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  1. Do XP Post SP2 hotfixes work for 2K3 Server? If not, is there a similar package (similar to RVM INtegrator i mean) for 2K3 SPs and updates? I'm trying to use the Integrator purely to make an iso image file of 2k3 that i slipstreamed with SP2 and currently have on a folder on my disk but it keeps making a very small quick iso file that obviously isnt a valid iso image file (log excerpt below). Do i "need" to integrate a package in order for it to work? Thanks 16:49:05 - 16:49:05 - Creating ISO 16:49:05 - Command Line = C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /c C:\DOCUME~1\IT-PI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\~RvmInt\mkisofs.exe -joliet-long -iso-level 2 -N -d -relaxed-filenames -duplicates-once -D -boot-load-seg 0x7C0 -boot-load-size 4 -o "D:\2K3SP2\2k3sp2.iso" -b rvmintegrator.img -hide rvmintegrator.img -hide boot.catalog -J -hide-joliet xpboot.img -hide-joliet boot.catalog -no-emul-boot -volid "2k3sp2" -sysid "Win32" "D:\2K3SP2" 16:49:05 - Using Internal mkisofs 2.01-bootcd.ru (i686-pc-mingw32) 16:49:05 - Warning: creating filesystem with (nonstandard) Joliet extensions 16:49:05 - but without (standard) Rock Ridge extensions. 16:49:05 - It is highly recommended to add Rock Ridge 16:49:05 - Size of boot image is 4 sectors -> No emulation 16:49:05 - Total translation table size: 2048 16:49:05 - Total rockridge attributes bytes: 0 16:49:05 - Total directory bytes: 68 16:49:05 - Path table size(bytes): 10 16:49:05 - 183 extents written (0 MB) 16:49:05 - ISO Complete
  2. you can just add a new file type for this. open up any explorer window and go to tools>folder options>file types and select a new file type and extension etc and point it at your flac.exe in your flac directory (by using the advanced tab) you can then add extra command lines that flac will understand (still using inverted commas if there's spaces in there) and you can also click what action - ie right click or double click or shift-click etc- activates this command
  3. You need special hardware for this Your laptop will only provide output so you can display its contents on other devices. Youcan't, for example, use your laptop display like you would a monitor - eg plug the monitor into any RGB socket and it will show up As far as i know there is no interface to allow PAL or NTSC incoming to your laptop screen. If there is, though, i would imagine it would involve specific hardware installed (probably USB since its a laptop) and some kind of software to intercept the signals and display them (since the OS would be in control of the screen)
  4. It formats your drive? This is wrong for starters. Lets be clear here.You say that you install XP then install SP1 and its ok. But are you installing XP first?, then installing SP2 over it? Or are you using an XP CD with SP2 already on it? I'll assume you're using an XPCD with SP2 and doing a default install from the start Are you sure it hangs and is not just working hard in the background? Are there any drivers you can install at setup (press F6) for the disk drive? Do you have more than 1 graphics card? If you have onboard graphics and also, say, and AGP card, which one is the monitor plugged into? I had a situation where i had both onboard and AGP and had my AGP plugged into the monitor. It started off using the AGP and i could see the beginning of the install but during driver loading it defaulted back to the onboard and the screen just showed the windows logo. It actually had installed all the way up to the language prompts but i didn't know it til i switched the cables over Don't know if any of this helps....
  5. Sounds like you maybe don't have the correct software installed for example, if i try to open a word file and don't have office installed, it will ask me what program to use to open the file Or if it's a PDF file and i dont have Adobe reader installed, it will ask what program to use Can you tell us what files you are trying to open?
  6. Go here: http://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp and download the offline installation method (second one down) Try this and let us know
  7. Isn't that like a paroxysm or something? Oxymoron maybe? Using RAM to act as the pagefile? If i had 2GB RAM and used 1 of them as a RAM drive, then i'd only have 1GB physical RAM left so if i used that up i'd start having to use the pagefile.... on the other Gig of RAM.... So what would be quicker in this scenario? A RAM access or a pagefile read/write to RAM I'm guessing a RAM access since instead of being used for pure RAM it would get re-routed or at least recalcualted before being written as a page read/write..... I may, however, just be waffling EITHER way though, i'd love to play with this so can you tell me how to do it? Thanks
  8. Bad news all, Just done some checking and it appears that BAK is actually better known as Nerd-boy and is part of the notorious "Frankie Knuckles Gang" led by Dangerous Dave "D-Block" Derringer (the replacement for the late Frankie who died recently during his 25 years of bird for armed robbery) It seems (reading from the Herald Tribune) that a score went down at the local branch of the Nationwide and 25 XP pcs went missing. The robbers made a clean getaway in a large blu Transit van. A spokesmane for the bank said last week " These men are very dangerous but fortunately the customer's data is well protected as these PCs all have Windows XP on them and the robbers will not be able to log on since the usernames and passwords are not known to them". The spokesman added "We trust fully in the security provided by the Microsoft OS and would hate to think what could happen to the customer's money if they were given help to access these systems in any way. If this was the case then we would obviously actively pursue anyone who helped and view them as accessories after the fact" Hope no-one here helped these guys out?
  9. Yes i tried adding the routes s per MS SOP. I feel that is not the problem though...my routing knowledge is a bit iffy but here's what i have and what i need..... I have 10.x.x.x LAN IP from Corp DHCP server. This is set as Metric 20. All DNS lookups go through here when LAN and WLAN are enabled (since its the default gateway) 192.168.2.x WLAN IP from wireless route in office direct to internet. this is set to Metric 25 (while both are connected) While both LAN and WLAN are enabled, i use an automatic configuration script to get Internet access via proxies and content filters etc (eg cannot get to forums or warez or inappropriate material) If i want the juicy stuff, i disable my LAN and untick the automatic coinfiguration script checkbox (Tools internet options in IE) Hey presto i'm on unmonitored internet. this means though, that i'm not getting exchange mail and am not logegd into Messenger so the rest of the troops see i'm not there and since they cant IM me in an emergency they start to ask why I need: Basically it would be ideal if All traffic to 10.x.x.x addresse went via my 10.x.x.x LAN card and ALL DNS lookups, port 80 traffic and Internet explorer went via my broadband router (basically everything except MS Outlook and MSN messenger) whilst both connected Is there anything out there that can do this?
  10. could be a couple of things..... jumper settings on the HDD? Possibly RAID settings in BIOS? Have you tried vanilla XP without SP2? I had a perfectly good new HDD in my PC not long ago and it (eventually) worked a treat then i put SP2 on and it stopped working. If i used SP2 slipstreamed it didn't work either. Took me ages to get it working but this sounds slightly different Can i ask what kind of motherboard is it? What HDD is it? And if you are getting into windows OK, what are you plugging into IDE 2? CD/DVD drive? another HDD? I'm thinking F6 during setup and having the correct motherboard RAID drivers (mine eventually started working when i slipstreamed RAID drivers into my install CD SP2 included) Also, if you use the secondary IDE port for your XP HDD, does the primary IDE then show the same error in windows?
  11. Thanks Slimy, I used your link and downloaded the file I couldn't use another PC coz this laptop is both my work laptop and my home PC at the moment The only other PC in da house just now is the broken one which wont allow me to access the internet (thats yet another long story!!) Anyway - thanks again
  12. THanks Kels - i have a slight problem though that i've been having for quite a while now.... on my laptop (that i'm using just now) i have this weird thing when i click on links to download files. My IE just goes blank except for a small white rectangle with a red square green circle and blue triangle in it (the default no image icon i think) THe full path appears in the address bar but it doesnt download. This particular link for NIS opens up a new window which is blank with the icon and doesnt download. If i right click and do save as it says no such interface supported (java i think) consequently i cant download this file at the moment
  13. Hi, I'm trying to fix my sister in law's PC but NIS2005 is set to child level and we don't know the supervisor password to allow config of the firewall rules etc which are blocking msn mail and a few other things Can't uninstall it or do anything at all unless we get or bypass the supervisor pasword Before you ask...... NIS2005 had a blank supervisor password until her daughter played about with it and now there are2 accounts and she cant remember what she set the admin password to pesky kids.....
  14. it depends whether its XP home or XP Pro If you forgot your own username and password login as administrator and use the control panels to find the user and change the password If you built the system yourself then i'm guessing you left the administrator account password blank (default) If, on the other hand (and this sounds a lot more likely) you're just trying to break into a windows PC which is annoying you because you dont have admin rights, or a recently "acquired" PC you'd like to log onto, then you should either contact the system owner or system administartor and ask them for increased privs otherwise why not just rebuild it? only takes a couple of hours ;-) And might i suggest maybe for someone with your propensity for forgetfullness that you should write down the username and password you create this time?
  15. Help!! I have an XP home installation (sister in law's sister's PC - long story) and i can't log on using the administrator account since its not showing up in the user control panel. I cant use the mmc snap in coz its XP home and i cant create an administrator account coz its already there - but i can't see it or change it or enable it or anything If i try to log on as administrator it says "can't log you on because of an account restriction - so obviously i try to use secpol.msc to see what restrictions are in place - but secpol.msc isnt there either WTF!!!??!?! How do i unhide the administrator account or re-enable it? And all this has come about becasue she installed Norton Internet security 2005 and then forgot the supervisor password so i cant uninstall that without the password and its set to super protective mode (child mode) so she cant use MSN etc - we're in a right pickle!!!! Any way of : 1) Getting round NIS Supervisor password or hacking or cracking it 2)enabling the administrator account 3) using tools i would normally use in XP Pro - but havent got in XP Home? Thanks
  16. NT/2K/XP/2003 all need 3 things to boot (ie you can take a blank disk and add these 3 files to it and it will try to boot) NTLDR NTDETECT.COM BOOT.INI BOOT.INI has the information about where the OS is and must point to the correct disk and partition where th OS files are (usually and by default it's multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect) The bit in quotes is the text you see at startup and can be anything you like really The multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1) bit basically equates to C:\ then it looks for the foilder called WINDOWS (normally anyway) but for example if you have 3 IDE disks and each has 3 partitions and you install windows on the 2nd partition of the 3rd disk and during install you called the folder WINNTthen thats what ntldr looks for and this line would read multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(3)partition(2)\WINNT NB if it was SCSI disks you had then it would be multi(0)disk(3)rdisk(0)partition(2) You follow?
  17. you are all very correct i have tried the virtual pc approach. it worked tremendously - except that eventully the virtual pc hard drive seems to expand beyond all reason for no reason at all.... eg: i have 6 GB free on C and 7 GB free on D so i create a virtual hard drive as per defaults. This crets a 2GB drive. i then download a 1.3 GB file via the virtual PC and the drive expand accordingly to 4 GB. If i delete this file, then try to download another 1.3 GB file my virtual HD disk ignores this and tries to expand to 6 GB and then the download fails as i run out of disk space It seems the expansion or the file structure in a VPC is wrong - i'll go into more detail in another thread i think as this has been a bugbear of mine since VPCs became available Anyhoo... my laptop spec is good and i want to do it - but its a minor annoyance rather than an imperative problem As for static routes?? OK - LAN is 10.231.x.x Wireless is 192.168.x.x and i tried saying ROUTE ADD -P <IPADDRESS OF WWW.DI.FM> mask (ie al routes to www.di.fm go to 192 interface) but it doesnt work i tried adding RRAS but it is a glorified way of routing and it didnt work but i am aware that i may be doing it wrong since i am not GOD - just a disciple...... GOD - if you're listening..... please take Mr Gates intoyour care and give us potato salad on trees Amen
  18. Hi, I'm an admin for a large british company and we won't be migrating to Vista because its just not worth the cost. XP is where we are and looking forward we can see absolutely no reason to move to and pay for Vista. what advantages would it bring? We played with the Beta version and within minutes of booting up for the first time saw a black hole opening up into which we would have to chovel millions of pounds for training. The interface is a long way from what 2K and XP users are used to. Big changes in how everything is accessed (like control panels etc - just try getting your desktop icons for my computer and internet explorer at first login - nightmare for the Joe Public user) From a personal point of view, i am of the opinion this is yet another attempt by M$ to get people to by new more powerful computers they don't really need. DirectX 10 will only be available in Vista so looking forward, if Microsoft bring their considerable pressure to bear on games companies and the like, they are going to force people who want to buys, say, a £40 game into buying a new PC to play it on since the chances are they will have to buy Vista for Direct X 10 and their original PCs resources will be so heavily used it would be more worthwhile to buy a new one This is MicroBloat - the unnecessary taking advantage of the average user who doesnt know any better and just wants to play a game or make edit a home movie - before you know it they have a new PC WAY overspecced for what they need it for. Another personal view? Vista is Microsoft getting as close as they can to MAC OS. I reckon the next OS will either be exactly the same as MAC, or MS will just buy MAC outright and be done with it and OS XI will actually be Windows OSXI (Oh sexy?) Maybe not though..... either way XP will be very long in the tooth before i change up to Vista and unless i'm just playing with it, i will probably just wait til the next one after Vista comes out and in between times save up for the PC that will be needed to run that OS (i'm thinking Cray XTM just now)
  19. My dilemna is this..... (and please don't tell my boss) At work i have a laptop connected to the corporate LAN. In this same office i also have a wireless broadband router and my laptop has wifi. So when the LAN is on i'm working and if theres no work i switch off the LAN and can use the internet (this of course bypasses the proxies and content filters like Netsurf etc ) What i would like to have though, is for Outlook and messenger to use the corp LAN and my internet explorer to use the wifi so i can listen to streamed music over the broadband and still get my exchange mail and appear online to my exchange contact list in messenger This requires having a default gateway for each interface which you can't have (probably for this very reason) I know i can change the metric to choose which gateway gets preference but this applies to the whole PC and cannot be specified fro an app. I've tried static routes but not sure if i did it right Any ideas?
  20. Nah its a home network behind a (hopefully uncompromised) D-Link wireless router (i'll be resetting and re firmwaring that tonight) Only 3 possibilities i can think of- 1) my installation files were compromised somehow. i used a vanilla XPCD, SP2 direct from MS site, Ryan VM files from his site, driverpacks from driverpack's site and nLite to finish off and burn DVD etc. During all of the making of the CD i had to use XP vanilla coz iot kept crashing so i guess my OS volume was very vulnerable and possibly it infected teh files on my G drive ( i had 5 partitions - 4 expendable and the fifth for storing all my project files and xpcd on (tis was regularly scanned without incident - even after the infection was found) 2)This virus (possibly more than one) got throught XPCD SP2 with all the latest patches and running windows defender and AVG 7.5 + firewall + secure hosts + regfix for HKLM restricted sites 3) IE7 or WMP 11 has a hole in it which was exploited sometime over saturday night All things being equal i'm guessing option 1 followed by option 3 and at the very outside option 2 Oh well i'll reburn and experiment i guess (gawd i hope its not options 1 2 or 3 ) i'll let you know how i get on
  21. So i built my UnAttended installation after much ,trouble strife and help from here, Ryan VM, driverpacks etc and after a few technical glitches it worked like a dream (technically it still does) I am now adding my apps etc before going for what i will call "The Full Bhoona" CD creation before throwing myself wholeheartedly at the current pain in the A*&e that is the missing ability to perform all the partition work as part of a Unattended Install - Anyhoo - digress....... Thinking further down the line i decided to do things in this order: 1)secure my PC with AVG 7.5 (with firewall) 2) add Windows defender and update etc 3) go to windows live security centre and scan from here just to be absoutely sure belts and braces and buckles.... 4)Secure Hosts added (this slows down internet access the first time you log on) 5) Secure the HKLM restricted sites (from the msfn forum So now you're all saying - well that sounds pretty secure. I thought so (was i being naiive?) 6) Install IE7 (i think this was my big mistake) 7)Install WMP11 8) INstall LIve Messenger 9) Go to bed for a while 10 >>>> Never got to step 10 as when i woke up AVG had found a virus c:\op32.exe. Checking my C drive i found 3 other .exe file which shouldnt have been there - dll32.exe, devcon.exe and ntsystem.exe WTF??!!!?!?? All my accounts have strong passwords on them too before you ask (and yes theyre all members of administrators ) Its lucky that i'm about to blast it with thf full bhoona image this weekend coz i wouldn't trust it anymore anyway after that Anyone any ideas how this could have happened and what these files are/do? Thanks in advance
  22. I have been testing my CD/DVDs out on a virtual machine and just noticed that one of the first things i do after booting up is re-loading the virtual machine additions Is there any way to put these onto my image? (i'm vaguely aware that there's some way of creating an iso from VM but have never tried it so it also begs the question - does VM work like ghost et al in this way? can it be used as a disk cloner?) Now call me lazy because i could probably experiment and find out all of the above but i wondered if anyone could help so i dont have to re-invent the wheel Thanks in advance
  23. Thanks guys but i think i found the solution (though not the problem) I copied the 3 missing files from the original XP CD and recreated the iso, burned it as a dvd and it now works a treat don't know whay or what caused tese 3 files to go missing from the root d:\xpcd directory in the first place i wonder if its a glitch in nLite - in order to find out i will try the same exct procedure tomorrow and see if these 3 files get deleted again i'll let u know
  24. i jut noticed that the dvd i created didnt havesetup.exe autorun.inf and readme.htm on it anymore - is this normal?
  25. i've created loads of bootable cds so far and was happy with my install so decided to add apps. This meant my .iso increased in size to 1.2GB so i burned to dvd but now it wont boot - have i missed something? i copied files from XP cd to D:\xpcd slipstreamed XPSP2 plus all patches from RyanVm site Slipstreamed all other drivers from Driverpacks followed unattended.msfn.org to create install pack for office 2003 nLite to finish off all other options and create iso burned iso to DVD with Nero booted off dvd and just get clicking and flashing cursor Help!!!!!!

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