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  1. You could always stay on last weeks version http://rtfreesoft.blogspot.com/2019/03/weekly-browser-binaries-20190323.html in order to use that feature until you find a proper work around. Having the latest bleeding edge is not always conducive to getting things done in my experience.
  2. Hi Varis. I uploaded them to Box.net for you. See links below. https://app.box.com/s/9u4i6f44qc7yg1amno0zsn0491nupz44 (20171223) https://app.box.com/s/4we76w44eppes0t6o1py5v8e0xm4ejz7 (20180106)
  3. Hey Roy one issue. With Basilisk 55 I can view the forums and do new posts but for some reason I can't quote anyone's post in a response. Any thoughts on tweaks to make it work. I have NoScript installed but the site is enabled. I don't reply enough to know when it broke but I do know it work in the version I was using in November 2017. Leland
  4. Hey VistaLover, I have had to use User Agent Switcher in order to set the user agent for Firefox 52 in order to install updated extensions and themes lately. I suspect you may have to do the same to get certain functions working. Leland
  5. Thanks Roy that fixed the issues with dark user styles for me. Gmail is back to where it was. Hopefully this fixes it for VistaLover also. Leland
  6. Hey VistaLover, I noticed some of the same things except the ones that stopped working for me were google-calendar-dark-style by Devo and gmail-dark-1 by TheArkive. I temporarily worked around it by changing my GMail theme but it is not a true dark theme because when reading emails they show in white background hence why I changed in the first place. Instead of Stylish I was using Website Theme Manager 0.1.1. Like you using the 6-16 version it still worked. However I noticed Gmail is faster without the styles so I might go on the hunt for something better. Either way thank you Roy for all your hard work. It is appreciated. Leland :D
  7. I have no issues with Basilisk 55, 4-14-18 or 6-16-18 versions. That has been may daily browser of choice for some time but of course memory and resources may dictate something else for you. I have 3GB in one machine and 8GB in the other and it seems fine for my use. I have stuck with 32 bit since I want the best compatibility. Are you using NoScript by chance? If so check the permissions. Good luck sorting your issues.
  8. Hi Roytam. Do I need to capture every single window when scrolling? I have already captures 222 images and am likely no more than 25% of the way through the list. I am in the threads section but many of these pages are just a bunch of zero's at the memory locations. Can I be more selective and only capture what is not zeros? Anyway I should be able to send this off tomorrow. BTW, I am now using the newer version which did take longer to crash though other than that the behavior was the same. Please let me know what you specifically need as this is a lot of work to capture that many images. Thanks. Leland
  9. I tried updating but no go. See the updated version below. You can download a zip file with the first 38 screen captures. I will get more later. Thanks. http://cloudyfiles.com/ktpj3ev1fbnx
  10. Attached you will find some info I gathered from the last crash. Not a crash dump but it might help pinpoint the issue. Thanks.
  11. Roytam, is there a way I can trigger a crash dump? I would be willing to do that so you can check. The system has been running better since upgrading from Microsoft office from 2003 to 2007. I am only using standard input editors. I have tried with and without anti-virus for testing. I have been using Avast Business antivirus in normal use along with WinPatrol.
  12. 1. Physical system not VM 2. The hard drive is a couple years old. 500GB PATA drive. Western Digital. I have scanned for errors using multiple programs and found none. Considering using SpinRite next as it can remap any bad blocks to never be used. 3. Do you mean Basilisk? 511MB physical memory and 887 MB virtual memory with all extensions enabled. I am running Windows XP Pro SP3 will all updates. I am leaning more towards a bad memory stick. But it had run the last few years with the same memory and no issues.
  13. I just tried and while it started faster it still crashes anytime you try to enter text into the browser. I could not respond to this using Basilisk for example without knowing it will crash. I can say it took about 10 seconds longer to crash but the crash was the same. Leland
  14. Anytime I try to type anything anywhere it crashes on me. I am using the 32 bit version from 1/13/2018. I had been using a December version before which did not have this issue. Leland PS I am not using a standard Windows theme. I don't know if this would effect it but I suspect it might. The theme I am using is called Tener VS.
  15. I know it is better to recreate it but this is a profile I have used at work for about 11 years and it has lots of tweaks I doubt I remember how to recreate. So far it has been working great. I just dropped the profile in and ran with it with no changes needed for the last couple of months. The newer version does not crash but for some reason it crashes when I try to copy the profile to the new location. It causes a BSOD. It might be a permissions issue. I will better troubleshoot it when I have the time. After a holiday weekend is not a good time for this. I understand the change in profile location it just threw me off when it did not properly start with my profile after updating my version. Luckily I always keep the older files around until I am sure something works. Thanks for all your efforts; they are greatly appreciated.
  16. Profiles for Basilisk Versions dated 12/16/2017 and before C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Moonchild Productions\Basilisk\Profiles Profile location on the version dated 12/23/2017 C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Moonchild\Basilisk\Profiles I experienced a consistent crash when trying to copy the old profile to the new location. Going back to version dated 12/16/2017 until the bugs are taken care of. Other than that enjoying Basilisk on Windows XP. I'm not sure what is happening yet but it is very strange. I might try again in a couple days when I have more time.
  17. Is there a way to take your binaries and integrate it into the portable structure Palemoon uses? I would prefer using this as a portable app for now if possible. Thank you very much for making this and keeping us users who must use older versions of Windows for various reasons going.
  18. There is a VMWare Converter that may be able to make a virtual machine out of your Windows installation. If it works then you could install XP or Linux, etc and use VMWare Server for free to run your WinME Virtual machine with all your programs inside of the host OS. This is the only way I see of getting though your issues. Even with Fat32, you are still limited to 2GB file sizes, not partition sizes. I have never heard of a way around this. To answer one question I see VirtualBox can run many guest OS's, including Windows ME; though support is somewhat limited. I do not know if ME could host a VM in VB, but it seems unlikely. I do know Sysinternals did a driver for Win 9x to read NTFS. I think it is free for personal use. This might allow you to at least be able to read bigger files in ME from an NTFS partition. I doubt you can buy a license for the version that allows writing back to the partition since Microsoft bought Winternals. Have you considered using QEMU. It's not a typical VM, but rather emulates the hardware. I am unsure if it would work, but it may be worth looking into. You might see if Microsoft still offers Virtual PC 2004, maybe it supports Win 9x? Anyway good luck with this project. I hope some of these ideas might help. Leland
  19. I would more likely suspect something other than MSN in this case. You mentioned dial-up, has the provider done something to cause the breakage? What about a firewall? If you have one you may need to make some holes for MSN to work. 98 is a different beast than the NT based OS's, otherwise I would have you check services. Maybe use Autoruns from Sysinternals to see what runs on startup. Maybe you have something on your machine you don't realize is there that is causing the problem. I would also use Process Explorer from Sysinternals to see what is running on your computer. Have you tried a fresh install? I remember when I was using 98 this solved many problems. Have you tried http://www.meebo.com in a web browser just to see if you can connect that way? It might be a good step just to make sure you can connect. Good luck in solving your problem. Leland
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