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  1. End User Licensing Agreement

    MY BAD! the problem is not caused by nlite.
  2. End User Licensing Agreement

    Same problem here. any suggestion?
  3. Bug in 0.9beta?

    I found the reason, if you remove Task Scheduler , you will have problem with your IME.
  4. Bug in 0.9beta?

    When I used the IME, after typed "da" and some Chinese displayed in a prompt window, I hit the space key, the first Chinese char should be entered into a text editor. this worked fine in 0.8 and the version before. But in a 0.9 vlited Vista Business, when I hit space key, the IME window is closed. the behavior like I hit the ctrl+space. I tried to install same IME software in original vista business, 0.8 and 0.9 vlited vista business. only 0.9 had the problem. I dont know if you can test the IME software in Chinese. :-) you can download the IME here. http://www.freewb.org/freeime/setup6.exe Thanks a bunch.
  5. Bug in 0.9beta?

    Hi nuhi, Did you change something that relates to IME(Input Method Editor) or language in 0.9? The IME software I am using worked fine in 0.8beta, but acted weird in 0.9beta. Thanks, QFox
  6. Error in 0.8 Beta

    possible reason: I unzipped the file to "E:\vLite-0.8.beta", this one has above problem I install another vlite on c: and it works.
  7. Error in 0.8 Beta

    --------------------------- Error --------------------------- Error while accessing image. - The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- When vilte English Vista Ent under following options and try to apply and rebuild ; vLite preset file [information] Version = 0.8 beta on 2.0.50727.312 Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6000.0 Target = Windows Vista ENTERPRISE 32bit [Components] ;# Drivers # Display adapters Ethernet network adapters Modems Printers Scanners Sound controllers ;# Games # Inbox Games Premium Inbox Games ;# Hardware Support # Smartcards ;# Languages # Japanese Korean ;# Multimedia # Movie and DVD Maker Screensavers SideShow Speech Support Tablet PC Wallpapers Windows Media Samples Windows Photo Gallery Windows Sidebar and Gadgets ;# Network # Windows Collaboration ;# Services # Error Reporting Microsoft DFS Replication Volume Shadow Copy Windows Remote Management Windows Search ;# System # Accessibility BitLocker Drive Encryption Microsoft Agent Natural Language ReadyBoost Security Center System Restore Welcome Center Windows Backup Windows Defender Windows Easy Transfer Windows SAT Zip Folder [Options] [Protection] [services]
  8. Avi does not work with vLite 0.6

    this bug happens when you take the dvd maker out. another bug is is you remove windows mail, you can not save webpage in mht format. Thanks.
  9. vLite 0.5 alpha - Vista Lite

    Thanks for the great job. Vista 32bit Ent, after removing movie and DVD maker, Tablet PC option, wallpager and media sample and installation, I got error on The "turn windows feature on and off" function