part firewall). 2) In the administrative tool section, in the storage drive applet, when you choose to create a new partition on a empty hard disk drive, the image on the left of the wizard is too big and it's overcropped, I mean, it' almost blue and the image of the disk is in the low bottom. 3) Bitmap 1500 of the "photowiz.dll" has the blue and green backgruond instead of the only blue. And I don't remember if it's that image, but when I've attached a digital camera, the first wizard with the camera image also have this colour, green and blue gradient (maybe it's the same image, sorry, don't remember and I can't reproduce, cause I don't have a digital camera). That all, always thanks for your works!
  12. Great work Damian! Just a question, maybe silly... It seem that winmine is not patched!!
  13. The easy way is to put a silent installer of the .net framework that already include the language pack in the hfsvcpack folder. Surely, someone has to make one. Otherwise, you can use a english one and then use a runonce command to install the language pack (maybe adding a proper cmd file in the hfguirunonce folder)
  14. By the way, it is bitmap 16 of this file. It's the image used for the folders on the left panel, but in OE6 these resources are displayed in 16 colour and they appear grey. Maybe, the choice is to mantain the XP default, that are kindly ugly, but not a gray square (the problem is limited to left panel, cause in the right windows these icon are correctly displayed).

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