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  1. I am just going off of general knolage on windows What I say is that since all version of win are based on the same base it seems that it would be logicical that you would be able to take the feachers in any version of windows research dependincys (say this registry key needs this dll/service etc...) and then rust inport the keys and values and or dll and such and do what you did with winCE
  2. well teoreticly you can install server 03 on top of xp by installing in the same partition without reformatting. The only thing about the way to do it is that there could be some problems with conflicting system files. Also what do you mean when you say the feachers of tablet and MCE do you mean things like the apps that only come with them(or the drivers like tablet support on notepad) or do you mean the whole system with all it's feachers) and why would you want to do this all this may be sulved with some more simple solution(like just putting server 03 on a different partition of your HDD)
  3. thank you all unlocker seems to work fine
  4. just to ask why whould I want a BartPE for this I have one and it would not help
  5. I play oblivion and there is a mod that I downloaded which was a .zip I installed it with no problem but after a couple months aka now I want to get rid of the download file. so I try to delete it and get a error saying access denied. OK I think lets see what happens when I open the file in 7zip, what happens it that it just loops back to the directory that the file is in (obviously a corrupted file) next I get a file shredder, nope no luck. by the way there are no programs that are using it. there are also some others like this that have the same problem all oblivion mods all .zips
  6. OK so I put the DVD in and everything goes fine till the first restart then the screen gets fuzzy diagonal strips across it and the speakers make a sound like noise combined with someone playing space invaders and Mario. then I unpluged the sound and pluged it back in and when I come back the screen is filled with 4s. after a restart it worked fine. computer: AMD atholon x2 4400+ 2 nvidia geforse 7900 gt oc ASUS a8n sli x16 delux 2 gigs of ram 2 75 gig 10000 rpm sata HDDs in RAID 0 array 1 320 gig 7200 rpm sata HDD 1 benq dvd burner 700 wat psu etc..(ask if you want more ) PS. pardon my spelling pss I also just found out that windows had installed itself in the partition that I use for my page file
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