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  1. File size confusion

  2. File size confusion

    the XP installation was "inherited", what is the normal size of an XP install im guessing around a CDROM 700MB or so, and what could make my "inherited" XP so much smaller than a new version. Im still thinking its strange how small the final xp image is, I chose office 2003 as an addon and that alone is another 300MB or so, how can the end result be smaller than the XP install I started with, the only thing I can think of is some kind of extreme compression, is this possible? thnx
  3. File size confusion

    neone plz?
  4. File size confusion

    I just finished creating my XP ISO with nlite, I must have done something wrong the total ISO size is 360MB, whereas the original OS files were 354MB and on top of that I slipstreamed a number of programs, kaspersky, office 2003, power dvd etc. I must have missed something out or made a mistake with the addons. I added all my programs along with the ryanvm post SP2 update pack on the select hotfix screen and it all seemed ok, but now with this weird final file size im confused. Im wondering do I still have to include the CAB files of each program that I wanted to add on the CD in a seperate folder, this would exlain the small file size as nlite would only have to specify where the external CAB file is and not actualy include the whole file in the final image. sorry for the long winded explenation, I understand if its confusing thnx in advance Goldpenny
  5. Im looking to slipstream NIS 2005 in to my XP SP2 install, so far through all my searches of MSFN and google all ive found is guides for previous versions 2004 etc, I just need someone to point me towards one for 2005 or a remake of a 2004 one. Also ive been trying to combine office 2003 in to my XP install aswel, I came across this guide for a non administrative install of office 2003, im just wondering what exactly is meant by non administrative install. Would it be as simple as following that guide then converting the office cd in to a cab with the nlite addon maker then using nlite to add it to my XP Install along with any other programs, or are there further steps I need to take to make it an addon. thnx in advance Goldpenny
  6. Add-On Maker for Nlite 1.2.4 Update: 06/17/2006

    Does compression level make a difference to the size of the CAB file at the end, ive tried using ultra compression level and it actualy comes out as 3.94MB where as with no compression it comes out as 3.83, the program I was making in to an addon was the .EXE of Limewire Pro 4.10. thnx edit - Im trying to make addons from programs like power dvd, nero, office 2003 and norton, how can I prespecify the installation key in the switch?
  7. Universal Silent Switch Finder 0.1

    Im getting a "sorry, unknown installer" for almost every setup file I analyse, can this be solved or is it just that the program does not have a wide enough application compatability. thnx
  8. Add-On Maker for Nlite 1.2.4 Update: 06/17/2006

    Is it necessary to include a switch for the creation of an addon, or is it only if you wish to specify certain installation instructions e.g. language, cdkey Do the simple instructions at the top of the page work for the creation of all application addons even large programs like a Norton product or Microsoft Office 2003. How would I add the installation key to an addon application, is it as simple as specifying it in a switch. thnx in advance soz for the nooby questions