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  1. I am a consumer and I will not be paying these exorbitant prices for Vista. The only version worth getting (IMO) is Ultimate, and $400? Nah, I'll pass. I don't give a h00t about how much and how long they spent developing Vista. I have been excited about Vista since the first Longhorn alpha build(4015). If you look back at the plans for Vista back in 02-03 and what they are charging leaves a lot to be desired (IMO). Is it a major improvement? Yes. Am I going to rush out in January to buy it? No. When my needs eventually require that I upgrade, maybe, just maybe it will be discounted or it will be as readily available illegally as XP is today. If I ever buy it, it will be a single copy of Ultimate and I will do what I need to do to install in on ALL of my machines, to hell with "devices." Maybe "gaming" will no longer be my main use of a computer, in which case I will not NEED Windows AT ALL! I agree with you completely. There are plenty of people with more money than sense who will run out and buy it, but not the majority. Thats why there are third party update sites and custom installs w/ hotfixes . Seriously though, there are those of us who refuse to accept WGA even though we have licenses for our Microsoft products. They won't even let me download directx9.0c from their website without WGA. I will pay for music just as soon as EVERY recording artist, movie star, athlete, and any other misc. celebrity gets a salary cap of $60,000 a year, CDs of 20 songs or more cost $5, and concert tickets cost < $40. If movie stars didn't get paid $20 million a movie, it wouldn't cost $10 to go to the theater and DVDs wouldn't cost $25. Thanks much, bye.
  2. I don't know if they keep track with the cd-key in a database how many times you have transfered it. It is reasonable to assume that they will do so with Vista and this WGA. Off-topic: I had a webserver running RedHat 5 and 6 back in the day. Since then I have used off-and-on Fedora Core and Gentoo (great for learning the in & out of command line Linux) in a dual-boot with Windows. The ONLY drawback to using Linux is the lack of available games that have native support on Linux. I have yet to get WINE to successfully run my favorite games (Any of the games available over Steam, and BF2). Wine is software which emulates a Windows environment under Linux for running Windows applications. A part of the problem is the availability of decent video/sound drivers.
  3. That is not really a change over XP, just a rewording of the EULA to better clarify exactly what they mean. Read This As I understand their activation deal, you can reformat and reinstall so long as the hardware stays the same (anyone clarify?). You need one copy of "Windows" per "Device", and hey, they are giving you a bonus, you can re-designate the device once for free! If only more games were playable under Linux, I would be there. If you don't play video games all day long like me, Linux is the way to go. You won't ever have to put up with silly bull-oney (I spelled it wrong on purpose). DRM is dead, and has been since well before they tried to implement it.
  4. Yes searching, what an idea Thank you! Edit: I missed the X64 button on the top of the addons page on www.nliteos.com. I feel so stupid. <sigh>
  5. I am working on a lite x64 install package for personal use and was wondering if there is a pack with all updates from build 1830 (sp1) to today? I am starting with a XP Pro x64 Corporate SP1 Build 1830 Installation CD. If not, how do I go about downloading the updates without installing them so I can integrate them into the ISO? Thanks, Chris
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