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  1. ASUS Board users - is this normal?

    well i just got a asus P5N32-E sli board with a (i know) a celeron d 331 and 2 sticks of kinston ram and it does sorta the same thing hit the power button powers up second later beeps starts post and ram test finishes and beeps loads windows then it will just shut down for no reason ocasionaly just like someone hit the power button wont restart itself from windows shuts down ok and wont start back up on its own but will shut down fine the thing runs hotter than hell on a phone book it ran in the low 60's in a case with 3 fans it ran in the mid 90's (least thats what the program i use in windows tels me) from the bios's moniter it says low 30's
  2. Split MCE2005 DVD into 2 CDs?

    i got my copy of media center to fit onto one cd with out useing nlite there is no added programs or drivers tho i just took out what was in the advanced part of the unattended guide link below http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/ under sliming down cd/dvd iso turned out to be aroind 600megs just what i needed i didnt push any further
  3. Can I install one slipstream onto 2 computers

    dont quote me im still not to sure but i think the dell key will be tricky i knw that you cant install a copy of windows made by dell on anything but a dell so i dont know how the key would be
  4. i have been thinking about getting vista since i heard that they (microsoft) really didnt scavenge much from failed builds. it intriged me but then i heard that they made dx10 only for vista i was shocked. what are we going to do for hardware. is it better to build a brand new pc to run vista or upgrade the old beast depending on how its put together? sorry if someone already posted this but i couldnt find anything
  5. eBay Scam - Someone is trying to trick me in the UK!

    nice very nice but, this is the exact reason i hate to buy from ebay can never really see the cash pass threw the hands oh and id go with the dark irc send all the info you can grab on him and just dump it there
  6. site down?

    yeah i went to the nlite home page and did find that the site was down with a 403 but i do beleve that there is a copy of one of the builds on softpedia if you were looking for a copy of the installer
  7. [How To] Multi-boot DVD Guide

    this site is great but i still need some help. it seems that www.cdshell.org is offline and was wondering if someone could point me in the direction to where i could find cd shell, boot scripter or something else that will work to make a multi boot cd/dvd menu for windows xp based operating systems to anyone that was reading my post i did a little more searching and found the files that i needed to finish up what i was doing and thanks to all who put all this info out on the web