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  1. Please digg this article fast, so that it gets noticed to all of flks around. Thanks in advance. http://digg.com/security/Gmail_Hacked_3
  2. Heya m here again. With this simple tutorial you can boost your firefox downloading and browsing speed by 10-30x. This is also compatible with version 3.x. So not wasting anymore time here it is: http://i333.blogspot.com/2009/01/increase-...-by-10-30x.html Hope you enjoy!
  3. Hello. I was searching for a article related to this and found this link very useful. It is just a 3 step procedure to get the offline version of Google Chrome installer: http://i333.blogspot.com/2009/01/download-...-installer.html Hope you enjoy.
  4. Buddy go to original page and get the code from there because the code displayed here is getting wrong :|
  5. Thanks for your replies, my transaction has not been completed yet and moreover I am going offline for few days due to my exams, so when I will come back, I will surely look after it.
  6. Thanks fo th quick replies. Will have a look after it as soon as my 40$ are transferred to my alertpay account
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. But can you suggest me a free hosting site with .com domain? thanks in advance
  8. Wow, I just saw this and thought Id share November 2008 (Computerworld) Leaked copies of Windows 7 hit the Internet only hours after Microsoft Corp. handed out a preview build to developers last week, according to searches at several BitTorrent tracking sites. The notorious Pirate Bay site, for example, first noted the 32-bit version of the upcoming operating system on Oct. 29, just one day after Microsoft unveiled Windows 7 to attendees at the Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles. A 64-bit edition was posted the following day. As of mid-day Sunday, with several copies of Windows 7 available, downloading was brisk. One 32-bit torrent listed on Pirate Bay showed more than 1,400 "seeders," the term for a computer that has a complete copy of the torrent file, and close to 5,300 "leechers," or computers that have downloaded only part of the complete torrent. The 32-bit torrent installs a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, according to users commenting on the site. Read rest of the story here: http://i333.blogspot.com/2008/11/microsoft-windows-7-leaked.html
  9. Google Advanced MP3 Music Search - Xclusive I know you must have searched over Google many times for a particular mp3, and must have seen many, usually countless and many useless results. But hey now this problem is solved with the below trick. Just copy and paste the below code in your browser address [place where you put website address] and press enter and see what happens Note: this is advanced tweaked search box. Happy Searching Original Post Link
  10. First of all thanks for reading this post I recently made a blog and two days ago I changed the theme and navigation style. Hope you liked it. Please leave a comment as to what I should add or change in this blog. Also if you want to know anything from inside that blog, you are most welcome, I would love to help you out. And would also tell you how I added things and customized the template Homepage: http://i333.blogspot.com/ Please leave a comment here: http://i333.blogspot.com/2008/10/comments-please.html Any comment would be highly appreciated. Thanks in anticipation. Best Regards
  11. Thanks a bunch for coming out to help me but actually this is not the one I want. I have edited the first post. Please all read it again Thanks again.
  12. Better make a normal reg file and use reg2exe to convert it to a exe file and then import it as a hotfix
  13. Hi. First of all thanks for reading this. Can you tell me how to change windows theme, back to its classic theme, but by using registry key or any batch file. Also please confirm whether that requires a restart or explorer.exe task end? Thanks! Looking for a working reply
  14. I think there is a option in nlite to keep new files and remove old. Try that
  15. Found a alternative to do it successfully http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=62934&view=findpost&p=435926 But I will be thankful if someone can still solve this problem. Thanks!
  16. Soory to say, I tried every possible way out. I even tried what u told me over msn, but its also not working. But good news is that, this method is working fine when I am using it through run command window. So may be there is a way out so that I can tell my autorun to open run window and then execute this command. Because its a bit messy to tell setup each time where setup files are kept. Hopefully we will get over this problem soon. Thanks a bunch for all the support shown PS: I am using AutoPlay Menu Builder v5.2 to build my autorun
  17. Still same error follows :|. In btw I am upgrading from XP to XP. and thanks again for your interest, I really appreciate that.
  18. Great contributor. Always willing to help :D

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