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  1. Quaddamage

    recovery console on boot

    disregard my last post. I found it. Thanks
  2. Quaddamage

    recovery console on boot

    Ok.. a little late.. but here is my response. You comment that you have added the recovery console to your multiboot cd. I would be curious to learn how you made that work. Thanks.
  3. @Gosh Hi there I feel like I know you already from reading your posts all over everywhere. Sounds like you got a real good handle on xp architecture. I have followed your guide here without having any problems and now have a "slimmed down", multiboot cd, that includes an Unattend XP and a Regular retail XP all with hotfixes and tweaks. My question.... Your second guide/post in this thread you comment that we will be able to access the recovery console and repair the xp install from the cd. But I want to install the recovery console and be able to access it without the cd. I have added winnt32.exe, and winnt32u.dll into the i386 folder (and Im willing to spend an time discovering which files individually need to be re-added to the i386) however after copying those two over Im now getting an error when trying to install the RC (winnt32.exe /cmdcons) that says somthing to the effect of "installation path invalid". Any suggestions? I tried to just copy over the RC hidden folder, the cmdldr file, and modified the boot.ini to the computer but when I tried to boot to it, it error'd out on me. (I'm assuming the install of RC must write to the bootsector) Do you have any suggestions at all for how I can use your slim down method, and copy over the few needed files and modify what I need to still have the functionality of installing the recovery console? Thanks in advance Gosh. I've been enjoying your Xp insights!
  4. ??What is this supposed to mean?? It kinda sounds like you are insinuating that you have some "inside" information that non-legit copies of xp are gonna crash hard drives?
  5. Quaddamage

    Registry Tweaks, Part-1

    I also, have been spending hours and hours looking through the site. This is the best source of unattend/xp tweaks I have ever seen. Very impressed. Because I'm so impressed with the wealth of knowledge in here I decided I'd throw up a VERY annoying problem I've been having for years. I have a gateway computer with gateway keyboard. I am using default xp drivers for the keyboard (even though I have the same problem when using gateway's drivers) When the . or the 0 on the numlock keypad are depressed xp will load OE or Outlook 2003 (depending on what I have installed at the moment). This happens on XP, and 2000, and 2003. Is anyone aware of an OE reg key that will disable any possible use of keyboard hotkeys to launch the program? Since this has been tested with mulitple OS's I'm confident it's the keyboard but Im hoping it is resolvable through the registry. Any suggestions? (besides buy a new keyboard) Thanks