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  1. I tried new Reshacker runs under x64 native, but it seem like this old folder icon is in some place too. I replaced both in sys32 and syswow64 folders but the old icon remains there. I open those files in reshacker again and it has the icons changed, i don-t know what-s wrong, any help?
  2. It works!! I have to test in x64 at home. Now another question, can i save the modified .dll file (occache.dll) for replacing file directly in case of reinstall OS (same OS version of course), maybe i've to do it in safe mode? This way i haven't to install Restorator and do the process again.
  3. Yes, but i want to change that old icons to new of default xp like icons
  4. Sorry but where i've to run the install, i create a new file called OffWebPage.inf, paste that content, run install from it but nothing happen. What I'm doing wrong?
  5. This is the "Bad" icon, so isn't a common folder, that any program can replace his icon, it contains activex archives for internet explorer. Any help?.
  6. No no, you misunderstood me. I meant, change the title of this thread, making it more specific. Yes, i do No One??
  7. No no, you misunderstood me. I meant, change the title of this thread, making it more specific. Yes, i do
  8. Hi, i tried XPize time ago, but i didn't use no more cause no x64 support. That's because i want to change this folder icon "manually". Thanks for your reply
  9. Hi, i don't know if this is the correct place to ask, but maybe can help me. I want to change de default (OLD) "Downloaded Program Files" icon folder inside windows folder. It's an w2k era icon and want to have a new xp like icon. Is it possible?. Thanks in advance
  10. I'll try in my home computer, thanks a lot for your time
  11. Sorry but just paste that in a txt and rename to .reg file and merge?. That's all? Sorry for noob question.
  12. Any idea how to fix the Tahoma missing fonts in win, like Xpize do, but without installing it. (Because x64 os).
  13. Do you know if there is plans to developer Reshacker to 64 bits. Otherwise there will not be Xpize 64 bits?
  14. I search the forum for x64 support and found some topics but don't know what's the actual state of supporting x64 platform. Maybe in future?. Pleaseeee

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