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  1. Thanks Sop. I'll take you up on that AP for XP installer that you use when I actually tryout XP, come to think of it perhaps you can just post or send me that link now so I have it, won't have to bother you for it again. I am on the lookout for a machine with higher specs than mine to try XP, my current computer is not worth investing any more money, when P4's with much higher specs are very inexpensive here where I am. Dencorso, I made a text document out of that dual boot tutorial, thanks. Guys, it might take me awhile to get my XP act together but will get back to the group as soon as I have something concrete to report. Again Sop, thanks sincerely for all your assistance, I have never enjoyed my computing experience as much since coming upon this group + having the opportunity to exchange ideas to learn from such a congenial. thoughtful host. Whatever, I choose, I will not lose touch with this group. Ken.
  2. Thanks Sop, Dencorso. Your approach is a bit much for my non-techie brain. Upon sober reflection because I have a pristine Norton Ghost image of my AP, RP 98SE configuration which works perfectly, I might just format my "C" drive, then install the XP Pro Corporate I have on its own, play with it for awhile see how it goes. With my 98SE, I am using a combo of Avast, Super AntiSpyware Free, Spyware Blaster, Sygate Personal Firewall, HiJack This, CCleaner, Diskeeper Lite, so my machine is pretty pristine. Even on GRC.com, the first 1056 ports are completely stealth, I get a perfect score, to a hacker my computer does not even exist on the internet, great feeling of security. Without Sop's guidance, software, I would not be with 98SE this long,MANY THANKS!!!. I am also experimenting with an iMac G3/400 (circa 2000) running the Panther OS (the XP equivalent), a great experience since there are no viruses (no registry in a Mac), no crashes, software installs/uninstalls are so easy, iTunes is fantastic, connects to my dsl automatically, as contemporary, in many ways, as a current PC. I am on the lookout for a G5 with a quicker processor, more ram, greater video capabilities etc, just might make the switch completely to a Mac, or keep both a PC + a Mac running just for a variety of experiences. just exploring all my options. Hate to leave 98SE but it is becoming more difficult to attempt some of the things I want. I tried KernelEX but really caused a lot of problems, would not work with any program. If I go the XP route, I see there is an AutoPatcher (325meg file) for it. Is that any connection with you Sop!!. Is it worth installing? Anyways, lots to think about, just don't want to get left without an anti-virus program. Thanks, Ken.
  3. Hi Sop, have not spoken to you in awhile. As you know, I have the current AP for 98SE + RP7.11 installed on my P3 600, 256megs, Radeon 7000, DSL internet computer. Everything is working superbly but I am now thinking of moving up to XP pro because Avast, the last free AntiVirus software to support 98SE will probably stop that support in early 2010 + other programs I want to access especially Paltalk no longer support 98SE. I have a legal WinXP Pro Corporate SP1 (with key + won't require activation). Can I install that over my existing 98SE configuration then continue the update process at Microsoft? Will I retain my exact current 98SE Autopatcher configuration, including the Vista GUI from RP 7.11 or will my computer look like XP albeit with all the AutoPatcher improvements. I have a current Norton Ghost image of my 98SE configuration which works perfectly, which I can revert to if problems arise. If this is not feasible, shall I just install XP Pro Corporate SP1 from scratch, then update from Microsoft or perhaps a dual boot with 98SE + XP Pro? Thanks, Ken.
  4. Thanks Sop. I just checked the Java 6 Update 4 listing in A/R, however to the right it says 292.07 mb, while Java 6 Update 7 is only taking up 138.72mb of space, so I am questioning whether it is taking up all this unnecessary space or is that number erroneous, that's why I am asking about uninstalling it, I think there is an uninstall process for it, I remember uninstalling all the versions of the previous JRE, after the installation of Java 6 from AP. I'll go with whatever you say. Thanks again, Ken.
  5. Also, now that Java 6 Update 7 is installed can I uninstall Java 6 Update 4? After I get the answer to this + my previous question on the line in Config.Sys, I am going to Norton Ghost my "C" drive again, the best protection I know. Thanks again, Ken.
  6. Hi Sop. SUCCESS!! After removing everything from "Autoexec.bat", "Config.sys", then rebooting the computer, the AP dos install window came up with the instructions. For some reason most of the installs in the update never took place. So I ran the program again, this time everything (the report was 17 items) seems to have installed (eg Java 6, update 7 which never installed the first time), the program rebooted my computer about 10 times in the second attempt, not even 5 in the first. I am now going to return everything to Autoexec.bat but what about the SHELL=COMMAND.COM line in Config.sys, shall I return it as well? Thanks, Ken.
  7. Hi Sop. Still no luck even with the ME replacement for Sysedit. Removing everything from "Autoexec.bat" but leaving the new "SHELL=COMMAND.COM/E:4096/ P" line in Config.Sys, still nothing happens, the AP dos window appears briefly then vanishes. Even removing the line from Config.Sys as well, the same thing happens. As you know, I am not much of a techie, is there some simple way I can fix this, get to install this great AP update. Just thought of something, I forgot to reboot after removing everything from Autoexec.bat, will give that a try first, will let you know. Thanks, Ken.
  8. Dave. The System Editor in Windows ME works perfectly as a replacement, much better GUI. I can now try the fix Sop gave me asap, so I can install the AP update. Here is the link where I got this info, I was not the only person having this problem with Sysedit "http://www.msfn.org/board/lofiversion/index.php/t49538.html". I suspect this is causing the problem I am also having with "Wordpad" but there are lots better replacements for that program. Ken.
  9. Dave, actually the fault for the "sysedit" error is "segment not present fault in module WINDO". Thanks, Ken.
  10. Thanks, Dave. I thought it was "sysedit". However, whenever I enter "sysedit" from the "run" box, I always get an error which results in me having to reboot Win98SE. This is also happening with "Wordpad", can't figure it out, a fairly recent problem. Is there another way to get into the "AutoExec.bat" window or is there a simple fix (I am not much of a techie) for these 2 errors (I think they are invalid page faults)? Thanks, Ken.
  11. Hi Sop. Having the same problem as I had installing the full AP/Dec 07, trying to install the new update. Your installer installs everything properly, including a program to compensate for an environmental space problem (after which I reboot my computer), but when I click on "Launch AP for Win98SE" the DOS window comes up for a brief moment, then vanishes, nothing happens. The previous time you told me to cut/copy everything in my "AutoExec.bat" to a notepad file, then the AP launcher worked, installing everything from a working DOS window, then restoring the contents of "AutoExec.bat". I was going to try that but forgot what to enter in the "Run" command window to get to that series of system configuration windows to accomplish this task. Is this the same approach I ought to follow this time. If so, please tell me what to type in the "Run" command so I can get to the "AutoExec.bat" configuration window. Thanks, Ken.
  12. Thanks thydreamwalker, was unable to locate that Radeon 7000 SE driver on the ATI site. I am not much of a techie, so I am reluctant to play with new drivers because my Radeon 7000 is working so well. My theory is "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!). Just want to get Sop's new AP update before I Norton Ghost my "C" drive again.
  13. Hi Sop. Thanks again for all your efforts. Ever since installing the previous version of Auto Patcher for Win98SE, my computer has never run better. It's only a P3 600, 256 megs, Radeon 7000 32 meg, ultra lite cable internet but I can run so much on it (eg: Open Office, the Gimp, webcam, usb keys) which I am sure is not possible without AP. Our previous exchange of emails has been very re-assuring to me, will enjoy the new AP extras when they come. Be well, Ken.
  14. Thanks Drugwash. The older original driver was much more problematic in configuring the functionality of the WebRacer. The generic windows driver with a conventional mouse works fine. The hardware, the WebRacer itself is functioning well, no loose wires, poor contacts, anything. I still think it is some sort of timing issue, I am continuing to try things on my own.
  15. Thanks Drugwash. I have gone through the uninstall re-install process for WebRacer, I also have the newest driver. The unit came with a previous original driver which was problematic. The current driver is bug free.
  16. Thanks thydreamwalker. The Web Racer is a PS/2 unit, so no USB. I really like the Vista GUI I am able to accomplish with RP7.11, works excellent. The other two alternatives you suggest I know nothing about so as a non-techie I am not willing to play with them. I think the problem I am having is a bootup timing issue so looking for a fix that will load the driver for the WebRacer before the bootup is complete.
  17. I have AutoPatcher for Win98SE + RP7.11 on my computer (my computer has never run or looks better). I am using a Kensington Web Racer (which is primarily for 98SE) as my mouse. Since installing the above programs, the driver for the Web Racer (EXSHOW95.EXE) will not load when I boot up my computer on an intermittent basis (every fourth bootup or so),or sometimes won't even load a couple of times in a row. Is there something in either AP or RP that it causing this problem? How can I fix this? I am not a techie so please make your reply very easy to follow. Thanks.
  18. Sop. You ought to be happy with my the new "techie" abilities you have been teaching me. By checking the info page in AP, I saw that Tihy's Tools9X hotfix controls all the items in the above message, so I re-install it, got the Shut Down functionality back again, as well as, the systray monitor icon which is OK (thought it was using too many resources, which I see it is not) if there is no easy way to uninstall it. I guess that I am actually learning this stuff. All the best, Ken.
  19. Sop, I uninstalled the Unofficial Replacement Tools from A/R, the "monitor" icon is no longer there but I also no longer have the 7 choice "Shut Down" option anymore. Even when I click on the "Start" button, then click on "Shut Down", nothing happens, just a quick flash. I have to use "Ctl-Alt-Delete" to get the window where I can click on the "Shut Down" box that works. Has the Unofficial Replacement Tools uninstall, gone too far. How Can I get this 7 choice dialogue back. Thanks, Ken.
  20. Hi Sop. Just another quickie. I notice that I am getting a lot more Explorer errors recently, usually the white window which gives the choice of "ignore" or "quit", is this just me or can I fix something so this won't happen as much. Thanks, Ken. Also, have finally chosen the "Vista" theme with the "Vista Blue" wallpaper, so visually interesting, can't wait to turn my machine on now.
  21. Just a quick question. How can I remove the two flashing monitor icon from the systray next to the clock. Please make your reply easy to follow. Thanks.
  22. Hi Soporific. I just put this question on your "good Soporific" website as well. You were of great help with my installation of AP August 2007 Full + the September 2007 update, as well as RP7.11. As you may recall, I am the non computer generation, non techie guy to whom you gave much valuable counsel. When you release AP December 2007 Final, can I just install it over my “above” current installations? Will it have any problematic effect on RP7.11? Or, since everything is functioning exceptionally well, shall I just be content with what I currently have, forgetting about AP December 2007 Final + future updates? Thanks, all the best, Ken.
  23. Sop. This time, while waiting for your reply, I got AutoPatcher October 2007 full. So this occasion ONLY, shall I install AP Oct/07 over what I have on my computer, then wait for + install the October 2007 update, Then from that point on, as you suggest, only install the updates over what I have on my computer. Thanks, Ken.
  24. Sop. As you know I have the AutoPatcher August 2007 full + the September 2007 upgrade. Is it necessary to now install the October 2007 full AutoPatcher over the August 2007 full or shall I just wait for the October 2007 update, then install it over the September 2007 update? Must I always install both? Thanks, Ken.

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