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  1. is there any way in a winpe disk to allow it to find the product key from a dead install at all? MUST be able to distribute this tho! got a user with a vista install on a laptop that their COA is worn (OEM) and it will not boot correctly but will get in to repair your computer section. need to get this product key to save the customer from buying a new COA.
  2. how can i boot off my usb pen drive in to winpe2 but make sure the pen drive does not take the drive letter C if there is a clean hard drive in the system so when my pen drive boots it automatically goes to C but i wish it to go to a different drive letter. so that my disk part script can do it's job.
  3. Is there any application that will copy a recovery cd (winpe2 with recovery WIM) to a USB stick and set the partion on the USB stick as active? trying to make a newbie friendly way of makeing a recovery pen drive. so any newbie can stick a CD in to their PC and run a program that will find their usb pen drive wipe it and parition it as NTFS and then copy a recovery cd to it and then set the new partition on the pen drive as active so it will allow them to recover their netbooks
  4. which program or which script is the easyest way to back up a xp pc with a number of accounts and outlook? i hate having to copy and paste all the time i need a simple solution where i can click and it will take all their documents and favs and emails and back them all up on to another drive or parition? something pref that wont copy their internet history or temp files
  5. Im trying to make a diskpart script and I want it to create the recovery parition first then create the main parition So on blank drive it creates a 5GB partition first and then formats it and then labels it and assigns a letter then it creates the main parition with what ever space is left over. Select disk 0 Create Partition PRI Size=5000 Select partition 1 Format FS=NTFS Label="winre" QUICK Assign letter=R Create Partition PRI select partition 2 Format FS=NTFS Label="Vista" QUICK Assign LETTER=C active
  6. does or has any one made a n00b friendly gui to make a winpe2.0 disk to usb? so say user has a netbook no CD drive but the system comes with a recovery CD and user doesnt have an external usb drive. IE a way to copy their winpe2 recovery cd to usb pen drive? so if they had acess to a pc they could copy their whole recovery cd to pendrive and it would mark it as active and they could just boot off the recovery pen drive.
  7. got a router so no need no pnp open either ill check out wireshark
  8. how can i keep an eye on what programs are trying to go on the internet as when im using my laptop it hammers the wireless for no real reason and prevents me from having a decent ping on steam but i've checked whats on the laptop start up and its all legit programs!?
  9. they use login scripts but i dont wish to run this script via it. its to be used manual by a technician when they are the users pc
  10. i've made a script to do defrag and clean temp files i just now need to know how to set windows update to run @ 12pm noon
  11. to do a few tasks i need to do on a good number of machines i want to set about 20 machines to do. windows update disk check defreg clean up temp files and internet files like any way for them to do one afther each other with out needing a user to be present to press any buttons?
  12. i've used bashrats driver pack but i get a blue screen any one else able to help me intergrate this in to my xp install. im using a laptop medion 96630 and would love xp on it. i've never had to deal with txtmode before! http://www.go4rob.com/drivers/ - i uploaded the drivers that are on my restore partition if any one can help
  13. is there any way i can download the whole drivers for a dell laptop so i can put the drivers in to my auto install so i dont have to run them. i've downloaded all the original for a sony viao and that worked wonders but with dell its difficult! any one know of a way to get the drivers and add it to the auto install
  14. got a hard drive here i need to gain access to the mydocuments but can not cause the user was passworded. im trying to recover the files and move them on to a new partition on the same hard drive is there any way to gain access or take control of this file in windows xp i tryed to use slimftpd as that in the past has let me access any file i wanted on the hard drive when passworded and set to private. sorted unticked the use simple file sharing in the view on folders and then took permissions of the file

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