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  1. Royale Noir

    I like the royale theme very much (especially the blue one), the only thing I would like to change is start button - without text (I can delete the text but there still is space between win logo and icons) and the bar, I would appreciate if it was thinner. The ideal bar and start button is from Royal Inspirant, which looks like this: (to be downloaded here: http://stefanka.deviantart.com/art/Royal-Inspirat-10949392) Do not you know, how to import the bar with start button to royale msstyle? Or how to make the bar thinner? I tried to do that with resource hacker and stylebuilder, but it I was not able to manage it. Thanks for your help.
  2. I can rememeber, there was a registry trick how to change exserted parts of Win graphics (like eg. minimize, maximize and exit buttons) to flat and vice versa. Don't you know, how to do that? (If you have understood me )
  3. Windows Explorer toolbar

    I am sorry for I haven't expressed clearly enough, I - and as I think, quite many others - would appreciate if the toolbar could be changed (skinned) without using programs like WindowsBlinds, ThemeBar etc. (cause of RAM). The old toolbar is really ugly... There exist an unofficial pack for Windows 98SE called Revolutions Pack, it also changed browseui.dll. It might be possible to use that browseui, I will try to ask Tihiy for that. >MTCH<
  4. Windows Explorer toolbar

    That would be fine. I've changed boot logo, icons, start button image and images in various DLL, webview etc., cause although Windows 2000 is a good OS, it looks a little bit old. I know I could use Windows Blinds, TClock or other programs to chane it, but I don't want them to waste my RAM.
  5. I am running Windows 2000 on my laptop and would like the toolbar to look like the one in Windows XP. I know it can be done by customizing browseui.dll but I probably made a mistake somewhere cause it didn't work very well for me. Don't somebody of you have that DLL? Or doesn't there exist something like Styler toolbar or Y'z toolbar for Windows 2000? Thanks