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  1. I second for the thank you for update. Please keep it up.
  2. I just thought of ClearType. Not sure whether it is possible to transplant though.
  3. tomasz86 hello, I'm not a programmer or anything such, however, I'm following w2k thread because I really appreciate what you're doing. I would just like to let you know that you are doing is really in need. Wish I could help. Thank you very much for doing it!
  4. excellent job, spiritpyre! file extension toggle and hidden files toggle i loved the best. thank you very much, to me these were really needful!
  5. It is a DOS app, and I'll check DOSBOX. Hopefully, it would help. Thanks!
  6. Hello, I would like to run a FoxPro 2.6 app for DOS on XP machine. The app's configured the same I had it on my Win2000 machine. Setting up config.nt and autoexec.nt files, .pif file properties, assigning the app run in win98 environment, neither did the trick. To me, it's a valuable app and I'd hate to leave it with a switch to XP. I've browsed the web but there's not much stuff on the subject have I found. I would really appreciate if somebody had a clue to it.
  7. otetz

    Windows 2000 (all)

    For some reason, April update kb947890 refers to kb943055, i.e. instead of 947890 one gets 943055... here
  8. otetz

    Windows 2000 (all)

    The Hotfix Share contains 31 hotfixes in Windows 2000 section. Those hotfixes are claimed to be not available via Windows Update, some require requesting. Does that mean that one should rather have them all slipstreamed along with the official ones?
  9. well, here's my two cents ed2k://|file|USP-5.02.2195.17-RETRO.ZIP|238773013|65fe1de89515b7de7bc97037fcd54663|/
  10. Hello. I've had the exact same issue. I tried to download the file for like six times with different methods taken each time, all in vain. However, after the above link is posted, we celebrate here too :-) Thanks!
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