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  1. I'm currently gathering information to update the guide. One feature I recently decided to include is USB drive support. Like it? I like it a lot --- I used the version of this guide pre XPSP3 with great success --- and USB (> 4.7GB) support would be a godsend. I have an old BartPE XPe USB working, but have never been able to install a new OS from the XPe environment. Granted, in that realm, I had to format it to FAT in order to get everything working, but that goes back to 2007 or so. PM me if there's anything you want help w/ or want me to test.
  2. The files you're looking for are the .BIN files. I just changed my cdshell entries to chain the .BIN and everything worked. If you followed the example exactly, you would have a PRO1.BIN ----- and this file would be the loader that CDShell calls.
  3. Ahh, many thanks. I did RTFM a while back, but missed that part I guess. DOH! Thx for taking the time to answer. That will help me a lot I guess I just need to rebuild my WPI install with the config editor b/c every time I make a change via WPI to the config.js I made by hand, something gets fubarred, and all my categories are overwritten from what i call em to 'category'. .....no biggie....thx again.
  4. Currently, there are 3 options Select All Select None Select Default I've searched and searched for no avail.....but is there a way to have more options here? I have about 50 things being installed by WPI but none of them go on every machine. What I would envision is a Select All Select None Select Default Select Mini-Set Select OEM-Set Select DevSet etc I normally just configure WPI directly in my config.js, but I've looked in WPIs config editor too...... Hopefully i'm just missing something. TIA for the help. WPIW is pretty dang awesome btw. -calpha
  5. Ok. First of all. Absolutely, total kick-butt guide. The best I've found. I've been fighting with Powerpacker & am happy to have found a way to make my cd manually. However, I have an issue w/ DriverPacks currently. First, my setup: There's XP PRO VOL, XP PRO OEM, XP Home OEM, and XP Home RTL. THere's different folders for the 5 different XP VOL Keys we have. All of which have been integrated w/ RVM, and have some other packs applied, and are working swimmingly. As you can tell from the screenshot, my current configuration includes and $OEM$ and OEM folder in each /Setup/XP/<folder> These are the RVM packs everything was build from. Since the $OEM$ is exactly the same for all folders, CDImage is nice enough to save me a ton of space. However, I don't know if that's the correct approach.....although I've verified it works. More importantly, though, Driver Packs is NOT working, and I'm trying to figure out why. Currently, the XP Source folders all have driver packs applied individually......and obviously work that way, as a single install CD. However, when I put them in the multiboot, we're hosed I don't know exactly how driver packs work yet, but I know there's a presetup.cmd, I just don't know how it's called. From what I can tell currently, the only thing changed with the multiboot approach is that the TXTSETUP.SIF has one line changed And although presetup.cmd is in the file, there is obviously something amuck w/ the current use of my OEM folder (automatically created by driver packs) So, my questions are as follows: #1. What is the most correct approach for the $OEM$ folder? One per setup source underneath the /Setup directory, or is there a better method #2. Aside from trying driver packs w/ the multiboot approach, which is my next test, is there a way to make my current driver pack setup work properly? And again, this thread kicks major butt. Thanks a ton. My next step once I fix driver packs is to add on a slipstreamed 2K3 (Ent, Std, Web),and finally, a custom XPE (think Sherpya) buld I already have. FYI, I did not have a need for using the install.cmd/<youros>.tag method because my apps are integrated already via SVCPack, regedts are imported via commands.txt and then I use WPI after installation. Thanks for any reply. Calpha. PS. The create folders batch file blew my **** mind....looking at the source. And I'm a developer. I was totally impressed with the tricks applied in changing the file contents and never would have thought in a million years to do it........although admittedly, I don't understand the code exactly.......but am trying. PSS. I will update when I try method 2 (multiboot apprach) with applying the driver packs. Update: Driver Packs Working I missed two things. #1. Do Driver Packs Last. I was running the create_folders_.cmd on my Sources and then doing the driver packs. DOH! #2. Bashrat's directions work perfectly for multiboot: I flummoxed the last try somehow, but they're working now. Here's more clarification: I have 6 Versions of XP currently. These folders all exist at c:\dvd\setup\xp\ XP-VLK (RVM UpdatePack, 20+ Addons) XP-VLK-MINI (RVM UpdatePack IE7, WMP11) XP-OEM (RVM UpdatePack, 20+ Addons) XP-OEM-MINI (RVM UpdatePack IE7, WMP11) XPHomeOEM ( UpdatePack, 20+ Addons) XPHomeRTL (UpdatePack, 20+ Addons) From there, XP-VLK-MINI has 5 diff't keys so there's 11 options in my CDMenu, but 5 of them are all built from the XP-VLK-MINI. Soooo------the catch is to follow directions correctly, and you don't have any issues. Given: c:\DVD c:\DVD\SETUP\XP\XP-PRO-VLK I create one DPACK .INI file for each folder underneath c:\dvd\setup\xp in DISC MODE Then create one more more INI file in multiboot mode. Make sure to select C:\DVD as the boot folder Slipstream! The results? #1. C:\DVD\OEM created. This is the .7z'd DPacks...... #2. C:\DVD\SETUP\XP\XP-PRO-VLK\$OEM$ created if it's not there, and DPS ROE, etc, added. NOW, run the create folders cmd....... ------------------------------------------ The only catch now, is I wish there was one place I could put my $OEM$ folder on the disk instead of one $OEM$ in every C:\DVD\Setup\XP\XP-PRO-VLK\$OEM$ and every os afterwards
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