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  1. Hello, you may change during installation the size of the screen with one that is not so big? Eg 1024x768 or another. Thanks in advance. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Hola, es posible cambiar durante la instalación el tamaño de la pantalla por otro que no sea tan grande ? Por ejemplo 1024x768 u otro. Gracias de antemano.
  2. English: Hello, I'm having problems with nLite integrate Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP Edition N, leaving the mistake of the image attached. If someone knows something or is programilla error with that version, thanks. Of course I use the program last version. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Español: Hola, tengo problemas para integrar con nLite el Internet Explorer 7 en Windows XP edicion N, sale el error de la imagen adjunta. Si alguien sabe algo o es error del programilla con esa versión, gracias. Lógicamente utilizo la ultima versión del programa. |
  3. In English: Hello, very good job with this program. But when lists of updates for Vista and Office 2007 in Spanish? Thank you : ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ En Español: Hola, muy buen trabajo con este programa. Pero para cuando unas listas de actualizaciones para Vista y Office 2007 en Español ? Muchas gracias : )
  4. In English: Hello, using the program I see several problems in translation. The am here to help and try to be corrected in the near future. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- En Español: Hola, usando el programa veo varios problemas en la traducción. Los pongo aqui para intentar ayudar y que se corrijan en la proxima. | | | | | |
  5. [English] Hello, your program is very good. I found a possible failure, once the integration button should put exit, terminate or something like that and not again 'Integrate'. Thank you. [spanish] Hola, tu programa es muy bueno. He encontrado un posible fallo, una vez finalizada la integración el botón deberia poner salir, terminar o algo por el estilo y no nuevamente 'Integrate'. Un saludo.
  6. Thousand thanks, I do not have words… IT WORKS !!!
  7. Hello, I have a doubt: I am making my own system and I do not want that it asks as to insatlar since he is the unique one and there is other no to select. Thanks for the answer and excuse if this repeated one.
  8. WeBeRiO

    delete please

  9. 1º. - Since they become, because they are not compatible those of the XP. 2º. - You are going to create a sub-forum like in the nLite?
  10. Thanks for the explanation, already I like more east forum. Gracias por la explicación, ya me gusta más este foro. Un saludo. A greeting.
  11. Hello, I have seen that post, but in I in file that she says to nonencounter those icons.
  12. Hello, that file contains the windows and icons of the Control Panel? It is for modifying two icons that do not estan well, leave with pixel in mosaic look.
  13. It is a Bug ? When integrating in iso Icons Panel Control with pixels in Mosaic
  14. Impressive and fast. Less than 30 minutes to respond. Very many thanks again.
  15. Somebody knows in file is that image? This in the properties of the menu beginning To excuse if this repeated east post Thank you very much.
  16. It is possible that some compiles translated the Spanish ? Thank you very much.
  17. Hello, I have several doubts with the installation. In order to integrate it in the ISO it is necessary to make it with all the archives or it is possible to be done after reducing the size to him with nLite? So that when integrating it in the ISO the screens of Welcome, Change of User and Closing of Session are different when installing it from the XP. That file is those that modify for these screens? I have seen that the small ones to Close Session and Extinguish Equipment keep in files shell32.dll and msgina.dll respectively, or these are not? Thanks for the answer beforehand : )
  18. Hello, attempt to integrate the packages of installation .NET Framework and DirectX with the program and not it with himself. Somebody can detail to me with images or say to me as it is possible to be done? I am Spanish and I have translated the text. I hope that they understand to me. A greeting to all.
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