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  1. A question... Is it possible to use this on a 16bbp desktop if all transparencies are disabled (?) Will some of the theme components still work at least? Some clarification/specifics on this matter would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. Not sure about that article, but over here... http://translate.google.ca/translate?hl=en...%3Doff%26sa%3DG ...it appears that somebody hacked the Win2k version of update.sys to include all the recent additions from XP SP3: http://pub.idisk-just.com/fview/LEUngW-wEB...2Mu17VzJZPk.zip
  3. Download bitmap here Replacement instructions are here
  4. Yep, partitions have nothing to do with the wrapping bug. Making several small ones will cause just as much damage as a single large one without the patch. I've installed this fix, and while it does correct the wrapping issue, there are weird issues I've encountered with the Recycle Bin size limits, as well as IE's cache size limits not behaving correctly. Just so you know. A minor nuisance all in all though, and still much better than being stuck at 127 GB.
  5. Agreed. I can confirm that it definitely works under 5.5 SP2, as I have tested various pages with vector artwork examples, including Microsoft's own... http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default....ref/default.asp (Choose "VML Demos" on the left-side menu) However it should be noted that the patch won't install on 5.5 SP2 by double-clicking it. Instead, the contents of the .exe must be extracted first - and then the old vgx.dll must be unregistered and this new one registered again after being placed in the correct folder.
  6. The bug is triggered when both the sector with address n and the sector with address n+128GiB is written. Old LBA is 28-bit and can address 128 GiB only, it means that if you try to write address on position 128GiB + 1, the first sector of the HDD is written. This behavior is not related to partition size or data size, but if you have the first partition 128 GiB, then even few bytes in the beginning of the second partition can overwrite some data in the second partition. And what may happen? It depends on the fact what you will overwrite. If partition tavble, boot records, file allocation tables or directory entries are overwritten, then the HDD may become unaccessible or scandisk can find the errors. But if just some data are overwritten, scandisk will show no error and the only possibility to detect is to compare original and copied files. Petr Thanks for clarifying. This means my last test would have been sufficient. In any event, I have now filled the entire drive and rebooted/scandisked. It's quite apparent that this fix works exactly as intended. I hope no one asks me to keep filling it
  7. Is the wrapping bug dependant on the size of combined data on all partitions or is it instead dependant on data being filled after the 128 GB point on the first partition(s), regardless if that first 128 GB is completely filled? Or to put it simply... Is it the > 128 GB partition size or > 128 GB data size that triggers the bug, once data is written after that point? I feel this is an important point to clarify, thanks.
  8. I stand corrected then. Just tried the win98 version of scandisk and it seems to work. Hmm, interesting. Not entirely true. It gives me the freedom to resize my partitions to whatever I want now. The sizes I posted are not necessarily the sizes I plan on keeping. That was just for demonstration purposes after I quickly added the 2nd partition.What I'd like to do is make the Windows one much smaller than it currently is now (common practice), and thus I do need the ME versions of those apps. With all due respect, not your concern. It's included in maximus-decim's install package posted on this page... http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...78592&st=60 Regards.
  9. Thanks for that valuable bit of info, the page now displays correctly for me as well
  10. Is this sufficient? I filled, rebooted Windows, and then scandisked each partition with no errors of any kind.
  11. Win98SE Maxtor DiamondMax 10 200 GB IDE nForce2 Ultra 400 / nFORCE2 MCP chipset Soltek 75FRN2 mobo Made a 2nd partition with Maxblast4. Everything seems to work fine with the install package which included the ME scandisk and defrag. Tried both with no problems, so I guess they were modified by MS to circumvent the limit in the 98SE ones. Anyway thanks, it's nice being able to use up the full capacity of my 200 gigger now

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