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  1. Thanks mate I'll try that later now with this - <PlainText>false</PlainText> Should I change this to true or just delete the whole line?
  2. Seems to have a problem when it gets to the windows shell bit I have just added the organstation and owner part, so that bit is not tested Please help guy, this is really stressing me out <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <unattend xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:unattend"> <settings pass="oobeSystem"> <component name="Microsoft-Windows-International-Core" processorArchitecture="x86" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="neutral" versionScope="nonSxS" xmlns:wcm="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WMIConfig/2002/State" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <InputLocale>en-UK</InputLocale> <SystemLocale>en-UK</SystemLocale> <UILanguage>en-UK</UILanguage> <UILanguageFallback>en-UK</UILanguageFallback> <UserLocale>en-UK</UserLocale> </component> <component name="Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup" processorArchitecture="x86" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="neutral" versionScope="nonSxS" xmlns:wcm="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WMIConfig/2002/State" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <OOBE> <HideEULAPage>true</HideEULAPage> <HideWirelessSetupInOOBE>true</HideWirelessSetupInOOBE> <NetworkLocation>Work</NetworkLocation> <ProtectYourPC>1</ProtectYourPC> </OOBE> <UserAccounts> <AdministratorPassword> <Value>REMOVED</Value> <PlainText>false</PlainText> </AdministratorPassword> <LocalAccounts> <LocalAccount wcm:action="add"> <Password> <Value>REMOVED</Value> <PlainText>false</PlainText> </Password> <Description>LocalAdmin</Description> <DisplayName>OckendonAdmin</DisplayName> <Group>Administrators</Group> <Name>OckendonAdmin</Name> </LocalAccount> </LocalAccounts> </UserAccounts> <RegisteredOrganization>Ockendon</RegisteredOrganization> <RegisteredOwner>Headteacher</RegisteredOwner> <TimeZone>UTC</TimeZone> <ShowWindowsLive>false</ShowWindowsLive> <AutoLogon> <Password> <Value>REMOVED</Value> <PlainText>false</PlainText> </Password> <Enabled>true</Enabled> <LogonCount>1</LogonCount> <Username>OckendonAdmin</Username> </AutoLogon> </component> </settings> <cpi:offlineImage cpi:source="catalog:d:/sources/install_windows 7 professional.clg" xmlns:cpi="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:cpi" />
  3. WDS Driver Injection Problem

    Im having the same proble too
  4. Hi I have built a master pc with all the updates installed & Only Ethernet Driver I ran sysprep it and made a .sysprep.ini for it -------------------- ;SetupMgrTag [unattended] OemSkipEula=Yes InstallFilesPath=C:\sysprep\i386 DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore UpdateInstalledDrivers=Yes [GuiUnattended] AdminPassword="********" EncryptedAdminPassword=NO OEMSkipRegional=1 TimeZone=85 OemSkipWelcome=1 [userData] ProductKey=*****-*****-*****-*****-***** FullName="The Headteacher" OrgName="The Ockendon School" ComputerName="%machinename%" [Display] BitsPerPel=32 Xresolution=1024 YResolution=768 [RegionalSettings] LanguageGroup=1 SystemLocale=00000809 UserLocale=00000809 InputLocale=0809:00000809 [setupMgr] DistFolder=C:\sysprep\i386 DistShare=windist [identification] JoinDomain=ockendon.thurrock.sch.uk DomainAdmin=**** DomainAdminPassword=**** [Networking] InstallDefaultComponents=Yes Then I have made it has a wim image with WDS Create Image Feature ----------------------------------------------Networking Problem ----------------------------------------------- I have tried it on one computer it works fine (Wasn't the master pc I built the image on) Tried it one of the new computers we just brought, no luck (Same spec has the pc I set it up on) Keeps coming up with something like 'cant obtain an ip address from the dhcp server' So thought it was to do with the network driver The ethernet controller on this computer is an ' Realtek_8111B_8111C Controller' I have tried to inject the driver into the boot up file (boot.wim) Still the same problem Am I setting up the driver wrong? Or is it not to do with the driver? ----------------------------------------------- Computer Name Problem ---------------------------------------- Also how do I get it so I can type the computer name after I selected the image? (Is it even possible?) Dont want to have to wait for it to finish installing to type in the computer name needed At the moment it just makes one by itself, whuch I then have to change after it finishes the setup (Annoying) ----------------------------------------------- Hal Problem ---------------------------------------- Can I make it universal? So it does both multicore and single core with one image, instead of two ---------------------------------- Other Driver Problem ------------------------------------------ Also How can I add other drivers so it installs by itself? Audio, Chipset, Ethernet, Video Controller This way everything is all installed expect from the antivirus and our remote/watching software which we deploy from their deployment tools Problem I had with RIS. is even if i wasnt the correct driver it still was under add/remove programs So had to make different images for different hardware, witch I gave up in the end, and just had one image with all the ethernet drivers and install the drivers manually on the pcs Would this be the same case? Different images for different PCs?
  5. XP SP3 SWE - missing files

    I would like to know this as will, mines say it is missing the admparse.dll.mui file too All I done is intergrate SP3 with the RTM disc, and intergrate IE7, WMP11, and all current updates possiable to intergrate And then I copied the old answer from from our old SP2 image Please help, need to reload 30 computers at work ASAP Thanks
  6. I am trying to make a WPI disk (Windows Post Installer) I want to include Ashampoo Burning Studio 6.5 into the disc I am using the \s swithh but the internet explorer keeps poping up for me to register and buy it (already have a serial) Im suppose it does this because it is one of the defaults option when you install it, how would you change this? It does not help that I dont know what installer it is using as it dont say, or you cant tell Help me please
  7. XP PRO with Tablet/MCE05/Server 2003R2 Features

    What is mean, is ther any features worth while in windows server 2003 r2 that could be install in windows xp, i dont know what features there are because I have never used it before.
  8. chosseinng options

    Sorry thats not what I meant, I want to be able to choosse these options for the programes, but i still want it unattended, is there not like an answer file you can make for the programmes you chosse to install, like the answer for xp to chosse how you want to install it
  9. when you install a programe on a computer, you can normally slecte things like - where you want it to install - desktop icon - quicklauch icon - where to save start menu items - full, basic install how can you make it so you chosse things like these in an unattanded install of xp pro sp2
  10. XP PRO with Tablet/MCE05/Server 2003R2 Features

    I meant can you install windows server 2003 features on xp if it has any worth while I know you can install mce05 and tablet components on xp
  11. FIRST POST!! Is it posible to install Windows XP PRO SP2, then add; MCE 2005 Features Tablet 2005 Features Server 2003 Features I know you can install MCE05 & Tablet05 Features, but what about Windows Server 2003 R2 If it is possible to put install Windows Server 2003 R2 features, what features would this be, I have no experience with server yet, but would like to If this is all possible how would I slipstrem this Also I would like to know how you slipstream programs, I know how to do it, but I would to know how you customize programes like when you install things, if you know what I mean, like where you want it to install, if you want desktop icons, if you want a basic or full setup, how do you do this, on the forum alI found out is just how you can slipstream it without chooseing things you do when you normally install it on windows.