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  1. Does anyone know how to remove the User Password section when nLiting your XP? I know you can remove users all together, but that's not what I want to do. All I want is to remove the ability to even put a password on the user accounts. Not sure if this can be done or not. Thanks in advance.
  2. I like your analogy! I'd love to see if there is a better way to jump out of a plane. I'm just messing with ya.
  3. Hey that's cool. See that was my original intention of my thread in the first place, as you can see it clearly says it in the title. Would you mind posting your last setup so I may check it out? I'm very interested in seeing if it might work out in my situation. You seem to run the things that I normally run and do on my OS. So there's a very good chance that it will be compatible. In response to your reply at the end. I'm very sorry as I think that this analogy would work better in lite of this situation. Someone taking their average everyday car (bloated Windows OS), that runs okay and having a shop tune it into a faster, lighter car (nLited Windows OS). You'd want to know what they were doing to your car as you never know what they might take out of it as it still might be of use to you. I think that that analogy makes more sense than my first one. It seems that it was a little broad in spectrum in comparison.
  4. Hey that's awesome. I know it must have not been an easy task, then again maybe it was. It's hard to gauge anything as I don't personally know what you have done or not done using nLite. I'd definitely like to get it to work at your level as you seem very enthused about it. I know that we have different setups and components in our system and I know that I'd have to work at it before I could get it to your level that you have for your comp. Of course if you'd show me how I'd do it all first on my separate partition and then if I can get it good then eventually use it on my main partition and as my main OS. Seems like rado354 is taking some offense, to the point where he has to post up ridiculous pictures. Sorry, I couldn't dignify him with a response to his last pic post. I don't need to stoop down to that level. I'd rather have conversations with people who can be a little bit more civilized than that.
  5. Nice pic, I can see why you're so disgruntled. Dam N, see it's people like you that make it hard for anyone to give their opinion. ISN'T THAT WHAT A FORUM IS FOR? Never did I say DON'T USE NLITE. I think that if that picture is you, you need to clean the grease out of your ears and listen better and put down the fried chicken. Why you getting all defensive for? I'm supporting nLite you retard. You must be one of the Dee-Dee-Dee's in this world. So sad.
  6. Honestly the system is very minimal in today's standards but surprisingly you can shrink it down to operate on that system. I mean XP. It will also again be very minimal in it's operations too. It's pretty much a gamers setup. So it's meant only to play games, and internet. Basically about it. 1. RAM USAGE: 17.59 MB 2. Installation Size: 206 MB WINDOWS folder There's another one that has these specs: 1. 18MB-38MB of RAM 2. 116MB 3. 99% of XP's functionality and compatibility (This part isn't totally true as I tried it and I couldn't get my CounterSpy software to install, at all, even after contacting CounterSpy) Just search the net for Windows XP Jacked to learn more about it. You'll be surprised to how small you can get Windows. Then again be warned as you will run into problems when trying to use certain software, even everyday things like a spyware program. Then again it is trial and error right? Hopefully that helps.
  7. you knocking something that you deem in that case nuhi would never realise it and we should all go homeSee, what's so hard to understand about my posts? What am I knocking? If my definition of knocking something is correct, then it goes like this. Knocking - v. Slang. To find fault with; criticize: n. Slang. A cutting, often petty criticism. What have I posted that makes you feel like I'm trying to knock nLite. Hell I'm even praising them for even attempting such a nearly insurmountable task! I think you need to re-evaluate how you interpret comments and opinions. I believe that whether you use nLite or Bolder Fortune's methods to shrink down Windows, you will eventually run into problems. No one has perfected the method of doing so YET. The major difference between the two methods is that nLite helps shortcut to the end result. While it is in our nature to try to find the shortest route between point A and point B, sometimes you run into bumps along the way. That's how the world works. And of course from those bumps is where we learn. Edit: I don't believe that reading all of this is a waste of time. At least not for someone who has never used nLite or has very little experience with it. In a way you can put it like this. YOU WOULD NEVER BUY A CAR WITHOUT ASKING QUESTIONS OF HOW IT WORKS! This is why I am posting my experiences and opinions. So people can learn from it. But I don't want everyone to ONLY take my word for it. Looking at only my opinion and experiences would also be foolish. Find out as much as you can before you dive in head first. You'll save yourself a lot of aches and pains in the long run. It's a very good way to have an outlook on life. Of course there are times and places where the best option would be to jump in head first, but I don't think that this is one of them. Also I see that most of the people responding to this post are ones that have hundreds of posts and probably a lot of experience with nLite. Most likely a lot more than me. See I can see why you might feel offended and have the need to reply. We all get defensive about something that we put lots of time and effort into. I'm not trying to run people away from nLite, just help give them informed information about it. Nothing wrong with that.
  8. Look piXelated, I do have an understanding of how this program works. I wouldn't want to contradict my own statement now would I? When did I ever say I have no idea of how this program doesn't work? I have to have at least some understanding otherwise I'd be in a big mess every time I tried to use it. Like rado354 posted, this is not something for the average beginner. Of course I'm no expert in Windows and all of it's components but I'm not some type of lame ol person walking off the street without any idea of what I'm talking about. I've been using the computers since the age of 9 and when DOS was the only operating system. Coming up from command line only OS gives you a decent understanding of how things are supposed to work. Also I have given my fair share of installs with nLite and I'm sad to say that none have come up to at least the same operating standards as a normal Windows installation. I can read and follow instructions given that it's not something like rocket science. Why is everyone trying to make as if I'm giving the impression that nLite is like a plague and should be avoided at all costs? Is it wrong to let people know the truth? Have I made any false claims or accusations about this program? If so I'd challenge you to go ahead and post it. This program is meant to change the very most important thing besides the physical hardware in your computer. I don't see why people such as yourself wouldn't take it more seriously, especially if you were trying to recommend this to someone who would use their computer for business purposes or someone who deals with important information. It's different if it's on your second computer and you wouldn't mind something happening and maybe having to reinstall your OS. Suppressing the truth helps no one and hurts everyone. Trial and error is fun and of course it leads to new discoveries upon which we all can learn from. Totally that makes sense and man would not be here if it weren't for their insatiable need to learn. But then again another person unknowingly helping to prove my point. Why should the average person use this, if the trial and error process still needs to be gone through before something truly stable is ready to be released, and have the possibility of losing their personal and important data? I believe that is something that is truly foolish and even though Windows is also far from perfect, but you honestly have to admit it's most likely more stable than using the nLited version at this point in time. Should I have to even post links the recent problems people have been running into? I mean there shouldn't be problems with nLite's normal operating procedures. I'm talking about even things as trivial as trying to slipstream stuff in that you are supposed to be able to normally do! This program is definitely for the people who don't mind experimenting with the program and helping it go through the trial and error process. But right now it's not something to be recommending to every Dick and Jane out there in the world. Like I posted, if this program was to the point where it caused about the same amount of errors or less than the standard Windows operating system, I'd be one of the first to jump in line to make it my main operating system. Seeing that this program has an excellent concept, and a bright future, for me I wouldn't mind installing it on another partition, not my main one, and experimenting with it and reporting my own findings so that it may one day be perfected or come as close to it as possible. Anyone else having problems understanding that? I know that this nLite is tackling a very hard problem especially the fact that not everyone uses the same programs or has the exact same setup. This is not a perfect world nor will it ever be. This is a really difficult feat to be attempting and I believe that eventually nLite will come out with a high degree of success. In a perfect world, everyone would be using the exact same setup and programs. Then of course the task would be much more simpler. But unfortunately we're all individuals with different needs for their different systems. In the end which makes it all that much more harder to make something that will be compatible for everyone. See that's why I understand that it's hard to even try use this program to shrink down your OS as there are so many variables and so many things that may go wrong should you or nLite remove the wrong components. I can't say that every problem listed on this board is solely because of nLite. There is most definitely a fair margin of the errors on the users end. I don't even understand why I gotta keep coming back to repeat my point. Why is it so hard to understand. Let me make it 100% clear so that hopefully no one else will mistake, assume the wrong things, or misunderstand me. nLite is an excellent program that is still in a developmental stage. It's not something that I would recommend to someone who will be using it to shrink down their main OS and who uses it on a day to day basis at this point in time. Also I wouldn't recommend it to someone who is very serious about their data and having the possibility of having something go wrong with their system unexpectedly. Here are the reasons, well at least in my opinion, why the average computer user shouldn't use this on their MAIN OS: 1. Program still needs to go through A LOT of field testing in order to become stable enough for the mass media to use on their normal day to day operating system. 2. Unfortunately all systems are not the same so if you need to fix your errors immediately, don't count on it as like in reason number 1, this program is still in it's trial and error process, so you will need to go along with it's growing pains and growing takes time my friend. It's not something that happens overnight. 3. There really isn't any backup once nLite removes the components that you have checked while shrinking down your OS. Honestly it's not that simple where you can just use your original Windows CD to reinstall what's missing. If it truly were like that I wouldn't have a need to write any of this. These are the 3 main reasons why you shouldn't be using nLite to shrink down your system if you're the average user and depends on their computer and doesn't have the time, patience, nor the ability to be reinstalling their OS should something go wrong. Please don't mistake me in thinking that once something goes wrong, you will need to have to reinstall your OS every single time. It should only come to that point if once you remove something important and no one can help you reinstall what you need, or if you don't have the time to wait for that help. Here are reasons why I would use nLite on a second computer, another hard drive, or another partition. 1. To test out and compare differences between an nLited OS and the original OS. I know from PERSONALexperience that it can be significant with speed and overall size. I've seen a version that is about 87MB. I was able to get it down to about 117MB. 2. To have a hand in the development of a program with an excellent concept. What could be more satisfying than knowing you helped to make that program what it is? 3. To find out how much crap Microsoft stuffs into it's OS and trying to shove down our throats. It's amazing to find out how little it takes to run your computer. I have come to these conclusions from my own personal hands on experience of using nLite, and from the experiences of others like myself who have used nLite to try to shrink down their own OS. These are just my recommendations, not something I'm trying to write in stone and force upon anyone. Everyone has a right to know, especially if it will impact something as important as their Operating System before they go ahead and decide to use it themselves. Please don't reply if all you wanna do is to make me look like an id*** or to flame me for giving me opinion. Reply if you want to help and be constructive. It's your God given right if you want to use nLite or not and if you want to use it on your main OS. No one is stopping you. I'm just here to help share information to you in your journey to using nLite. Of course I wish everyone the best of luck, including myself, in using nLite to achieve their perfect operating standards for the OS. In order to reach that point, I believe you should have a firm understanding of the whole situation and learn as much as you can. (That's why I will still use nLite on a different partition, so that I may extend my knowledge about it and to help develop it further.) Hopefully I will have to say no more and need to defend my own right to an opinion.
  9. Wow, you obviously must not know how to read. I have used it and I understand what this program does and what it does not do. I wouldn't speak out of inexperience you fool. It seems like you're the type of person to run their mouth off without finding out all the facts huh? Let me guess, you must have 100% perfect understanding of nLite and have gotten it to work for you 100% without no problems what so ever right? I'm sorry you must be the master as even Nuhi would have to agree that his program isn't perfected yet. I'm glad that there are people around like you who's foolish enough to jump into any situation without a clear understanding of the consequences. Should I need to ever do something new and dangerous that hasn't been tested, I know who to call on first.
  10. Honestly removing certain files will modify Windows in the way it operates. I don't mean as if it's going to change the code in Windows or anything. I like this saying: You are just proving my point. This program is very much still in developmental stages and shouldn't be put out as a complete one let alone using it as your main day to day operating system. When the day comes where nLite is running at about the same error rate Windows does, then I would tell everyone to switch. Why not right? It couldn't be any worse. But nLite is just not there yet. Understand? I totally understand that you use nLite to remove components that you think you will not need while using your OS. My point was pretty clear that nLite is not perfect at removing the exact things that you think it will. Sometimes nLite removes files that due to programming, thinks it should be associated with what you want to remove and takes it out and later unknowingly causes an error. Lastly, anyone who remove something just because they don't know what it is, is just a plain fool IMO. I don't touch anything in nLite that I have no clue to as what it may effect. If I did, I would deserve what was coming to me later on.
  11. It's not as easy as sticking in the original Windows XP and reinstalling it should something go wrong if you nLited your OS. See that's one of the major problems. If it were that easy I'd definately say go with nLite rather than Bold Fortunes method. Like I said, it's not like his method works perfectly either. First off it's over 300 pages of info to shrink down Windows using his method. That is something that you just don't step into lightly. He doesn't have it perfect either and I highly doubt that him nor Nuhi ever will as Windows will be coming out with Vista soon and will probably change again before either of their work is complete. With each new version comes new problems and different methods in order to tweak and shrink it down. Also for the record, I didn't tell anyone to use Bold Fortunes method of shrinking down Windows. Please double check my posts. It's clear that I didn't suggest it at all. I'm not bashing nLite, most bashers make false accusations and in most cases they know little or next to nothing about it. I've had some experience using it myself and been reading through this forum about all the problems, have you read some of the problems people are having? They range from very simple to of course extensive ones to the point where they have to reinstall their OS. I'm pretty sure most people here love reinstalling their OS when something goes wrong. No one can honestly say that nLite's method of shrinking down Windows is stable enough for everyone to use at this point and time on a very serious day to day basis. Lets use this scenario as people would consider it differently if it were to hit closer to home. Say for instance you favorite uncle in the world or your closest brother and sister owned and operated a multi-million dollar company and computers were a big part of their daily operations. Would you then recommend it to them knowing what stage this program is in? Windows isn't completely flawless either but I'd bet it's safe to say someone who has nLited their OS would probably run into a problem sooner than someone who just installed the whole bloated thing. Don't think that I talking about someone who used nLite just to remove the extra languages and keyboards in their OS. I'm talking about someone who wants to remove components to actually make a difference in the OS's speed and overall size. I support nLite and their purpose and I want them or someone who is making a software like them to succeed as soon as possible as this is something that is truly needed in this world. I totally agree and I'm pretty sure everyone including Bill Gates would feel that Windows is bloated with crap that everyone doesn't need. It's awesome that nLite is free, but do you think it will always be that way when the day finally comes where they can say, we've done it? I don't think that they're doing to not eventually make a profit. It's very unfortunate that in this world you can say that nothing is for free. It's probably free now because of the fact that it's still in constant testing. Am I being clear enough now? Is it easy enough for you to understand? I'm not trying to over explain myself in any way. I'm not a complete id*** and I wouldn't be saying these things if I didn't have personal experiences myself nor the evidence to back it up. The evidence would be all the posts of problem after problem that I read in my inbox of my email account as I'm subscribed to this section to see everyone else's problems and progresses are. I'm also pretty sure that anyone who has run into a problem using nLite, isn't an id*** either. Sorry about these long posts. I promise that there will be no more of these, but it's not something that's easy to explain in just a couple of sentences. I just wanted to get my point across to people. You definately don't have to take my word for it, just read around and see what problems everyone else is having. My apologies if I should have offended someone as it was never my intention. Just to spread the knowledge. P.S. To Bonestone. You quoted me saying that I wasn't clear about sticking with nLite or not? Why did you get confused. I said I would without a doubt use nLite if they had saved all the files into a backup folder instead of completely removing them. Even though nLite isn't perfect yet, it would be a nice failsafe for them just in case. I don't see how I was contradicting myself in anyway there.
  12. That's good to hear that you have good results from using nLite. It's just a fact that nLite is still very far from perfect. Just to be fair, you can't put all the blame on nLite from not working as it should either. Obviously Windows isn't the best operating system in the world to be working with and probably never will. It's just happens to be the most widely used. Luckily Linux is coming along at a much faster rate and has picked up much more popularity in the past few years. See you have to really look at it to understand why nLite is so hard to perfect, even though it's been out for quite some time now. It's hard to modify something that doesn't run near perfection. Microsoft has a hard time trying to fix all their bugs and unfortuantely they don't before they decide to move on to the next version. It's just my recommendation that you don't use an nLited version of your operating system as your main one as you will almost undoubtably run into a problem sooner or later. It's only because it's hard to know exactly what nLite removes all the time when you use the shrinker. They don't list every file that is in Windows and it's probably safe to say that nLite doesn't know what every file in Windows does, is associated with, or might be associated with later on. If they did, they could make tons of money with Microsoft and we probably wouldn't even need such a program as nLite as they would have perfected Windows, and we know how that's not gonna be anytime soon. I will most likely keep a nLited version of my OS on a seperate partition though as I really like the idea of what this program is trying to accomplish and I would very much like to see them be able to pull it off as much as possible. It would only help everyone out there that is running a version of the Windows operating system. Also my full version of Windows XP w/SP2 installs in about half an hour or so. Not very much longer than your nLited version. Secondly I don't plan to keep my full install of Windows as bloated as it is. I'm going to be using Bolder Fortune's method of doing so, as I said it seems to make much more sense to me at this time. That is most definately only until nLite or a program like nLite comes along and has perfected it a little bit better. Please don't mistake me by thinking that I believe that Bolder Fortune's method is 100% stable or anything. They admit over there that even after over 4 years of constant testing and 100's of installs later, they still haven't gotten everything right yet. It's just that using that method they have something to fall back on as it has a backup folder for the things you want to remove. It's better to have a backup plan and being able to replace what you need in a short period of time rather than having to start all over again and taking much more time and causing you much more frustration in the process. With that being said, I'd have to recommend that to nLite. Even though it is far from perfect at this point in time, have all the files that you don't want into a seperate backup folder and should any problems arise, whalah there it is! If they did that, I would not hesitate in using an nLited version of my OS on my main partition.
  13. Very true. I finally understand it now. I've been reading over at Bold Fortunes site and it made me realize that nLite is still very far from perfect. It also makes sense that using this method because it is still very flawed and applying it to your main operating system isn't the best idea. It's really good to help beta test nLite and help this program become something truly great with minimal amount of bugs. It's very unfortunate that windows is so extremely complicated and still very user unfriendly. I guess that's why Linux as been picking up in popularity these past years. I hope that for their sake, they don't turn out and make the same mistakes as Microsoft has with their operating system. I highly doubt it as it's open source and some of the best programs have been open source programs. i.e. The best MP3 encoder is LAME, which is an open source program. Well thanks for the reply, but I'll think I'll use Bold Fortunes method as the theory to shrinking Windows makes more sense to me at this moment. Install the full Windows operating system but keep the files you don't want in a backup folder in case you do happen to run into some problem so you may be able to replace it. Unlike nLites method, remove it and get screwed if you happen to need it later (which seems to be the case for a lot of people, if not everyone who has used it. You may not find a problem immediately, but there is a high percent chance that you will and eventually soon.). Not trying to bash on nLite or anything so please don't flame me. As a matter of fact the reason why I write this is because I am using a shrunken down version from nLite and it's already caused me problems as I couldn't even install my spyware software. The version I am using are settings that strip down Windows to it's bare operating system. Claim was that it's fully functional without any of the Microsoft bs included. Unfortunately it's not the case. I'm also having problems using some other common software out there that an average user might use. Definately something that I might not return to for a while but will keep an eye on with high hopes. Good luck to all who use nLite at this time. My recommendation is if you use nLite,use it on a seperate partition and not on your main operating system that you will be using. Also one last thing. For the sake of all the people who are new to nLite or don't know, don't list your versions as final. IMHO nLite is still in the testing stages. It is clearly stated that of course the newest version is a beta but there's a listing for a stable version of the program. That's kinda misleading in that people might think this program is to the point where it's fully functional with a minimum of bugs in it.
  14. It seems that the latest version of nLite is still buggy and you should probably revert back to the last stable version. 1.21 is still beta.
  15. So does Microsoft's .NET Framework 3.0
  16. Man, I've searched through some of these posts, and you'd really have to know your way in and out of windows to know what to disable or not to disable. Isn't there ANYTHING or any post that caters to the people in laymen terms? Like: Remove This What happens if you remove this Programs that will be affected. (Not only programs included with Windows, also future programs you want to install later) I mean this post is cool and all, but obviously not everyone will be able to know what the hell is going on and what they're talking about. I've seen a stripped down version of Windows to the core, but unfortunately I had problems even trying to install my spyware software because of things that were missing, but weren't absolutely necessary to run to OS. or How bout a thread with other people's nLite settings available to download and explained. Example: Xyberz Version This version is basically stripped down to operate as quickly as possible and to be compatible with just about any software out there that the average person may use. All unneeded languages and keyboard versions removed except English. All drivers removed except for basics to start up. (Make sure you have all drivers for all your computer parts ready) etc. etc. etc. Also in laymen's terms so that everyone that visits this forum may be able to understand. A cool step by step method would also work fantastically as any id*** that can operate a computer should be able to do. Just my thought. nLite is an excellent program, unfortunately it's not explained very well since there are so many options. I don't mind reading, I'm not lazy.

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