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    I hope all of you are filing bug reports on github for him. While he might not have too much time, others can fork and then make pull requests to fix some of these. For one, the continuation of a line and concatenating them together before passing it down to the parser SHOULD be relatively straight forward. For someone like me (although pretty busy right now), who love finding and fixing bugs more than we like writing new code, this could be a fun exercise.
  2. Yes, this is a known issue, and while you have one sollution that will work, another (maybe more simple?) is to use the Autorun Executable as found on the Files Page Just right click and say "Run as Administrator", and since it is elevated BEFORE it runs WPIW, you only have to accept it once. then WPIW (and all the scripts it runs) are autmatically elevated (as in your solution)... Never hurts to have more than one way to solve an issue B)
  3. The answer below had it MOSTLY right...here's what works... UI /boot/syslinux/vesamenu.c32 TIMEOUT 15 MENU BACKGROUND /boot/isolinux/ScottLogo.png MENU AUTOBOOT MENU TABMSG MENU HIDDEN LABEL - KERNEL /boot/syslinux/config.c32 APPEND /boot/syslinux/syslinux2.cfg Make sure to use current syslinux or isolinux version of vesamenu.C32, etc. Turn off the default messages for auto booting and tab, HIDE the rest of the blank menu to avoid the lines, then after the delay, it will restart with your "REAL" config file. (adjust names as appropriate)... Scott
  4. Sorry to differ, but the ability to add the context menu's to the recycle bin isn't working due to a permissions issue on the registry entry for the recycle bin. So, I would say, this needs a small tweak (manual instructions posted in the CCleaner forums)
  5. It is probably related to the permissions and the UAC...Was UAC turned completely off? If so, then not sure why you couldn't modify the entries...look at the permissions. I know in Win7, even the registry permissions are a lot tighter. Also, be sure to "run as administrator" when to run the WPI.hta file...Or use the autorun executable that is on the sticky post, and run it as administrator... Scott
  6. try the new version - supposed to have added in some 3D acceleration!
  7. Thes would be mutually exclusive...I'm assuming you meant one or the other... As Kels said, this is sort of covered in the docs, so go read them...what you want to look for is "silent installers" of the products you mentioned...MANY of them exist - just google a bit. If there isn't one already made, the easiest thing to do is to learn/use "autoit" to make a script that hits the bittons for you...May not be "silent", but at least it is automated!
  8. OK, I'll agree that it can't be done in the same way...Nlite allows all sorts of fancier stuff using the inf file based install process in addition to running silent installers.... But it sure seems that there should be a way to either invoke WPIW or some other "post install" process to run a "silent" product install. I think that was all they were looking for... Personally, I suggest that you give tools like the Windows Post Install Wizard a look... http://www.wpiw.net
  9. these are just the special image file format that the cdshell uses...go to the cdshell docs (do a little google) and there is a bitmap converter...
  10. these are from my "firefox installation", where I add a .reg file using the regedit command and also use the "FILECOPY" command (a pull down) to copy the file to the common user desktop... cmd2[pn]=['regedit /s "%wpipath%\\Install\\firefox_bug_246078_rev3.reg"']; cmd3[pn]=['FILECOPY "%wpipath%\\Install\\firefox_bug_246078_rev3.reg" "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\\Desktop"']; Just edit as you need to...and put into the right commands on your configuration for that tool... Scott
  11. there are some examples of this already in the docs (I think), but basically use the "FILECOPY" function and use "REGEDIT" to install the registry file. I'll try to remember to pots specifics when I get home... As for making the shortcut, if you know the information ahead of time, just make that file and then copy if into the right place... Good Luck!
  12. Bloat is in the eye (CD space?) of the beholder...To me (and this is what I did), adding the compressed (7z) files to the CD, and having them be instqalled isn't that big a deal - especially to get the majority of the drivers. Sure, I left off video and sound - easy enough to DL later, but the others are worth it (to me). Basically, I do everything up to the ISO creation, then run the base DP installer to manipulate the files. For the "unattended" stuff, you do need to go in a clean the winnt.sif file a bit if you want to allow access to the "recovery console options", but no big deal... Anyway, like I said - "different strokes..." Scott
  13. Well, I just got back to this after a few days, and also ran into this sort of thing with the 1.2 version (by the way thanks for the simple yet sufficient GUI!!! ) I got the same sort of thing from the MS JAva "pack" off of the RYANVM space... I'm sure this is related to the parsing of the ini file, since this one, while "correct" is a lot different than any other I have seen, and probably has some specifics in it for the original intent. Easy enough to fix in the config.js or the WPI gui, and if I get a chance, I may look at the source code...Always wanted to play a bit with Delphi... Again, THANKS for a simple, but effective tool. Scott
  14. What was the specific file that was before the problem ones...Maybe posting the INF file would help Nuno debug it?
  15. Look at the cab/zip/whatever you had in the input directory just before CCleaner and FF (they are in alphabetical order)...My guess is that they have something "funny" in them. Scott
  16. One more minor thing...you don't need to set the order number explicitly in each entry. the fact that you have the "pn++" statement is sufficient. It would also make it easier to "add" as opposed to re-process addons to the existing config.js file. And if your adding "options", allowing us to pick the output file would also be "nice"... But as I said, this is over 80% of the hard work...(unfortunately, the last 20% of the "polish" takes way more than 80% of the total time invested before your done. Scott
  17. Sure a few things like this would be nicer along the way. Was also thinking of how you're doing the mapping of the fields from the inf file to the .js file. I need to think about it/play with it more, since I think that it would be nice to have a bit more 'flexibility', but as I siad, let me think on it... the issue on the copy of the actual setup.exe files is probably related to a 'flat' extract using the 7za.exe file since as I siad, no directory was created in the temp/0 area...the one "rar" file I tried (for itunes) created the directory in the temp area, and also copied the file over to the WPI area... Scott
  18. Thanks - good first start. Couple of comments. (used lastest version as of this posting time...) Didn't clean up the "temp" area, which was a good thing. All the "cab" ones I had while 7zip shows a SVCPACK directory that has the installers executable, it was extracted in the top level temp/{0,1,2...} directory. hence, it didn't copy over into the WPI area...easy enough for me to do, since the temp area wasn't cleaned up ;-) Also, parsing of the in/out directories is a bit "sloppy", since when I had the error of D:wpi\wpi (missing first "\", it tried to write the output in the last temp area (in my case temp\13 Finally, the output box doesn't scroll, so when I hit 13 addon's, it cut off part of the text. BUT, I was just thinking of doing this, since it is a pain to manage a lot of this stuff, and quite frankly, even if the .js file is only 90% correct when I have to group them, etc. it is still a BIG help. Scott

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