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  1. I think this is IT!!!! I have been doing tests on a VMWare machine which has been failing previously. After applying this reg fix it finally was successful. What I have done is used WinPE 2.0 to deploy a Windows XP Sysprep'd WIM image. Previously it was bluescreening after the mini setup when it tried to boot into the OS for the first time. After applying this fix I used diskpart to partition and format the hard drive and it now works. I will have to test on some other hardware I have been having the same issues with but once it works in my vmware image I'm sure the others will work. Is this method "supported" by microsoft. Are there any KB articles on the web anywhere that reference this? The reason I am asking is this is something that I have to be sure of when presenting it to our client. I need to make sure its a supported solution and not some kind of hacked work around. Much thanks for the info and solution!!!
  2. I found a article somewhere with a trick however I lost it. In the newer versions of vmware (not sure how new) but if you open up the vmx file for your virtual machine and add the line ethernet0.VirtualDev = "e1000" It will setup the network card as a e1000 network card which works fine with WinPE 2.0. Thats what I have been using. Makes life so much easier. Hope that helps.
  3. I'm having a similar problem. I'm using WinPE 2.0 and ImageX for imaging to deploy a windows XP image. I'm preparing the drive the same way you did. Even with the bootsect command (with and without the /force) and after I restore the image (in vmware) it boots up, finishes the mini setup and blue screens the first time it tries to boot into windows with "unmountable boot volume". Under WinPE 1.6 this works. But other things I need don't work, thats why I want to go with 2.0. It seems like the diskpart command creats some kind of unsupported partition with windows xp. I've tried this on a Dell GX150 and vmware and they both fail. However it did work on a Dell D420. So something is not compatible. At this point I may have to go back to WinPE 1.6 and use ImageX but I really want to figure this out. Anybody have any free tools for creating partitions that work under WinPE 2.0?

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