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  1. Thanks a lot I'll give that a try. I ended up creating 2 batch files, menu and menu1, menu is in the ini file in pebuilder and it calls menu1 menu1 Starts the winpe command prompt, I set it to 0 = start "cmd.exe" /wait and then it calls the menu1, which has the menu stuff I wrote above, this seems to work great, if I have to redo the menu, I dont have to rebuild bart pe, I just edit the menu1 on the server where I store the images. Thanks for all your help. Is there a list of necessary things that loads with bart PE, i'm trying to make the initial startup of bart pe, go a bit faster, if I take out certain apps will it load faster, I would really like to just have the start button and ghost application and the shutdown/restart command and thats it. Thanks again.
  2. hello this thead has really helped me a lot. 2 days ago I was using dos/ghost8.exe now i'm using bartpe/ghost32 and able to use batch file with to automate the whole restore process. Here is issue i'm having right now and it's probably simple but can't get it to work. I would like to create a menu.bat that will launch and give users choice of which image to restore, I just need a simple batch file to this with echo commands. I ahve the batch file in that ini file, but when I bartpe finish mapping network drives, etc. I see the batch file appear and disappear real quick, so i'm not albe to see the menu, can anyone let me know what command to use, so the dos box does not disappear? here is code i have cls @ECHO off PROMPT T: cd T:\images\scripts ECHO Enter appropriate PC type to image: ECHO D530SP - SYSPREP for D530 ECHO ghost600 - SYSPREP for VL600 ECHO ghost600 - SYSPREP for VL400 ECHO 600 - VL600 std build ECHO 400 - VL400 std build ECHO farm600 - VL600 Farm Build ECHO farm600 - VL400 Farm Build Thanks for all your help, nuff respect.
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