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  1. Hi! I want to create my own customized unattended Vista Recovery for my laptop with no dependencies on any disc(s), i want a recovery partition due to the installation speed and convenience (as I don't always bring me the recovery discs at LAN). I've so far managed to integrate the necessary drivers, CD Key, specific settings, saved pre-activation and created the finished ISO file with vLite, and here's the problem: How do i apply this image as a partition (as well as hidden) and make it bootable with "F9" ? I've searched around the forum but i find the answers either hard to interpret/understand or not relevant to my problem - But i could be wrong about that. So, how do i proceed with this? I noticed people recommended "Acronis TrueImage" but i can't seem to find anything that might help me, maybe I'm looking at the wrong settings. So what do i need to do? // Thanks
  2. Although the OOBE problem occurs when i use DriverPacks and nLite, if the problem is within OBEE or the software used for the integration.
  3. The thread originates from: http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?pid=14247 but got recommended to post about this issue: To summarize the whole thing: I want to integrate Driverpack Masstorage ange integrate all the updates in order to make an full-updated CD. The problems is, according to the thread and the response to it: I got the order of integration right YET i still obatin the "OOBE" problems, get no errors but stil get "OOBE skipping".
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