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  1. windows media player problem

    or you could get apple quicktime. quite a nice program if used correctly.
  2. continuum

    c'mon guys, give it a try. we need our population back for the game to stay alive.
  3. KB892130 1.5.708 download link

    sorry, i couldn't find any places where it's up for grabs on google or anything. the best way is to search for it on microsoft and download it from there.
  4. [Question] Prevent XP from installing langauges

    It's not annoying pop-ups, it's an IE setting. well, IE is just like annoying pop-ups.
  5. AntiVir Personal Premium + Win Firewall OK?

    just use windows firewall...
  6. No more bag

    glad to hear you're getting better dude... but omg were they messed up pics... lol.
  7. Anti Virus Software

    if you want free, i'd go for AVG Free Edition, it's user-friendly and a fast scanner as well.
  8. OS SYSTem

  9. Looking for a good Tag Editor

    it's not, but i can give you a crack for it. it's a very small program with alot of uses.
  10. microsoft office 2007 release date

    yea, but it depends if microsoft delay the release or not.
  11. 25 Worst Web Pages

    i was wondering the same thing...
  12. Enron vs dell

    Does she ever have any problems checking her email on her cheap computer? If not then I'd call it a deal. rofl, owned.
  13. Had to go back to XP

    i hate windows vista, mostly because of the performance on my computer. most of it is eye candy - and the new task manager and shutting down processes process is utterly ridiculous. i tell you now, i won't be moving to vista anytime soon.
  14. Enron vs dell

    LOL dude, you can buy memory for such cheap prices. isn't a problem really lol.

    i hated it. i couldn't even get past training lol.