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  1. Hope these get you where you want to go! JSI FAQ - How do I change the background bitmap on the logon screen JSI FAQ - Windows 2000 Wallpaper Policy
  2. I'm in the process of creating an image of XP SP1 for our company. It is a single image that incorporates 2 desktops (Dell GX240 & GX260) and 3 laptop (Dell D800, Toshoba 6000 Series) models. The image was built on the master PC, a GX240. Image worked great on the desktops and under VMWare 4.5. Initially had an issue after creating the image and deploying to laptops where the system would BSOD. Fixed that by changing the HAL on the master imaging PC from Uniprocessor to ACPI. Now the image works great on all physical machines, but only gets to a blinking cursor on the POST when used under VMWare. I understand VMWare has had issues with the ACPI HAL, but thought 4.x fixed those. I cannot go back to the uniprocessor HAL, but would like this image to work under VMWAre as well for our developers. Any ideas?
  3. Gosh, you continue to be my mentor! Those keys for themes are what is hanging me up... for some reason, perhaps as you explained sysprep is doing something, they are being reset to luna theme and no wallpaper. Under a strict unattend, this doesn't seem to happen, so it must be sysprep. At least now I know what to resolve! Thanks once again!
  4. Thanx Nois, but this is a very common and documented way of setting up a default user profile for imaging. Been using it for years now. This isjust the first time I was asked to create a default theme. You can also use the NTUSER.dat way of doing it too as Gosh suggested.
  5. A similar topic has been discussed in the Unattend Section of the forums, but this is a slightly different take. I have a Windows XP build imaged and ready to roll out to our clients. One of the items we wanted to setup was the ability to standardize on a corporate theme, based on the ForeverBlue style. It works fine for all users when an Unattended install is performed, but we have chosen to image that install using PQI and WinPE ('cuz it's frellin' fast!). So, we set up the ForverBlue theme under a secondary account on the local master machine, copied that profile to Default Users, blah, blah, blah, and syprepped and imaged. But now when the image is downloaded and the first user w/o a local profile logs on (thus using the Default Profile), they get the default XP theme w/o wallpaper. If you go to Display proerties, the modified ForeverBlue theme is selected, but it doesn't get applied unless we hit the Apply button. We want this to be automatically applied to any new user who logs in from the domain. We are not using any modified uxtheme.dll (we just want to use the icons and wallpaper from ForeverBlue), nor were any reg hacks applied or GPO's in place to turn themes off. It just doesn't seem to get applied to the user w/o going to Display properties and clicking the Apply button. And remember, in Unattend fashion of an install, the theme works properly for all users. Just not when it is imaged. Any ideas please?
  6. Sorry to butt in but you can down load them directly off Goshs site. If not pm me with your details & i'll send them to you. Fastest response from the forum yet! No problem "butting in"! I had a hard time finding them on Gosh's site, but finally found them due to your confirmation that they should be there (somewhere!). And even better, Gosh kindly put WNPE.DAT in the zip too. I love this site and it's members! Thanks!
  7. Gosh, where can I find BOOT.DAT or VOL1.DAT?
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