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  1. You know that the walkthrough that is described in the WAIK is short and logical and it works great. The problems that arise most of the time when trying to boot from USB are hardware related. If you are able to boot in other cicumstances from your USB (assuming that it will see it as a HD too) then it should work with winpe 2.0 I have tried mainly with intel boards cuz they support usb boot and the steps are quiet fast. Assuming that you have already your source of winpe from the c:\winpe_x86\iso the rest is make sure you format it under a vista or winpe enviroment otherwise i dont think it will work since they use different ways from previous versions. after using the same script that is in the WAIK for diskpart simply format it as fat32 and go back to your source computer, run the comand for copying your c:\winpe_x86\iso folder which you might want to include also tools like imagex.exe etc. No matter how many HD's you have connected if your system has a usb boot feature and u can select the priority it will work just fine.
  2. Well mostly trial and error and reading here and there. Also Microsoft offers webinars on deploying vista so you can't get lost.
  3. I have been deploying Vista through my server for a while now and it works great. The tools that Microsoft provided with their OPK cd are enough and no extra nlites or vlites are necessary to configure proper setups this time. Since applying parameters to the autouannatend.xml it's made easy using the imaging system. And the catalog files used for that purpose handle over 7000+ controls applied to the setup and configuration which only 10 - 20 are really used for basic. I don’t have time to write a guide but I would be happy to provide answers to specific questions on deploying Vista through WDS.
  4. Very interesting thread and solutions are logical. I have been searching for this issue long time ago as soon as winpe 2.0 appeared and no results. Though i tried my work this way: 1: Start winpe 2.0 2: run the regedit to apply the fix boot 3: diskpart normally with the script 3 1/2 : bootsect /nt52 c: (Forgot it almost) 4: runn winnt32 either unattened or attened 5: restart windows installation proceeds by restarting it (manually after first install) and enters the blue screen like the cd setup, copies the files, and restarts automatically, after this install i got a problem I get a fast message before it keeps rebooting automatically and it says A write operation was..... I cant get the rest it restarts too fast (this is the only case i wish the machine was slower) Anyone can give me a hint how to fix this part, what am I doing wrong.....thanks
  5. I am glad to be here, lot's of information around and hope to give information too. Thanks.

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