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  1. Hi..I coudlnt find a way to fix the above problem.So i changed my GuiRunOnce cmd to reflect some changes as : net user enli /delete And another reg add key to disable the autoadminlogon. Cant post right now as m not at home right now ! Regards EnLi EDIT: typo
  2. Hi.. i have been using nlite 1.4.7 and m very pleased with it. The only problem i experienced is , windows still doing autologon to "administrator" account even if i removed the concerned settings from "unattended" section.I did run nlite on the same "i386" 4-5 times ..is this the root of the problem ? Here is what i did: First run of the nlite: *removed unwanted components such as cursors,windows tour,pictures etc. from section "components". Added unattended settings with autologon user "enLi" Second run of the nlite: *added "rhyan VM post sp2 update pack 2.2" with few addons i have such as prio,unlocker etc. Third run of the nlite *tweaked registry settings and services. *created ISO and tested in "virtualbox" And the same issue pops up.No matter what settings i use in "unattended section" windows still auto logging in "administrator" account. I guess posting the settings file wont help as i did nlite on the same "i386" multiple times and i have already deleted those .inf Any solution for my problem? Regards EnLi EDIT: I noticed that at the end of windows setup i m not getting "create new users" window. Checked hivsft.inf and "autoadminlogon" is set to 0. Any clues ?
  3. Hi ..sorry for so late reply but i was really busy with college. For me above procedure needs lot of time to devote which i m unwilling to do.. yes i m a bit lazy Anyways i made a image with Photoshop and i m using it as a splash. I m very pleased with this splash and i wont be needed full screen splash.
  4. Hi bj-kaiser , sorry but you got me wrong. I already know those entries what i m trying to achive is to have a "full screen splash" just like default untweaked cdshell shows when you boot from it. I should have explicitly mentioned it before. So is this possible ? Regards EnLi
  5. Hello , I m newbie and i would like to know if there is any possiblitiy of adding splash image to my isolinux menu just like cdshell or easyboot shows at the start of booting the cd/dvd. I already have built my own multiboot dvd containing the following: 1. XP SP2 2. XP SP3 3. UBUNTU 4. Active Boot Disk 5. ERD Commander 2007 6. Parted Magic 7. Paragon Partition Manager v9 8. Acronis TrueImage and Partition Manager 9. Spinrite 10. Memtest + LiveXP Once i add this splash image i m done Regards EnLi EDIT1: typo EDIT2: Added "FULL screen" to topic title
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